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Avatar n tn Anyway, 8 monts ago i was recommended and scripted to use methadone by my key worker. Methadone does work in the way of preventing me getting sick from one hit to the next of heoin, but i still use and think about heroin. I cant get rid of this mental addiction, i find myself walking to my dealers house knowing i shouldnt and dont need it but still i go. help! Im due to go in to hospital for a 2 week detox useing lofexodine to come off of both very soon, what am i to expect?
Avatar n tn I had a weeks worth of pills left before seeing my doctor, and they have been lost (actually I believe they're presently on their way to Florida with my in-laws who left this morning on a week's cruise to Mexico. Can you recommend any nutrients or homeopathic remedy which will diminish withdrawal and help me get off 80 mg of Methadone cold turkey? I'd be very grateful for any suggestions you can offer.
Avatar n tn I have gone through methadone withdrawal and it was absolutely the worst kick I have ever had in my life. I also was addicted to heroin at one point and methadone withdrawal makes heroin withdrawal look like a walk in the park.
Avatar m tn I did NOT read all of the posts but I got the read there is misinformation about Methadone and it is building upon itself to the point I am laughing, though Methadone is very serious as is addiction. Methadone does not store in fat or bones, for example. Methadone is messy as far as administration goes, Methadone Dose adjustments up or down are seen by or metabolized in shorter half life's than after the increase or decrease has stabilized the Half life returns to 36 hours or so.
Avatar m tn This clinic has gone bad the Dr is in florida I am in New Mexico, my counselor has now about 30-40 patients she is new to the position she used to answer the phone.
434196 tn?1206389470 im a 43 year old on 350mgs of methadone 160mgs am 90 noon @ 100 at 6 pm but i have a diabetic type stubborn anti biotic infection. im dying in pain,@ w/ the stigma attached to methadone ive learned that mds hate the people on it. ive had severe chronic back pain from 7 failed lamenectomys. what can i ask for. they gave 6mgs of diluadid iv @ was useless. demorol is the only thing that helps but er refused to give it. im really on the ropes@ should be hospilaziled but need advise.
Avatar f tn He loved the benzo methadone mix, but many die from it. I want to hear about iboga, I am very shamanistic in my approach to life, so would love to hear your experience. Several local people have been clean over a year after iboga. Good luck.
Avatar f tn he started the methadone in nov right? he has been on it for 9 months. cold turkey from the dose would definitely make him very sick.
Avatar n tn there is no get out of jail free card anywhere you are going to have to face withdrawals sooner or later it up to you if you want it over in a week or so or you choose the methadone or sub route and then you stuck tapering for months and the final withdrawal can go for really need to research this more b/4 you do anything...good luck and God bless......
Avatar n tn i have been off of methadone for a long, long time and the w/d for methadone are the hardest opiate w/d's there are in my opinion... i agree with the folks who suggest a slow tapering off it at all possible. that is the easiest on your body. no matter how i ever tried to taper down going down the rest of the way to nothing kicked my butt... let us know more about the reasons you were on methadone in the first place, opiate dependence or pain control...
1624977 tn?1299264066 Then my new doctor weined me off the methadone and loratabs and the xanax completely and now I have to go to a methadone clinic with herroin addicts just to get a methadone fix of 120mg of liquid methadone. The liquid methadone has no analgesic effects, it only makes the withdrawls go away. I want off the methadone completely and I don't know what to do. I feel so sick when I don't have the methadone. It's so embarrasing going to a methadone clinic for pain management.
Avatar n tn we really did our homework and eventually contacted a clinic in mexico that treats people under medical supervision.Well when we were told the cost of the treatment we were let down by the unaffordable cost . But then we were offered ,by this "clinic" to be treated at home by one of his partners for a discounted cost. so, when the guys showed up at our home for $2500.00 each we were ready to end the methadone hell! Long story short we almost died!!!!
296875 tn?1217463223 cos tapering off a drug i liked better than my doc made no sense to me similar in both r used to taper with/yes methadone is used for this as well and in reality it can take longer to get addicted physically to meth than the sub 2-3 weeks on either is not gonna cause bad wds as a rule expecially if u stay at a low dose..both help with cravings..both can get u high..
747245 tn?1233948525 I have been on methadone for about nine years now. Where to start, okay first, if your clinic has not supported your detox then you need to find a new clinic as they should always support you and all the positive things you will do in your lifetime. (That is just one of the many ways they should be supportive of you.) Second, you take methadone to not get high anymore; you do not take it to get high. It does not make you high.
5792946 tn?1382375753 Its 3 am here blarin some journey smiling cuz I can't believe it... Its like I said in title... Yo methadone... COME AT ME BRO!..... If any of u r ever having a hard time just fight fight fight n fight even some more but you can get you back these guys have showed me that more n more every day.... DONT STOP BELIEVING! Journey......
Avatar m tn going from methadone to sub is tricky bisnenss when you know what your doing do it wrong and you go into persipatatated withdrawals or the 7th level of hell and many a member has sent them selfs there trying this on there own even some doctors make the mistake as a general rule you need to be at or below 20mg of methadone and in full blow withdrawals according to the C O W S scale only a doctor cant tell you when that is if done right sub can be used for 90 days to beat the withdrawals from meth
1684282 tn?1505701570 Federal money and the deep pockets of the pharmaceutical companies are being used to finance unscrupulous pharmacists and physicians to lead innumerable unsuspecting addicts to believe that by switching their illegal habits to the daily methadone or Suboxone they, in fact, are becoming “sober”! What they are not being told is that they are simply switching one opiate to another. In fact, both methadone and Suboxone are longer acting and more addicting then even heroin itself.
5792946 tn?1382375753 Gosh I'm tellin ya its a b1tch ESP methadone but force it out n the endorphins in n ur better quicker from my research.. Hey ya look good ya feel good so think I'm stuck home for a while might as well get out QUICKER and feeling like ur lookin good... Hey that's endorphins in itself n u gotta replace em.... Just pushurself..... EVEN IF U CANT U CAN U HAVE IT IF I DID THIS HAS BEEN REGIMIN SINCE DAY 1 OF W/DS.... Methadone's a beast tame his *** faster.... N get all ur vits nprotein shakes....
2126606 tn?1346348724 The 2013 National Drug Control Strategy highlighted that heroin addiction, especially among 18-25-year-olds has grown, with approximately 68,000 seeking treatment in 2010, which was up from 43,000 in 2000. Why is heroin easier for some to get than, say Vicodin? Well, with the increase in people illegally abusing prescription painkillers, these medications have become much more difficult – and more expensive – to obtain.
Avatar n tn I would run out of the Methadone just as the Norco was due, would take mountains of Norco (two turned to 6-7 per usage quickly) and would stretch it out as long as possible until I could get the Methadone refill (then I needed to double up on the methadone for the first week and a half just to get off the Norco, thus short-setting myself yet again until the next cycle started), never telling anyone (including my wife) what I was doing and pretending everything was fine.
Avatar f tn And never again did i try methadone after that. I had 2 friends die in jail from methadone withdrawls. The goverment knows the long term side effects of methadone. That's why they make u sign this paper that says u can't sue the clinics.
Avatar n tn There is no way out withdrawing from meth or laam through there clinic. Does any one know if I can go to Mexico to purchase Buprenex or Ibogain. Is there any doctors in San Diego who will detox us with Buprenex or Ibogain. We have not used in about 6 months but now I am addicted to Laam and I want OUT today. If anyone can help please wright back. HELP!!!!
Avatar n tn Yes it is still from whats in us. Think how long we put the **** in us. Keep drinking fluids until your going to burst and eat good to this helps flush our systems out. Get exercise too.. Myself I hate this part but the more we exercise the better we feel.. I hope I helped some it take along time to get our minds and bodies back. But it took along time to get us where were at too.. Hang in there it does get Easier and better over TIME!!!!! Ill be praying for you. God Bless..
Avatar m tn When I was younger I used to take tramadol purely for recreational purposes, I got it from mexico when I lived in san diego, I never had a problem when I would stop. It could be that I was doing other drugs and thats why I didnt notice anything but I cant remember having any symptoms besides cravings. Thats not to say I think they are easy because Ive spoken with enough people to know that for some they are absolutely horrible.
Avatar n tn Yes, I do have a doctor, but I suspect I am far more methadone knowledgeable than he. In Mexico one studies little about pain management, and even less about opiate pharmacologies. This is still a very backward, very corrupt country. He is a good friend and helpful, but not particularly knowledgeable. Strangely, I found much the same with physicians in the states. Sorry, long post. Difficult to do science in short however.
Avatar f tn I am a street 150-250 mgs methadone addict in recovery for about a year. I used buprenorphine for a 21 day taper to detox. It took 6 months to feel pretty stable, but I'm still improving. The ibogaine may have inspired me to keep going similar to the Subutex, but I doubt anything can make methadone PAWS vanish all at once. Fast acting opiates, like heroine or morphine, are what most of the research has been done on.
511524 tn?1266353534 Well it came back to bite me in the ***, I was terminated to ensure the others safety, and my supervisor was fired for turning in the report to his manager, not human resources. Completely bogus reason. I was livid. So one good thing is I am taking them to court for a settlement wrongful termination. And the attorney I ahve is going for my years pay $24,000, its not alot but im an addict and only 22 years old so that kind of money would help a ton.
Avatar m tn How u doing bro I seen ur email online I jst wanted some advice im 21 and been on opiates for 2 years then whem I relized I couldnt kck the pills I moved to methadone bad mistake I was on that for about 4 months and ut seemed like they were just wanting to give me more mgs of methadone and I wanted tk stop but couldnt after all kinds if ups and downs I turned to a rehab out in mexico we there is no in and out ******** ur in and u staying thete with no kinds of meds to help u through the wds I en
Avatar m tn no not in my opinion The drs will manage his sub use during this procedure//fact is sub was a pain drug in mexico at 0.2 mgs called by a different name//Temagesic I think/the US pharmaceutical racket reommends rx-ing this drug at up to 32 mgs///usual dose for a hydro user is 12 mgs for starters///.0.2 mgs is a he11 of alot different than 12, 16, 32 mgs of this sticky drug then they wonder why peeps have he11 getting off of this misadvertised wonder drug//go firgure!