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Avatar n tn Any medical doctor can prescribe methadone for pain relief. Methadone clinics are for methadone maintainence (for addicts) and not for chronic pain sufferers. They are governmentally subsidized which is why I assume your doctor referred you there and not to a pain management specialist. I am quite surpised the methadone clinic accepted you.
Avatar m tn I have questions regarding Methadone for treating pain. I been on Norco for quite awhile and have gotten tolerant to it. The Doc tried to put me on Percocet 10mg but i got very depressed when on it so we went back to Norco. I have been on MS Contin 3yrs ago also Fentanyl Patches up to 100mcg 1yr ago even been given Suboxone for pain. I did not like the Fentanyl and it only lasted 48hrs for me. The Doc told me that we should try Methadone and i said no way but i'm not sure now.
Avatar n tn I go to Alanon all the time and pray for the best. thanks for your concern. If I ever get a straight answer, I will post.
4597556 tn?1383308643 But im craveing for pain meds why? im still on methadone 9mgs that should stop craveings? i didnt have this before. and im going threw alot of crap here staying with my x im a very clean person i clean this house 7 days a week. M x sisterlaw is a slob, she dosent shower, her dogs are stinking the place up, she walks her dogs once a day , they crap in her room and pee, and one of her dogs constantly couhing the other wines 24 7 , im loseing it my x knows her sister is like this but o well.
Avatar m tn Hi. I've been on Methadone and Vicadin for chronic pain but decided it wasn't worth being on narcotics. Too many side effects. I slowly titrated for the last couple months. A week ago I took my last Methadone. So last Friday and today is Thursday. And I was taking between 5mg and 10mg per day. I know that doesn't seem like a lot. I went out and stocked up on food and have movies and planned for the withdrawals to set in.
656944 tn?1241635787 To kick a vike habit with methadone is odd to me since methadone is so much stronger then vicoden. But I guess it works for some. Maybe you lucked out. I would take it and run...Dont turn back to the pills. Especially if you are getting by like this. Good luck..
702513 tn?1228516297 He was referred to a Pain Management Clinic and they prescribed Methadone for his chronic pain. Methadone was the first drug that helped and he was able to walk pretty much pain-free. He has been on Methadone therapy for over a year and a half. He takes takes nine 90 mg tabs each day (3 in the a.m., 3 at noon, 3 at bedtime). After takes these opioid medications for several months (it was been well over two years), he began to feel sleepy during the day.
Avatar f tn I have profound respect for any and everyone who has walked away from methadone, so big ups on Day 8! I think we both got a little lucky with the sleep thing, I have been able to close my eyes for about 5 or 6 hours each night, but the days are pretty rough. So if all your fighting is the low energy, you are in a fortunate place compared to most of what I have read and experienced. I am on Day 15 and the physicals are still with me, just less and they pop up throughout the day.
11532111 tn?1421553458 Congrats on 67 days off methadone. I am very proud of you and so happy for you. Kudos on a job well done. You are doing great on your taper. I hope being back to work is going ok. Keep on keepin on.
Avatar f tn This is a Miracle from GOD! Thanks for all the help and encoaragement for those who have been on here for me. LOVE to ALL!
Avatar m tn googlr it and you eill find one you will have to be off the methadone for 72hr b/4 they can give byou sub and sub is no good for pain......I am all for getting off narcotics was on them for 16 1/2 yr 6 1/2 on methadone you may find like many of our members that you do a lot beter without them I know I do andI was taking 150mg of methadone for pain today ibuprofine asprine and Tylenol takes the edge off and im more pain free now then I ever been good luck to you and God bless......
Avatar n tn I have always been an advocate for methadone. Methadone is what got me sober. However, I lost a friend this weekend after he mixed methadone and Oxy. It had turned my world inside out as I know he didn't take much of either. Plus he wasn't even ADDICTED to oxy, he just ended up in the wrong place at the wrong time.. How much of each is needed to create an overdose??? This has been awful.
20391860 tn?1497234141 then on methadone for the next 7....I like you have kicked most opiet pain meds but nothing prepared me for methadone... after I told the clinic I wanted off....the first thing they said is you are on methadone mantness/ for life you have been on it to long to turn back now you are a lifer....I to new that methadone was a hard detox ....unlike you I kept uping my dose and was at 150mg for years.....the formula for methadone is how long you been on it.....10+ years is a long time...
Avatar m tn I was on methadone for almost 7 yrs and was dosing at 150mg I weened of for 8 1/2 months and jumped off at 1mg ....what your going threw is prity normal for takes a lot longer to detox off of then the pills just know you will get better for me the first 2 weeks where plagued with symptoms but gradually they went away only to leave me in this energy crash that seamed to last forever...
Avatar n tn i have been off of methadone for decades! there is one thing that you need to keep in mind, methadone withdrawls are worse than any other opiate withdrawls... that is my experience anyhow... i think methadone is appropriate for anyone who is seriously addicted to narcotics and doesn't see anyway to get off of them. and from what you have said you know how difficult the withdrawls would be... but they will be easier to go through than methadone withdrawl a year or two from now...
Avatar m tn I still can't sleep unless I take medication at night and I expect that to last for a while. I'm having some good spots in my days and nights. Mornings and early evenings I feel pretty normal. I get bad between 1-4PM and in the later part of the evening before going to bed. It's nothing like it was on day 5 though! Getting outside and doing something when I'm not feeling good seems to help a lot. It gets my mind off of what I'm feeling and thinking.
Avatar f tn i was wondering if anyone had any useful experience with taking short-acting opiates for chronic pain while on methadone maintenance. i get no real analgesic effect from the methadone-in a way it really only brings me to something approaching "normal". my pain clinic doctor says this is common and that she prescribes to methadone patients regularly and they report good pain relief with low incidence of relapse with those serious about recovery.
1268354 tn?1271181741 My husband and I are both on methadone for addiction. I know this stuff messes with your sex drive and much more. I wish I could say its a evil drug and as much as I say that all the time. It has brought us from the bottom. Stealing having sex for money for drugs and doing things I never thought we would do. To a amazing life with great jobs a big house kids back and 2 dogs a brand new car and van so its not so evil to get ducks in a row. And only in 2 years.
10619352 tn?1419911577 How long were you on Methadone before you jumped? Thanks so much for answering my questions and I apologize for sounding so desperate.
417564 tn?1287986427 Methadone could affects your mind or detoxing from it. I remember a lot of mental confusion from my many methadone detoxes. How is it going and what dose are you on?
Avatar m tn I was at a methadone clinic for nearly 4.5 years and during that time I had seen SEVERAL women who got pregnant and delivered babies while taking methadone. If you're not ready to be off methadone before you deliver your baby, I wouldn't sweat it. The moms and the babies that I saw all looked pretty normal to me. If you're ready to get off methadone then get off. If you're not ready, don't. Also....Towards the end of my taper I was decreasing 2mg. at a time until I got to 6.
Avatar f tn * the methadone was given to me just while taking the pain meds, which I am thankfully off now. THank you for your candor, concern & for your advice~!
Avatar f tn Actually... I don't think that at all. Assuming as much is offensive, and I do not wish to imply anything of the sort. I explained my reasoning for posting here, and I'm sorry if it is not adequate to your standards. You could have kindly pointed me to the correct area to believed would be best to post. I may have mentioned it in the other thread I made, but I also have hepatitis C or carry hepatitis C antibodies. Honestly not sure which since I have not looked into it...
Avatar m tn ) Long story short - kidney stones - vicodin - dumb decision to go to methadone clinic - 90mg for last 5 years or so. 48 year old male. Oh, and I quit drinking at 21 after 3 three years of collegiate alcoholism... The first week wasn't not that bad. I did check myself into a detox, however didn't use the medication except valium a few nights. I was with about 25 other high/higher dose methadone patients.
Avatar n tn I used for about 7 years (oxy's, lorcet). I got on a methadone program that worked really well. I have been on methadone for about 2 years. I started at 80 mgs and am now down to between 30 and 20 a day. I really need and want to be off of this. Can anyone help?
Avatar f tn I personally think he should have gone to a lower dose before cold turkey quitting but he's down for getting off and I'm all for that! Methadone has kept him from getting so many jobs and it's hindering our family. His pain is not bad enough to where he needs methadone anymore, it's a matter of beating his addiction. So anyone who's gone through it successfully with any info that may help, I would greatly appreciate it and would love to hear what you have to say!
Avatar m tn As you probably know, methadone takes a lot longer than other opiates to leave the system, so the detox period can be long, although it is different for anyone. I was on methadone for 7 1/2 years for pain relief and I was at 130mgs at the highest. I was afraid of withdrawals and stories I have heard about people trying to come off methadone, it is not easy. I decided to take a long time to taper off, 3 years to be exact and I went right down to 1mg before I stopped completely.
5792946 tn?1382375753 Just me and him. The dog. Sometimes two dogs. It's like an instant life shut down. Very healing for me. I'm thanking God for this man every day. He lets me be just me. I may gain some weight though! And I'm going through bottles of cleaning solution keeping myself busy. I'm battling some emotional moments. The tears from nowhere are the one thing that drives me nuts!