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Avatar f tn They will need to know ahead of time, before delivery that the baby will be born and to expect symptoms of withdrawal. (Maybe they already know that). There is real controversy about whether to use methadone maintenance for newborns born with suboxone withdrawal. Some believe the methadone is a harder substance to kick than suboxone.
Avatar n tn You should never try to w/d off the methadone while pregnant more harm will come out of it than with taking the methadone.
915650 tn?1243185131 They took my baby with myb husband to the NICU and immediatley started on Methadone. She was never scored for a period of time before starting on the Methadone. They never consulted with us prior to giving the drug. My first daughter was born on the same meds, but was scored for 24hr before they discovered she didn't need the Methadone. We already knew how serious Methadone was and we felt we nor our new baby were never given the chance.
Avatar n tn how long does meth stay in a newborn babies melacoma? What are the laws that allow California CWS(child welfare services) to test a newborn if the Mother tested clean?
Avatar n tn How long does it take to detoxify from methadone? My son is on his second day of lockdown detoxification in a medical facility which is familiar with methadone. He is constantly on my mind and my prayers are with him. I could use some education on methadone to help me cope and help my son. A concerned mom!!
Avatar n tn Does anyone know how long before birth you need to stop taking vicodin in order to avoid withdrawls in a newborn? I asked my MD and he said to go ahead and take them as needed, the only thing that will happen is that the baby will be sedated and they have medication that can stop that. All the research I have done tells me that the baby will be born addicted if taken regularly ( what is regularly for that matter?) And/or will have respitory disstress if taken right before labor.
417971 tn?1237146307 I don't know what to do with myself, maybe I'll take a walk because I'm wired for some reason, and i have no idea why I have this energy or feel this good physically when I have don e the biggest drop in my methadone and then even did another one, making me on my last 2.5mg..........I really hope I'm one of those unheard of lucky ones that it is not so bad? It was in the beginning when i was tappering, but now it seems that it's getting easier?
1825630 tn?1317575757 Is it better to decrease your methadone intake as much as poss during pregnancy - and also how much more dangeous is it to inject ampoules than taking methadone pills, on the foetus?
1094413 tn?1257263760 Im currently 35 weeks pregnant,i have been on methadone for 12 months now with no opiate relapses.
Avatar n tn hi all. i have a family member, or should i say members who are taking methadone daily. one of which is 19 years old and has been on it for almost a year or more (her sister n law signed for her to get into the clinic because she was under age, isnt that illegal? her parents are alive so her sister n law shouldnt have been able to do that) anyways, she gave birth to a little girl in june.
Avatar f tn have decided I need support. I am 33yrs old and have been on Methadone for 4yrs. I have been prescribed it by a pain specialist from the beginning. I have a beautiful 4 yrea old daughter. I started taking it the month after she as was born. Methadone changed my life. Before it I was prescribed loratabs, then on to percs, and right b4 I got on the dones I started going overboard. Got prescribed them and was able to 'function'. In late December I learned I was pregnant again.
Avatar f tn I have been on methadone for about 4 years and it worked very well for me. It seemed to be the only thing that worked. now I am pregnant again, this is my third. My other two babies were born on it, the first I was taking 150 mgs, the second 40 mgs, and I was in the process of tapering to get off and got down to 25 and found out I was pregnant. NO JUDGEMENT PLEASE. I used no other drugs during pregnancy and my previous two children were born healthy with absolutely ZERO withdrawals. Luck?
Avatar m tn I quit cold turkey off 90 milligrams of liquid starting day 5... I feel okay, I just hurt really bad, how long does it last. My body metabolizes it very fast... I did several meth levels the next day after I dosed and I always came up negative for the methadone.... does that mean that this withdrawl is almost over??? I just want to know how long it usually takes to withdraw off liquid methadone.
Avatar n tn MY girlfriend is going in to week twenty two of pregnancy and taking methadone . She has abused oxycontin since she was sixteen she is now twenty two years old and she claims to be in treatment. She is taking way more than she needs,not just from the clinic but what she can buy as well. I mean taking enough to combat withdrawl is one thing but because she goes to the clinic she thinks this will do no harm to our child. I really cant believe what she is doing. Shocked would be a better word.
Avatar n tn Morning. I finally after 7 years on Methadone, have detoxed. I never had been on too high of a dose, I started a slow detox from 35 mgs., the detox was 6 months. I'm feeling alright, somewhat- but the symptoms are there, the not sleeping is the hard part along with the leg-cramping and the usual bag of unpleasantries. Can anyone give me any time- frames as to how long this will last? Hopefully not for months on end!
Avatar n tn I've been slowly tapering off of a 15 year Methadone maintainence program for about 2 years now. Roughly dropping 5 milligrams every month or so. About a month ago my dose was at 3 mgs. At that point I really didn't feel to bad during the day although the nights were horrible due not being able to sleep. At that point I decided to just stop the meth all together, rather than prolonging the agony of dropping from 3 -2, then 2-1 etc.
Avatar f tn Congrats on your upcoming nuptials and your pregnancy! I had a healthy baby boy and was on methadone during my pregnancy. I think I was at around 100mg when I got pregnant and my nurse increased my dose to almost 300mg throughout my pregnancy, telling me it's likely I could lose my baby if he/we go into w/d. CRAZY right? Well. I knew my own body and didn't take anywhere near that much.
448098 tn?1205603973 My son is so depressed and scared of the withdraw of Methadone, he wants OFF it and wants to taper off because him and his wife have a newborn son and a 3 year old daughter to take care of. he is on at least 6 to 8 pills a day and I need your advise as to how to bring him down slowly, I looked up the Thomas Recipe and printed it out for him, He is so scared and afraid to talk to his doctor who got him on this in the first place. I dont know what to do.
Avatar f tn Has anyone been through testing baby simply because your on methadone?
Avatar f tn I have been trying everything to prevent going on methadone. I am 13 weeks pregnant and tried 3 times now to detox and I get lower back pain and bad cramps in my lower stomach along with all the other not so nice symtoms!! I don't know if that's a part of with drawl or if its my body telling me my baby is not tolerated the detox.
Avatar f tn I'm 5 weeks and need to know what I can take for pain. Lortab methadone what?
Avatar n tn Do all newborns whose mothers are on 60 mg of methadone daily, need to remain in the hospital until they are weaned off the methadone? My 20 year old daughter is due to deliver any day, and I am ver concerned. I want to be prepared as to what to expect.
Avatar n tn im 25 wks preg and on methadone maintnance .(59 mg) if baby is born with methadone in her system what meds are given? how long does she stay in hospital? do i have a say so on what meds are offered? should i breastfeed since im going to taper right after birth? thanks for any info.would also love love love to hear others birthing after methadone stories. any body have a baby drug free?
Avatar f tn I was placed on percocets and Oxys for pain and eventually became addicted I went on Methadone @ my dr.s referral and have been on now for 4 yrs at one point I was on 175 mg however I have decreased my dose and am now on 34mgs w.| no withdrawals what is the easiest way to get off without suffering wd's as we don't want our baby to suffer wd's so we want to be completely off methadone before we get pregnant or is there a low enough dose that does not precipitate wd's in the newborn.
Avatar f tn I'm 31-32 weeks pregnant and I'm on methadone 32mg. A day. My reg. Doctor and my OB knows I'am on methadone and I have been very honest so my baby gets the help it needs when I give birth. But my question is after my baby is born ( I'm getting a C-Section) and even though all doctors know everything that I'm going through, will the hospital report me to CPS? I know from talking to my OB that my son will be put on some type of meds.
Avatar f tn While studies indicate that Buprenorphine results in less withdrawal stress for the newborn (it's opiate is weaker than M'done's), switching from Methadone to Subutex while pregnant might be dangerous. It is often a difficult adjustment & can be physically & mentally challenging even for those who aren't pregnant. When a baby shows symptoms of NAS off Subutex, sometimes M'done is used to wean it off.
Avatar m tn Breastfeeding on methadone, as prescribed for pain management or dispensed through a methadone maintenance program (mmt) ONLY, is the best solution for infants born to methadone dependent mothers. The best website I found to simply and conclusively explain is!po=69.0000. It seems that prior to 2008, dosage was not to exceed 20mgs while breastfeeding but has since been changed.
1684282 tn?1505701570 They told me no drug is good to do during pregnancy. It can hurt the baby. I have been on methadone since Feb. 8th and will be on it my whole pregnancy. Maybe it something you can look into. I have no cravings and the baby is growing good and healthy.” This got me to realize how important it is for me to address this issue.