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662972 tn?1270169901 Topic Illicit Heroin Addiction Stabilized Methadone Maintenance Onset of action Immediate 30 minutes Duration of action 4 - 6 hours 24 - 36 hours or half-life Route of administration Injection, snorting, smoking ( several times a day ) Orally administered once per day Effective dose Not applicable For many patients 60 mg/day is lowest effective dose; doses between 80 and 120 mgs/day are most effective for preventing HIV transmission, retention in treatment, reducing the use of ot
Avatar f tn I'm detoxing myself off methadone. I'm on my 13 th day, but in the middle of it, I took 25 mg for 3 days. so, it's been 5 days since I had anything and I was cold turkey the whole week before that. Did those three days set me back to square one, the beginning of my detox or just set me back a little? Ive barely slept the last two weeks. I haven't slept at all the last two nights. Also, I have a history of a detox seizure last year. I'm just so exhausted. Nothing works!!
662972 tn?1270169901 Topic Illicit Heroin Addiction Stabilized Methadone Maintenance Onset of action Immediate 30 minutes Duration of action 4 - 6 hours 24 - 36 hours or half-life Route of administration Injection, snorting, smoking ( several times a day ) Orally administered once per day Effective dose Not applicable For many patients 60 mg/day is lowest effective dose; doses between 80 and 120 mgs/day are most effective for preventing HIV transmission, retention in treatment, reducing the use of ot
Avatar f tn Methadone is a very difficult drug to detox from. It has such a long half-life. If you have to get off them, will your current doctor help in any way? You should also check out the Substance Abuse Forum here and post your question. Even if you're not an addict, you will still have the same withdrawals. There are people on that site that will help you. Pay particular attention to any advice from gnarly. He's been through the methadone detox and is very, very knowledgeable.
Avatar n tn (you HAVE to be in withdrawals before you start the sub) i waited almost 5 full days before i even felt the withdrawals, methadone has such a long half life (meaning it stays in your system for a real long time after your last dose) it takes a while to even be sick enough to start the sub, well i thought i was sick enough also, i wasnt and was put into immediate precipitated withdrawals (because of the saturday i took 70 mgs, it was still there in my body more than my body was used to) i felt j
Avatar n tn My son has been on methadone for 2and a half years after three or four years of heroine addiction. He has been in treatment and half ways houses only to return to herone. He nearly died several times,has stolen from us as well as other members of our family. He has wrecked three cars and is a chronic liar. He comes from a loving home and a solid Christian background. He has been supported by parents caring parents and has supportive siblings.
Avatar f tn If you have ANY trace of methadone in your system you will get much sicker than you would if you just wait the 48 hours.. IT is NOT the amount of methadone its the long half life... You need to wait the 48 hours. There isn't any playing around with this.. YOu will get much sicker if you don't wait. and there is NO way to stop precipitated withdrawals once they start.
862936 tn?1239557170 Most doctors told me I had to be down to 20-30mgs methadone to switch, that would have taken a year or more, but I found a doctor who actually knew how methadone and subs work and why, greedy as he was, he saved my life. Being bipolar 1, a year of tapering was a simple impossibility, so I am glad I found a smart doctor who could help me. I suggest that to anyone, go to as many doctors as you have to, but find one who knows what they are talking about.
Avatar f tn when a person gets addicted to methadone the brain quits making these endorphins because the methadone is supplying these agents for it... without these endorphins a person feels low energy, depressed, pain, etc. When a person tries to get off methadone too quickly they are not giving their brain time enough to make a sufficient amount of these feel good agents naturally. That is why i think a slow taper is better. You might make it by jumping at 3mg or 5 mgs or whatever...
Avatar m tn With the sub half life, your last dose is gone in 21 days. I find it best to drop after that amount of time. Many doctors suggest getting down to .5mgs before you quit. I assume you are using the 2mg film, if not, I would ask for them at your next visit. They are easy to cut and take a small amount off each drop. Loooonggggg and sssllllooooowwww, it best. Ask your doctor if this would be an appropriate method for you.
Avatar n tn Methadone is very different from other narcotics. It's half life is much longer so it takes a while to get out of your system. It also stores in your muscle and bone, which also make it more difficult to come off.
Avatar n tn In cases of extreme opiate addiction (using a significant quantity for a very prolonged period of time) they do use methadone as a treatment (there are methadone clinics all over that are doing this). However, as I learned with my g/f, methadone is highly addictive, or if you would rather say - the body becomes very dependent on it. After 3 years of self research, I learned in most cases, it becomes a maintenance drug, rather than a detox drug - because it is that difficult to get off of.
477746 tn?1254788147 However it still is active on similiar receptors in the brain as other opioids (which prevents feelings of withdrawal)? It also has an extremely long half-life in the body which equates to extremely long and difficult withdrawal when discontinued? And a final question, how does methadone compare to suboxone chemically? What makes it superior as an aid to opioid addiction? Just trying to understand things better...
Avatar f tn So at the clinic I'm on 150, 3 40's 1 half a 40 and 1 quarter. Totaling 150 is that Mg of methadone? I'm kind of tripping. I used about 100-150 Mgs of codeine and sometimes about 200-400 of morphine daily. 5-7 roxy 30's and 2-4 morphine 100's a day. Now I've not touched a pill but I do take 150 methadone daily since February 6 of this year. Is this a horrible thing I'm doing or what?
Avatar f tn With the long half life of Methadone, it typically takes a little longer to get to that point, but like weaver said, everyone is different. You'd be much better off doing this in a sub clinic, under the supervision of a doc who can properly help calculate an appropriate induction dose. That's what I would recommend to you. Continue tapering on the Methadone until you can get in at a sub clinic. Best of luck, keep us posted!
Avatar n tn I think I need professional help,I am very weak with these damn demons that have taken my life and want give it back.I want off them so bad,I am desperate!!!!There is a methadone clinic 5 min.from my house in Alabama but thats really not something I want to be obligated to every single day.So having said all that which brings me to where I am now,I thought maybe if I went to a dr.that specializes in addiction he might could determine which route would be best for me.What exactly would a dr.
Avatar f tn Skipping days is probably not the best way to detox off of methadone. I have seen a chart( Will try and find it for you) which shows how disruptive missed doses can be on serum levels resulting in irregular highs and lows. Ideally a small decrease every 4-7 days will have a more predictable and linear effect on serum levels . I also toyed with the idea of using a short acting opioid( I was going to use IR morphine tablets).
Avatar n tn This can trigger the process of withdrawal, which does take time, but it can also trigger increased pain. Despite the fact that methadone has a very long half-life, which is the argument used by health care practitioners to support their belief that missing a dose is not a big deal, the duration of its anelgesic effect does not correlate with its half life.
Avatar f tn and what was you dose before that? this is important because of the half life methadone has... tapering off methadone is a very difficult and long process...its sounds like you really dont have that kind of time on your hands, it takes some a year or more to complete a successful taper off will do fine with the transition to sub and it is worth it to get off methadone...
Avatar f tn she prob thought she was helping you, but I just feel she could have tried codeine or even vicodin or percocet before methadone. Methadone is long acting and has a longer shelf life, which means it's one of the hardest drugs to detox from. Like I always say, Methadone screwed me up worse than HEroin, the only difference being, I knew what I was getting with Methadone and didn't worry about getting caught with it (legal). Unlike Heroin, you could get rat poison and die or Fentanyl and OD.
Avatar f tn And 40mg to 140mg is a huge jump,is a doctor prescribing you these meds? Also yes,methadone has a very very long half life,so it stays in your system a long time. In your fat cells,blood and bones. Not a good drug at all.
Avatar m tn what is the half life of suboxone compared to thehalf life of methadone? I am on 40mg and wondering if I can switch over to the subs. Im just very afraid to do it too quickly as my doctor instructed me to wait 12 to 18 hours....I said "are you kidding me?" I have heard of people waiting over 5 or 6 days and STILL have gone into instant precipitated withdrawal. Im not sure if I should start the subs at all...
Avatar f tn Hi welcome to the forum.....well methadone is a strong narcotic it has a 1/2 life of 36hrs so you realy dont feel the drop in dose for 3 days or should I say the full effect there is no compleatly painless way to get off of it I went from 150mg to 1mg and jumped off there the last 20mg are the tufest there is not much there to keep your serum level high enough to take you threw the whole day ...
Avatar n tn but i do know sub has minimal pain relief...some but not as much as methadone..if it is a life time thing...and getting pain relief to lead a life with some sort of quality to it....that is a choice for u but the meth has more pain relief so i wish u well...
Avatar m tn Or just the Methadone and then 4 days off the Norco? It makes some sense to me. Methadone has a long half life as you know. But, it's not longer than 7 days right? Did you find something that says different? I'm sure you're nervous based on what you've read. Info from the internet is not science or always sound medical advice. Do your reading. You need to trust your doctor and if you have these questions, call him up. He works for you, Sweetie! I see the problem with where you live.
1800740 tn?1324240771 The half life of methadone is 36 hours. A person on methadone should wait up to 72 hours before taking the sub. It depends how long it takes a person to get the methadone out of their system. Everyone metabolizes the stuff at different rates. Generally, they shold score at least 25 on the COWS sheet, which is simply indicators on how far along into withdrawal you are. The longer the better. Close to or in full withdrawal is best.
Avatar m tn Sub is a bear to withdraw from and very expensive for most. Methadone is also difficult/half life of both is similar and a long WD time for either drug.. Sub is not an efficient pain med by most standards, methadone ro but I am not sure why u r on methadone. If u r going to a clinic, then it is expensive. If u see a doctor and he writes u a scrip for pain, it is dirt cheap. Since u said liquid, I wld think u go to a clinic.
Avatar f tn That being said, if you are doing this on your own, you are supposed to wait until you are in moderate withdrawals before you take it, or you will risk precipitated withdrawals. The half life of Methadone is long, and it is stored in your tissues and likes to hang on longer than other opiates. There is a scale called the COWS scale that might help you decide when to take your first dose. Good luck to you!
Avatar f tn Is Suboxone different from Subutex when it comes to the amount of time before you take it? Heroin has a really short half life.