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Avatar n tn Can Methadone be passed/excreted through body fluids on to another person resulting in that person experencing some of the side effects of the drug?
Avatar n tn Then a week following that was severe diahrrea,Stool discoloration(light in color), which means the methadone did something to my liver too. loss of appetite, electric impulses in my hands and arms, which are finally tapering off a little bit, but today, for the most part, I am just so damn tired and depressed. I feel like I've had the flu for twelve days and I have no idea how long it's going to last. I also work a lot of hours through all this madness!!
Avatar n tn Hi there. I think its great that you are on an addiction recovery forum looking for answers concerning your son and his unfortunate addiction. However i have to say first that there is absolutely no connection between a responsibly dosed (even an irresponsibly dosed) methadone patient and compromised liver function. I dont know why your son has told you this since it simply isn't true.
Avatar m tn If you wish to take a proactive approach look in the ACAM directory for a doctor in Las Cruces,NM. He has a good record of alleviating the symptoms of liver disease using natropathic methods. Good luck and keep your chin up.
Avatar n tn We live in South Florida and there are no liver transplant hospital in our county. The closest one is in Miami. He has not even had a liver biopsy yet. We do not have alot of money but thank god he has state insurance. We were told by the hospital doctor to go to Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami and just go to the ER and have them admit him. I feel so helpless, its like I am almost in denial. He is only 40 years old.
Avatar n tn summer, I'm sorry to hear about your ex. Doctors use something called a CTP Score to estimate life expectancy in advanced liver disease. The score is based on 5 questions (you receive a point value for each of your answers to those 5 questions... and then total your score) There's an example of this at:
Avatar n tn My mother has end-stage liver disease. My question is how much pain goes along with it? Enough to need a prescription of methadone? The reason I ask is b/c my mother has a history of drug addiction & while her liver specialist isn't prescribing the methadone to her, another physician is.
Avatar m tn i am asking because it has been many years since i have been in this position detoxing from methadone. i am in my late 50's. i live in colombia .no substitutes to get off the methadone. i have about 30 ten milligram pills left. it is methadose ,not methadone. please tell me what to do to make this as less painful as possible. i am also on 1-2 milligrams of xanax for the last three months. i started out with 0.5 milligrams of xanax. so it has not been totally three months on 1-2 milligrams.
1077322 tn?1266205100 Yes my gallbladder was removed in September (this was when I got the Hep C, from blood transfusions after I had internal bleeding in my liver.) I don't know if it is stll enlarged, but I know that it was a grade 3 inflammation when I had my biopsy in October. My LFT's are always slightly elevated (they kind of go up and down.) Currently doing the riba/interferon treatment.
Avatar f tn I have a Crohns disease and took Vicodin for awhile to manage the pain but I was worried about the damage to my liver from the Tylenol. So my helpful Dr. suggested methadone, 10mg 2x daily. I guess it worked as well as the Vic (I don't like to take alot of pain meds to I always kept dosage as low as possible) but my Dr. and pharmisist never said anything to me about the withdrawals. Previously when I have stopped taking Vic I just stop, no problems.
Avatar m tn I do not have any experience with Methadone, but there are others on this site who do, and I'm sure they will chime in with advice and support soon. I wanted to bump this up so it is not missed. Hang in there, and I wish you all the best. Take care!
Avatar n tn Hello My father was just diagnosedwith end stage liver disease. He is currently in hospital because he also has ulcerative colitis and it flared up and he had lots of bleeding etc. He had to have an emergency operation to remove his large intestine as the bleeding was not stopping. Well first it did and he was fine showered and shaved then the doctor gave him lactolose, because of his liver.
Avatar f tn I'm also wondering if I can expect any further withdrawal symptoms this far out in my detox of methadone. I'm thinking since I did a very long taper program, I've pretty much got it whipped after nearly a week without. Any comments or advice are extremely welcome. ---------------------------------------- Can someone please tell me how long I can expect the sweats and chills to last? Still having drenching sweats at times, followed by a cold chill.
Avatar f tn I don't take methadone but I take suboxone (sort of the same thing but you don't have to go to the clinic you just go to a private doc once a month for these pills). I made it through just fine and have been cured for two years as of next month. These drugs (both kinds) CAN and DO work. It's not easy and you have to really committ yourself to it but it is worth it. Sorry I didn't respond sooner I didn't see this thread but wanted to give you some encouragement for your brother.
Avatar f tn you better get checked because i have seen results like this 2 other times 1. in a man in full liver failure 2. in a woman with type 2 sugar. I am so upset, stressed out and now scared to death ,then i asked if i can have a copy of the paper so i can go to the ER cause i don't have insurance, and she told me no.
Avatar f tn Methadone is a safe drug for people with liver disease We work directly with methadone patients and have never seen a problem with methadone exacerbating the disease or interfering with treatment drugs. Diana Sylvestre, MD, from OASIS Methadone Clinic in Oakland, CA has done many studies with her patients.
Avatar f tn I do have fibromyalgia and degenerative disc disease, My Rheumatologist is hard to get in to see quickly but I am wondering if savella she gave me could cause serotonin syndrome? All I take is is lisinopril savella and the methadone. Could methadone contribute to serotonin with the milnacipran? the savella seems to be helping my fibro. I have also came down 60 mg on the methadone in the last year.
Avatar n tn I would get everything righ there instead of going to a clinic. In my state Methadone clinics do not take patients (?) from Pain Management programs. I know some of ya'll have said absolutely not to go on the Methadone management. You are talking tough withdrawals from the Methadone if I decide to try to quit. But what the Dr. said is this would be a lifetime comittment on the Methadone. I'am 55 years old (a young 55 though) so there won't be any withdrawals to worry about.
Avatar f tn I ws in the same boat you are in when I was hooked on opiates. I was selling everything I had just to get dope so I would feel "normal" and not get dope sick. I found the answer in methadone. I know methadone is not everyones cup of tea, but it was a Godsend for me! I went back to college and got my Paralegal degree. I was also a very bad alcoholic before starting methadone. I was in that small percentage of people that methadone totally takes away the craving and desire from alcohol.
Avatar m tn makes me look like a big baby many people here have taken amino acids during detox, i was not allowed to because i have liver disease, and at the time i detoxed my viral load was off the chart hang in there, someone will be along and can help you with supplements fell better soon xo
408795 tn?1324939275 We'd like to move to another state but we have to worry about getting another clinic to prescribe the methadone. At methadone clinics you get it in liquid form and they jokingly refer to it as "liquid handcuffs"! We have to plan any travel we want to do around when he gets his methadone. He missed his father's death and almost couldn't make the funeral. He had to drive through a hurricane to get his methadone.
2066663 tn?1331996939 I have degenerative disc disease and I find the more I stay in bed the worse it gets. You need to invest in a really good mattress. It really helps. Also physical therapy has helped my back tremendously. I haven't been able to afford it lately but the exercises they gave me to do at home really help.
Avatar f tn Probiotics work by colonizing the small intestine and crowding out disease-causing organisms, thereby restoring proper balance in the intestinal flora. They compete with harmful organisms for nutrients and may also produce substances that stop the growth of harmful organisms in the gut. Most probiotics come from food sources, especially cultured milk products.
Avatar f tn Also try to pick up all the knowledge you can about this disease..They have come along ways now since the times they used to sit one in a corner or put them in a institution..Keep Stepping Forward and Never look back! Cheering for YOU.
Avatar n tn (Mainly result of booze and methadone) The only thing i have seen work in my life and in thousands of others is a faith in God. He wants you to be free and is waiting for you right now with open arms. He will help you through. He will never leave you or forsake you. But i think you know that. You need to step out in faith and trust Him. I have seen a lot of talk of endorphins and opiate receptors and such. All of those things return to normal after a little while.
210459 tn?1197085792 I do agree that it is one of hardest things to come off and highly addictive and also as you said people do die from methadone overdoses. Most methadone overdoses are when it is not used in correct way eg not prscribed or has been used with other drugs unsupervised. Methadone is not the answer for all but it does work for some.
Avatar f tn i have hip and spine fractures, ruptured disc in neck and back, nerve damage in my neck, low back, and both arms, severe arthritis, and bone disease. methadone has been a life saver! my son has over 20 bone tumors and is also on methadone. we both take hydrocodone for break through, but raely need it. i have tried oxy's and if i did not have one the next day i was in terrible pain-- so bad i could not function.
Avatar f tn I am 13 years clean off heroin and thank God every day for methadone. I had no problem withdrawing from it after 4 months and in the past 13 years I have not had one relapse. Methadone is also the only thing that has successfully gotten my bf off of oxycontin. Doctors don't usually advise drugs addicts to get on more pills unless they believe it will help. Just my opinion, but coming off methadone is nothing like coming off of an opiate.
Avatar n tn I watched him go the methadone route- he was stuck in that clinic for a very long time. He seems even more screwed up now. I would be very careful with the route you've chosen.
Avatar n tn we have had FOUR deaths in my town in the last 3 weeks. ALL died using methadone and some type of xanax or klonipin combination. the last death was a 22 yr old boy, we buried him 2 days ago. he took 4 dones and one klonipin. he was a kind, handsome young man with a loving family and a beautiful girlfriend. she took the same cuncoction that he took, but she woke up and he did not.