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Avatar n tn For some reason I thought you were tapering off of the pills..not off of the methadone.. my mistake. You go through withdrawal with Methadone too..and it's still unpleasant.. Suboxone..also you have to deal with withdrawal. replacement drugs aren't usually meant to help you taper fast...i mean you might as well just taper with your drug of choice, what's the difference..Methadone incidentally is supposed to suck more..not as acute but withdrawal lasts longer. replacement drugs..
Avatar f tn You can do this, and I would not recommend going the Methadone route. It is not necessary, and you could be trading one addiction for another! We can help you every step of the way. Take care. Keep posting!
Avatar n tn For opiate withdrawal there are lots of options and they probably work to varying degrees. One is treatment with Ibogaine. It's a drug made from the Iboga plant and though it's not available for treatment in the US, there are clinics in Mexico, Europe and I believe Canada now also. There have been a few limited trials in the US I think but know nothing of these. Basically it's a strong psychedelic or hallucinogen.
Avatar m tn But if you stick with it, it has nalaxone in it and that prevents other opiates from having an effect and will throw your body into rapid detox if you do take suboxone after a good run with dope( which is why a doctor will make you withdrawal for a good day or two before you can take it, which *****) so even if you try to shoot up or take pills, you might only try once or twice because there's no effect, and you realize you wasted 100$ bucks or whatever the amount.
Avatar n tn I'm taking them everyday again now just for the energy to pick my children up from school. Will I have withdrawal from this too? Help somebody tell me I won't have to do this again.
Avatar f tn I need help and encouragement to not refill this nasty drug- it's hard as I have trigeminal neuralgia that can be hard to deal with. I am having surgery for this soon- I quit before for 4 years this time is much harder.
Avatar m tn I have had very positive results using Tramadol for opiate withdrawal. I have read many posts in which people state that the addiction to Tramadol is worse than oxycontin or vicodin. That has not been my experience. I have been able to taper down my Tramadol use to zero within a few weeks without difficulty. I have had a serious addiction to opiates for the better part of a decade. Granted, I have relapsed several times and started using again.
Avatar m tn I am an opiate addict, clean for a few months, but for the past 2 I have been taking everything I can get my hands on. I feel like I am in it's clutches all over again, and don't know how to function without it. This past week I have been taking lower doses though, trying to ween, about 3-4 Vicodins a day, give or take. I feel VERY depressed when I don't have any painkillers in me, and I also have a history of major depression/cutting.
Avatar f tn (by the way I got down to 30mg before jumping off, was on methadone about 3 years this time).Been home for about 2 weeks but find I can still only cope with symptoms with 3 or 4 30mg codeine doses per day half a xanax in the morning & 1 for bed. Any advice as to the best way to get completely clean from here & how long it might take would be appreciated. Thanx.
Avatar m tn Hi, I have been on 105mg. Of methadone for a year and a half. I went to jail for ten days and I was scared to death I would be violently ill from this, but I didn't. I couldn't sleep and me arms and legs hurt but nothing as I expected. When I got out of jail I immediately went back to work, now I feel the body aches. My legs and back hurt so badly I can barely get threw a work day, im tearing up by the middle of my shift.
Avatar f tn diarrhea, restlessness, BAD leg cramps, lack of sleep... Is it normal for methadone withdrawal to last 8 weeks? I am starting to think I can't do this!
1209851 tn?1266012541 I stopped last week and have now for one week been taking 40mg of methadone. I want to stop this now so I dont get hooked on it for too long. How bad will it be after one week at 40mg a day?
Avatar f tn hi, I have been prescribed Methadone for three years now for chronic pain in my back(have severe arthritis,my L4 and L5 dics are bone on bone which cause tons of pain) i have deteriorating bones (my whole spine is damaged) . although the meds do help I have become such a different person that I used to be. I am no longer happy,I am easily angered,I am just not the same person that I used to be . My question is if anyone else have gone through these type of changes since taking pain medications .
Avatar f tn Yes and no. After multiple attempts at "replacement tapers" I've come to the personal conclusion that they do not work for me. Maybe if I could turn back time and do a short 5-day Suboxone taper after my mild hydrocodone addiction it would've been possible, but not after long-term maintenance with a long-acting opiate.
Avatar n tn I didn't read all of the posts but I did see you mention that methadone is and opiate. And yea it is an opiate, discovered in the search for an opiate that was different in chemical structure to morphine. That's why it became good for dependency and addicts. It had a dual action: while it binds to your opiate receptors, it also blocks the action of other opiates eliminating withdrawal and hindering you from getting a high from taking any other opiates.
Avatar m tn Thanks for the response and the information on the website you gave me. I guess after reading the website, I should stay at 10mgs for 2 to 4 weeks and then taper to 7.5mgs. I do have a question, should I start taking vitamens now or should I wait till I have taken my last dose. And should I change my diet to were I am eating a lot of fruit and vegetables , or wait till I have taken my last dose.
Avatar f tn See if your doctor can write you a prescription for some Requip for restlessness, Neurontin for anxiety and malaise, some Flexeril or Soma for a few weeks for muscle spasms and maybe some Seroquel low dose, for sleep. It will make your withdrawals easier. Valerian and Magnesium is sometimes helpful remedies over the counter. The residual symptoms of insomnia and depression can last another few months.
Avatar f tn However I was unable to ween off subutex (not recommended because opiate withdrawal can be very dangerous for an unborn baby) and switched to methadone for my pregnancy which is the most studied and safest drug to take while pregnant. The only downside is that the baby has to be weened after birth which is sad but does not cause any long term problems and is safe unlike withdrawal while pregnant. Anyway I would take klonopin withdrawal any day over methadone withdrawal.
Avatar n tn Hey McGame (good handle for this forum), Do I read you correctly, you were on heroin full-time for a year, 45ml of methadone for 2 months,then in 2 or 3 weeks (I'm guessing 2) went from 45ml to 10ml, then from 10ml to zip in 3 days? What's the hurry? Did you really want to be off this quick or was it your drug councilor's idea? You're probably feeling methadone withdrawal plus the long-term effects of your heroin/methadone use on how your brain perceives pain without the presence of opiates.
4244020 tn?1351617516 I'm assuming he was on methadone for coming off another opiate? So many horror stories of people being switched to methadone to get off the opiates but getting off the methadone is much much worse. Is there any way he can taper down more slowly?? On the bottom of this community page is the Thomas Recipe for going through w/d's. Perhaps something on there you haven't tried yet? Someone also mentioned laying a damp cloth across your tummy when resting to help with the sweats.
Avatar f tn Once your receptors get adjusted to the decrease in methadone, or any opiate you are withdrawing from for that matter, (it works with any opiate withdrawal) you can stop drinking the tea and let your body level out. It has cut my suffering in half, to where I can actually tolerate life when I'm withdrawing. I have 14mgs to go, then I will be totally methadone free! I cant wait! I hope this info helps someone, I know how horrible the suffering of opiate (and Benzo) withdrawal is.
606025 tn?1342635679 Congrats to you for making the decision to get off methadone! My personal experience in my quest to get off methadone was not fun, nor as horrible as others, I did a slow taper from 90mgs down to 2mgs this took quite a bit of time, but their was no real rush anyway so it all worked out, as Im sure it will with you to. I took many vitamins and many hot baths, for sleep I took melatonin, for me it didnt help much but others have had better luck.
605114 tn?1252111996 I to had some similar physical issues like yours while detoxing off methadone come to find out I had anemia the whole time I was coming off methadone, which only made matters worse.
Avatar f tn I feel like I have a body of a 80 year old women and I'm 33. I would rather withdrawal from heroin than methadone. It's the hardest thing I have ever had to do. Everyone keeps saying everyday will get better and every week that goes by I keep praying for this to all be over with, but it still isn't and it's like I'm in a nightmare only I can't sleep! I wish I could sleep so I wouldn't feel this way, but I can't stay asleep for longer than 30 minutes.
Avatar f tn I got my Methadone, that was prescribed for pain, down to between 30-60mg and jumped off. I also was doing 2 other meds with it. It was not a easy detox but it was worth it in the long run..In fact by getting off all drugs I am alive today. Right now just keep drinking LOTS of fluids to flush this out. Eat very Healthy and take some good vit/min..This way you can help build your immune system up before the final jump. When you are completly off then we sure will work with you.
Avatar n tn found it and printed it. thanks.
Avatar f tn And get a script for clonadine? Would it be better for him to go back to the 20 mgs methadone and taper down slowly some more? He is paying $320 a month to this clinic and cannot afford to lose his job. He has been pretty sick since Friday- throwing up, severe cramps and diarhea and sleeplessness. Is that good enough WD? he is very thin and has a very high metabolism. What is dysphoria and how does one cope with it? Anxiety he knows- thats why he started doing drugs in the first place... OMG.
Avatar n tn I have a LOT of sympathy for your situation. I have gone through methadone withdrawal and it was absolutely the worst kick I have ever had in my life. I also was addicted to heroin at one point and methadone withdrawal makes heroin withdrawal look like a walk in the park.