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472139 tn?1211336163 Klonopin is a does not have avery powerful onset like xanax but is just as strong as xanax...i was told that valium is a better choice for detox as far as addiction to the benzo goes...sounded odd as valium got such a bad reputation when it came out but it was one of the first to really hit the markdet and be prescribed alot....i researched it and found that it is true...valium is safer than the two mentioned above..all should be used with caution...i used it during detox and ..
Avatar n tn I recently got hold of some klonopin and I am keeping them to use if I end up c/t off vicodin. I took one when I first got them just to see how well it did and it really knocked me out, which is what I was looking for, to treat the jimmy leg syndrome of w/ds. Anyway, is there a danger of addiction to these things also?
Avatar n tn I would like to know how to safely taper off klonopin (Rivotril).I SHOULD be taking 1mg 3 times a day, but for the last several years i've tripled my dose to 3/1mg 3 times a day. I was prescribed klonopin 7 yrs ago at the same time as anitdepressants. I've weaned myself off the antideprssants a few months ago. Why was i prescribed klonopin? Was it to optimize the antidepressants? Anyways, i'm feeling much better and all i need is this last step to be completely drug free.
Avatar n tn I took klonopin with methadone, vicoden, ultram and even opana (a new extended release morphine) it didn't hurt me and I recommend to try a little at a time. We call them blues, which is the color of the larger dose and it takes away the anxiety of the pain. I liken it to a glass of wine and a hot jacuzzi - a nice way to take the edge off and finally sleep.
271792 tn?1334983257 In the beginning it was working very well and slowly over time it is not working for him very well. His doctor decided to supplement the medication with Klonopin. He began on a very low dose of .5 and only took it once a day. He began telling me that he felt lethargic and tired all the time and he didn't know what was wrong. That was when I was told what he was taking and I began warning him of the dangers, side effects and possible withdrawal when he went off it.
Avatar f tn The pain level was still so intense I was put on a cheaper drug...methadone...I have been taking my methadone with my klonopin for approx 7 years and I never had any problems combining the two, but do be aware that they are both nervous system depressants and can interfere with breathing even though I've never had any issues personally. My doctors are aware of all my meds.
1119036 tn?1259538415 Your doctor stopping your medication based solely on an entertainers death is too ridiculous to me for words.Secondly the 'stories' you hear about people dying from methadone and klonopin are usually people who are taking both,normally not under a doctors care.Methadone and benzos can be a fatal combination.I don't have any first hand knowledge with any type of benzo but from what I have learned here you are not supposed to stop them c/t you are supposed to taper.
Avatar m tn He knows my history and that i was on methadone, he was prescribing me klonopin during that time and when i kicked off methadone he gave me a script of that too and tapered me over a 3 month period but only go to back to another clinic where i quit cold turkey. And now he give me lortab. I really don't know what to do. Some people say that lortab withdrawal isn't that bad, but ALL opiate DT's SUCK.
Avatar n tn say ur on 60 mgs of methadone then you never taking klonopin before THIS IS VERY DANGEROUS... but i wason klonopin before adding the methadone..then my pain doc talked to my gpdoc and wanted to go to a short acting benzo witch is xanax..i like klonpin better... so yes if yoiu abuse both you can overdose....lets say your on both at 20 mgs of methadone,,and 2 mgs aday total...then you stop it longer than 2 weeks or more ..then you start taking them together can be fatel..
Avatar m tn i was on 120mgs of methadone for my server pain in both knees and worked real good on everthing..i also take 2mgs of xanax for pantic..was on klonopin for 13 yrs before they put me on xanax a shorter 1/2 life is 11 hrs..klonopin 100 hrs 1/2 life..anyways i started hearing about people dying from this mix!!! so i weened myself off to 20 mgs then stopped..WRONG THING TO DO!! then 26 days later went to pain management they put me on perks 15 mgs aday..
Avatar m tn What, or how will I feel coming off methadone and go on subbtex can I just got on them soon as poss or will I have to do a detoxs first? Will they offer me any other medicine to do this??
Avatar n tn If you go to jail and are on 300 mg of methadone and are addicted to klonopin cna you die from withdrawl?
Avatar n tn hello i have been on klonopin 2mg 3*daily for a year now, i lost my job and with it my health insurance and am now on medicaid, i was without the Klonopin for 8 days when my withdrawal symptoms were so bad i finally paid to see my previous dr who does not accept medicaid, she gave me a prescription for a months worth of .5mg and told me to find a dr who accepted medicaid and that she wouldn't see me anymore. I have taken 3 of the .
Avatar n tn I am considering using Klonopin to help get myself free of opiates (morphine, methadone, oxys, etc.), but I am well aware that benzos are a similar "blessing" all their own. Can anyone tell me how long it takes to become addicted to Klonopin?
1151955 tn?1262647133 So I was at my doctors today getting my scripts refilled and he tells me "After a Year of writing me scripts" that He cant write me my script for Klonopin because taking my .05mg dose can kill me in my sleep when I take it with my 10mg Oxicontin. I've never heard of this but if it's true, why did he write this in the first place knowing that it would put me at risk and then he also tryed to have me take 20mg of Xanax instead and I refused them. Can Anyone tell me more about this.
Avatar f tn my son is on 70 mgs of methadone down from 90mgs. He is also taking klonopin - 2mgs - 3 times a day for anxiety. I am under the impression that this is a dangerous mix. Anyone have any info on this combination?
Avatar m tn I have been taking methadone for my heroin addiction and was prescribed Klonopin for anxiety. I been able to taper off methadone to 1mg and all of a sudden can't sleep. Restless legs is the worst. I take 0.25 of klonopin but it doesn't help. I know some sleep aids is benzos like Triazolam and it helped me before (i detoxed from Methadone 3 times) but this time i am on Klonopin which is another benzo. What can i take?
Avatar f tn my son is on 70 mgs of methadone down from 90mgs. He is also taking klonopin - 2mgs - 3 times a day for anxiety. I am under the impression that this is a dangerous mix. Anyone have any info on this combination?
Avatar f tn And telling the Thread Starter that methadone is the worst drug to come off of isn't too comforting but I will tell you klonopin withdrawal was much worse than methadone ever was. Benzo withdrawal is definitely worse in my honest opinon and i would bet that anyone that has been addicted to methadone and benzo's particularly klonopin because of its long half life, would tell you that the detox from klonopin is much worse.
Avatar m tn i was on a high dose of methadone for xever pain in my knees and lower back..120mgs aday..worked were i didnt have any on perks not meth..these dont do that much at all for me...the head dockter wants me back on methadone..i weened myself down 5 months ago..then put on meth again 10 mgs only it helped my pains not all of it QUESTSHION IS SINCE I BEEN ON PERCOSETS 18 DAYS WITH NO METHADONE IF HE WANTS TO PUT ME ON 15 MGS TO START ADAY WITH...
Avatar f tn DO NOT MIX XANAX W/ METHADONE it will kill you my sister overdosed on 2 one mg xanax and 2 10 mg methadone please dont it is very very lethal
Avatar f tn Thanks for the responses. I am now 11 days off Methadone. Don't want to say it was easy but it hasn't been too bad. I honestly felt worse while tapering. From 12 down to 1mg I did a taper of 1mg per week. I jumped at 1 and so far I have to say it helped for me. Unless the worst is yet to come? Day 11 still not feeling anything too bad just lower energy, brain fog, and a bit of chills here and there. No stomach issues, RLS and achy legs stopped about day 5 for me.
Avatar m tn i have the worst ringing in my ears, i'm tapering off methadone and i take clonidine (.2mg three times a day). that's alot while i still take the done. i only take that much cause i wanna sleep, i only get about 2 hours a day. anyhow, no doctor can help with the ringing, saying when i stop taking pills, ringing will go away. i still think i have a brain tumor, ringing is SO loud!
Avatar m tn I have suffered paraplegia from a motorbike accident 20yrs ago, instantly I suffered chronic pain, I was firstly treated with morphine but over the years the dosage became to high, the Pain Specialist then put me on Methadone, I am currently using 110ml/gms per day to control the pain.
1370323 tn?1309997746 30am. I'm prescribed klonopin and that helps with the chest pain and helps me get some sleep at night. Not hard sleep but sleep here and there. I know I sound negative and I am actually asking you how are you feeling? I don't get diarrhea but I have started to get stomach cramps. Not to bad. But it's the horrible muscle pain and ovary pain, back pain, lower abdominal pain, and joint pain that I want to know how long will it last?