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Avatar n tn i go to a methadone clinic and in the last 10 months i have come up positive for atavan and clonapin about 5 times by blood test even though i have never taken theese drugs.every time i come up positve i get punished by having to go more often.i was going twice a month now i'm going 3 times a week.what would cause this?how can i prove i'm not taking them??
Avatar m tn Now, in November, I tested positive again. I have not had any Methadone since February. I have read that Methadone stays in your liver and fat cells. I have lost 50 lbs since I got onto Suboxone. That is the only reason I can think that it would cause this? Otherwise, I don't have any other explanation. I am extremely worried that this could get me kicked off Suboxone! Help!
Avatar f tn i take 300 mg a day for various pain. now, 3 times my urine has shown methadone in it. i have never taken any methadone. telling a meth clinic this and swearing on my life holds no water if you know what i mean. has this ever happened to anyone and if so what could cause this?
Avatar f tn I am really baffled as to why I tested positive for amphetamines when I've never taken them or any cold meds that could test positive for it. Anyone know why this could occur??
Avatar m tn What is causing the false positive for methadone? The urine test was done by an 11 panel urine tester. Can I ask for blood test? It ***** to be accused of something you have not done. The only difference in the last 2 years is that Lycra 50 mg 3x day and IB Profin every other day, I just started these 2 drugs in the last 4-5 weeks......that is the only difference.
Avatar m tn More likely that the Oxy and possibly the Nuerontin or one of the other meds interacted to give a false positive for methadone.... The second lab should reveal the answers.
1477820 tn?1287435681 No one should critisize them or look down on them because they are on methadone because being on methadone is a hell of a lot better then what they were doing. So that might sound like methadone is the lesser of two evils, if thats the way you want to look at it and the way that most people look at it. But i am so over all the negativity that comes along with methadone. It is helping me to get well. It is helping to get my life structured again.
Avatar f tn No I am on suboxon n I have 2 go in and take drug test n I just started the program about a month ago n the last 2 times I ha e gone in 2 take a test it is comming up positive for methadone n I have never done methadone, ever. But I take pain reliever pms at night could there be anyway those would make my drug test positive for methadone??
4615234 tn?1357190957 Benadryl and cold medicines will definitely cause a false positive for methadone, along with a few other drugs. It's sad that the doctor didn't give you a chance to remedy this when this type of thing is not unusual!
Avatar m tn This document, leaked by a disillusioned company employee, lists more than 250 over-the-counter medications and prescription drugs that can cause false positives (this is only a partial listing. AMONG THE ITEMS REPORTED AS CAUSING FALSE POSITIVE TEST RESULTS ARE: *Pain relievers such as Advil, Nuprin, Motrin and menstrual cramp medications like Midol and Trendar. All drugs containing the widely used pain reliever Ibuprofen, are known to cause positive samples for Marijuana.
Avatar m tn This forum is more for people trying to get off of drugs or that have gotten off them. I was on methadone for many years and am so glad I broke free. Some peple may need methadone for life but many don't. The NAMA board is more of a place for questions like this. They love to talk about methadone and different types etc. It's not a very recovery friendly forum though as they don't like to talk much about tapering or getting off.
Avatar n tn I am tested every 2 weeks in order to get my methadone, i have 5 paneldrug test for Methadone, Benzos, Opiates, COcaine, amphetimines. I have had false positive for benzos which they thought was just me lying as after all i am only a drug addict(in their opinion anyway).I know people tested negative for Heroin and have used just before going. Ihave Diabetes and have read that can cause false positives along with kidney infections. Anti inflamatorys can cause false positive for marijuana.
662972 tn?1270169901 Now I am not trying to hide something but I got an email today from news health and said that ppl with diabetes can show up a false positive on drug testing well I have nothing to hide like any other drugs but I am diabetic and on methadone an as many know to keep your take homes you have to have a clean uds (urine test) well what if I tested pos. and lost mine due have diabetes what would I do and how is that possible b/c you have diabetes>>> Anyone know anything about this...
Avatar n tn Sounds like a false positive test to me - the methadone should have shown up as opiate not benzo. The additional testing should come up with methadone/opiates. How long before the test did you take the methadone? It may not show up but obviously something messed with the test. Hopefully you've learned your lesson and will take your recovery seriously from now on. I once tested positive for opiates when in treatment and swore I didn't take anything.
535089 tn?1400677119 Some drug testing companies will either have a doctor (or other medical professional) personally interview those who fail a drug test to determine if there was a potential false positive. If you do receive a failing grade (actually referred to as a “positive” on your drug test—this is one test you do NOT want a positive—you want all negatives) on your drug test, ask to be retested with a confirmation or secondary test.
535089 tn?1400677119 This document, leaked by a disillusioned company employee, lists more than 250 over-the-counter medications and prescription drugs that can cause false positives.
Avatar n tn Percocet is a synthetic opioid. In order to have a positive U/A a lab test called a GC/MS or Gas Chromotography/mass spectrography has to be done and the time from the last dose needs to be considered.
662972 tn?1270169901 I was talking to a nurse today and she said that I should ask my doctor about Phenergan but when I called clinic and said they told me it was on the do not take list. I then ask why if it would cause a false positive for benzo or because like soma it to od on methadone with that and she would not tell me so I was wondering if any of you may know anything, I am just wanting to find something that will help my tummy. I eat zantac like crazy 3 or 4 150mg a day.
Avatar n tn And would any of these practices cause a release into the bloodstream and ultimately to the urine producing a false positive ??? My daughter is on house arrest and drug tested regularly.... she has had a false positive once and the GCT proved it to be clean urine.. and not too long ago she had a false positive for THC and it was sent out for GCT and it came back clean... she also went immediately from probation to a hospital and had them do a test which also came back clean...
Avatar f tn I believe there is a post below talking about a false positive urine analiysis due to certain antibiotics. There may be some other useful information for you within the replies. There could have possibly been a mistake at the lab which tested your urine. Unfortunitly most DR's will not give a repeat test for a urine which comes up without the medication your supposed to be on.
Avatar f tn I recently went in for my refill at the pain clinic and tested positive for percocet and honestly have not taken it in over 2 weeks and it was prescribed before the pain clinic. I told my PM Dr this and she said it cold be a false positive so is sending it into the lab and if it comes back I had percocet in my system, I will be discharged, and It has me mad!! She does not believe me because of the prior thing with my regular Dr. but I am not Dr.
Avatar n tn Seems to me like you would be one who would need to taper off of methadone/suboxone. I have used methadone for the past 4 years and and I have been going cold turkey for the past 10 days and am just now starting to get the shakes and stuff under control....I am sorry to be so blunt but methadone is evil to ME..and I too have done oc's and vic's and perc's and tabs and any other thing with codeine in it. someone will come along soon to give you better advice..
Avatar f tn Substances Causing False Positives According to a report by the Los Angeles Times New Service, a study of 161 prescription and over the counter medications showed that 65 of them produced false positive results in the most widely administered urine test.