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Avatar f tn I quit an 85mg thing cold turkey ---- not fun but able to be prepared for it to last awhile if you have too much of a history at all. But learn as much as you can by reading and posting here....
Avatar m tn hi, i have been on o.p.
Avatar m tn I am currently at the methadone clinic which i have been there for 10 days, im at 65 mil. I want off immedietly but and worried about the withdrawls from meth.
4597556 tn?1383308643 Hi getting off of methadone is no fun, when I ween off it took almost 2 months to feel better, its a terrible man made opiate, for anyone trying to get off the methadone or any other opiate it takes time, methadone takes the longest, but I promise you it gets better, you just got to fight it it works, drin k plenty of water , make sure you take all the vitimans that your suppose to.
Avatar m tn I ct'ed off of Methadone once and never went near it again. For me the withdrawal from that was worse than anything. I can't help you with your taper question, I could never do it...I had to cold turkey. I am sure someone will be along soon that can answer your ?'s. Gnarly is very knowledgeable about Methadone tapers and can help. I just wanted to send some encouragement your way. As hard as it is coming off it, when it is all said and is so worth it. Life is so much better without.
Avatar m tn been on methadone for 2 months at 17 mgs rt now I want off as soon as possible what is my best way to do this
Avatar f tn I need some help. My husband has been taking Methadone for a little over a year now for back pain due to being over weight.. He is taking 120mg a day. Here recently he has been having problems with kidney pain (or back pain near the kidneys). He has also been throwing up occasionally and just over all not feeling well. I keep telling him that he needs to stop taking the methadone, then lose the weight. I guess I am just having a hard time understanding what he's going through.
935108 tn?1264262553 ) Just new here and this is the first time I've kinda reached out to other addicts on the net. I've been on methadone for something like 5 or 6 yrs and have reduced my dose for the first time. I desperately want off this ****, I want my freedom and my mind back. it seems there are simply 2 ways to get off - taper or cold turkey. I guess it's really up to u and your mental state /physical surroundings etc to make the choice , and I am reading alot of evidence to support both paths.
Avatar f tn the irritability I do not know is normal for him ? I can say that living this life is exhausting.. I understand very much needing meds for pain management but when it stops our intrudes into everyday life, the effects of the meds you have to wonder at the dose.. You need to speak with him honestly about your feelings your fears.. He is the only one that can decide to come off this to try alternative ways to deal with pain.. Methadone can get you very high and they up the dose to high levels..
Avatar m tn I have questions regarding Methadone for treating pain. I been on Norco for quite awhile and have gotten tolerant to it. The Doc tried to put me on Percocet 10mg but i got very depressed when on it so we went back to Norco. I have been on MS Contin 3yrs ago also Fentanyl Patches up to 100mcg 1yr ago even been given Suboxone for pain. I did not like the Fentanyl and it only lasted 48hrs for me. The Doc told me that we should try Methadone and i said no way but i'm not sure now.
Avatar m tn was he needing it for pain or just want to get high. if he's getting high for the fun of it he should quit. no easy way just do it. if he has chronic pain then leave him alone, he needs it.
4597556 tn?1383308643 play those drums man! you deserve some happiness and fun! you fought take advantage of every day you feel good! best to you John! i love mo-town music!!
Avatar n tn I go to Alanon all the time and pray for the best. thanks for your concern. If I ever get a straight answer, I will post.
Avatar f tn I too made the mistake by going up the latter to Methadone for 12 years at a high does. I tried and tried to taper for years and years. I did finally get down to 30mg I was running short so I added adderral to it for the bigger Buzz. I had to take a Benzo at night to come down..I was going to go out and never wake up..this is when I just did it..I went c/t from all 3. At my age it was not easy. Anxiety & Sleep was the biggest issue.
417971 tn?1237146307 4 more days untill 0mg of methadone..I have butterflies in my stomach, the fear of withdrawal has kept me on this poop for too long..I really have not stuck to tapering more, I always end up doing 6mg before the day is over. Every day I keep saying I'm going to reduce some more but fear and addiction takes over and I'll end up taking that extra 1mg! My brain keeps saying why feel too bad now when your going to feel bad anyway.
1477820 tn?1287435681 There is always someone that ruins it for the rest of us. Methadone changed my life for the better. I do not plan on staying on it forever. I see it as a stepping stone. Some people stay on it forever and that is their choice and their choice alone. No one should critisize them or look down on them because they are on methadone because being on methadone is a hell of a lot better then what they were doing.
417971 tn?1237146307 with the tapering I have not felt I'm recovering yet because I still am taking it. So when the real fun starts I'll have a reason to complain when I'm not feeling good... It's flue season so all the more reason to be "sick". So I started taking b12 in liquid form and L-tyrosine for energy, why do I feel like it makes me more tired!! Whatever, isn't it supposed to give you energy? Or does it take awhile to build up in your system?
631581 tn?1224848261 I've really been wishing for a strictly methadone oriented message board. Not for addicts but for those who have USED or are USING methadone for chronic pain. I would really love to talk with more people who are in the same shoes I am in. But then I've had chronic pain since I was 17. I'm 34 now and it seems like it just might be my life. Without methadone I was taking 4 Advil every 8 hours and I've ruined my stomach. So there's another trade off.
Avatar m tn HEY Dude well you where only on it a few days so recovery should come quickly a couple of weeks dont know how the H will play out for you may take a wile longer I abused pills for 10+yrs then methadone for 7yrs more it took me 90 days to come around its different for everybody but it is what it is you just have to accept your getting better........
Avatar n tn I was on the methadone program for several years 90 mg a day. Do you know it's nickname is liquid handcuffs because that is what it is. You can't go anywhere because you have to report everyday to get your fix. If you go out of state you have to find a clinic in another state for a curtosey does which you have to pay for. They all do supervised urines which I failed enough times that they kicked me off. The detgox from methadone is 100 times worse than any opiate including heroin.
4597556 tn?1383308643 Well my x whitch is a methadone nurse thinks i should go the 4mgs a week then stop i wanted to stop at 4 i think thats the same as going the whole week your still stopping at 4mgs im now confused any help what way i should go?
Avatar m tn HI......well expect a reff ride for the next 2 week 40 is really high for jumping off methadone most do it in the single digits and the withdrawal is no fun from there your best bet is to look up the thomas recipe on the lower right of this screen and get the stuff listed....thers a product called highlands restfull legs out there...your legs are going to have a mind of there own you can pic this stuff up at walmat in the vitamin/herbal section...
Avatar f tn I went from 40mg/ml methadone. 30 to 20 to 10 to 5 to 2.5 for the last 7 days. Herendous Upper Abdominal Pain to the point of feeling as if Labor pains started and I was bout to birth a new me. My waist went from a 26 to a 30. This Monday I am free 2 weeks. This was not by choice, 35 years ago I toyed with drugs. Not Today. I am asking how many Methadone rehab centers we need ?
Avatar f tn Been a week down to 10mg...(from 75 last June for those who havent followed me.) mild chills and a few sneezes. Sleep ok. Was anxious yesterday, but i'll bet that is just my natural state... i have no way of knowing, cause ive been on one thing or another for years! Plan to request the drop to 5 tomorrow, so probably wont get dosed at 5 until Wednesday. The last drop kicked in about 3 days later, so next weekend wont be much fun. I plan to be ready. Then i plan to go every other day...
417971 tn?1237146307 I have been on methadone for 8 months the oxy for a month. I now know how much fun methadone is comming off, I wish i would of never taken any.........
Avatar m tn HI well it no fun getting off this crap it is the worst of the worst to withdrawal from less heroin but heroin dont last as long as methadone for comparison 1 10mg methadone pill equals 10 percs the stuff is powerful so even detoxing off one will make you misrable your best bet is get a pill cutter and cut it down take a little less every dew days im not aloud to discust tapers beyond that but you get the idea the withdrawal last abot a week or 2 the post withdrawal can last for months it took m
Avatar m tn Was on 80mgs of methadone a day for pain 4 20 mgs doses a day. For over two years.I found out recently that methadone and tramadol is a bad mix is this true? Thank you to anyone that responds.
4244020 tn?1351617516 Im helping my husband with a at home methadone detox before he goes into a year long christian rehab program. He has been on Methadone for 8-9 months. He was on 60mg and started detox on short notice. He went down 40, 20 then 10 all in one week. He stopped taking methadone Sunday (its Tuesday). He tried a facility for detox but they had some funny business going on so he is at home now. He has me and 4 other people watching him constantly.
Avatar n tn to answer your question though, it's not fun that's for sure. i'm on day 13 methadone w/d's, and i gotta say it's pretty yuk. though i may feel a tiny bit better today than i did yesterday. don't know. but i'm having to take clonidine, baclofen every few hours to help deal with it. when that wears off, it's pretty grim feeling. i so feel for you.
Avatar f tn My only drug of choice was perc 10 and vics, and thats only because of an accident, i didnt do it for fun. I never did heroin,coke.pot. ANYTHING.just perc 10s. (about 15 a day). So if you can get off the METHADONE or stay on a very low dose. The MORE you take The harde it is to get OFF!!!!!!!!! GOOD LUCK ALL.