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4597556 tn?1383308643 I think he knows what he's talking about, and glad you have someone with exp giving you some of their experiences. You can do it!
Avatar n tn I had got off of everything for about 8 months but somehow managed to relaps. About 2 1/2 months ago I started taking METHADONE with the attitude that it was a wonder drug that gets you off of everything, so I hear from friends, (which is bullcrap!). This past Friday I realized that it is time to stop and get a grip on my life. After day 3 the symptoms start. No sleep, anxiaty, stomach cramps, leg cramps, deep depression, ect.... I broke down and took a oxy 40 and it didn't even phase me.
Avatar n tn In my experiences, methadone is at least, if not more, addictive than vicodins plus the withdrawals seem much worse and more drawn out. In smaller quantities, methadone gave me tons of energy but when you're talking about taking wafers (40 mg) at a time, it will make you pass out. I actually switched to vicodin just to help with methadone withdrawals cuz I thought nothing could be worse. I was only up to about 1/2 wafer a day, so I can't imagine what would be for someone taking 8x that.
Avatar n tn Keep in mind that I'm partly guessing here, based on other people's experiences. There's no guarantee it would work; but if you have NO methadone history, it's possible. You could avoid major withdrawals and end up dealing with only the mild after stuff. I'm very wary of using methadone for any of this, but that's me and my prejudices. So what I'm telling you here is based on other's experiences, again, I have no personal experience with it working this way.
4407520 tn?1363015465 Well as some of you know i tried to get off methadone by substituting with pain killers, big mistake considering that was the whole reason i started methadone, i was on a low dose of 6mg and taking pain killers for about 3 weeks, then i quit the methadone and very quickly started taking more and more pain killers until i was taking like 100-150mgs per day, well after about 8 days without methadone i ran out of pain killers and think i starting detoxing off both at the same time, the back pain wa
Avatar f tn Methadones affinity to receptor sites can make using additional narcotics financially prohibitive and not worth the bother. I have experiences where I consumed large amounts of Heroin to no avail whilst on the methadone. Doses above 80mgs are meant to optimise the elimination/reduction of cravings and produce the 'blockade'effect so the 90mg dose your husband has settled at makes sense. Anyway.
Avatar f tn I'm detoxing myself off methadone. I'm on my 13 th day, but in the middle of it, I took 25 mg for 3 days. so, it's been 5 days since I had anything and I was cold turkey the whole week before that. Did those three days set me back to square one, the beginning of my detox or just set me back a little? Ive barely slept the last two weeks. I haven't slept at all the last two nights. Also, I have a history of a detox seizure last year. I'm just so exhausted. Nothing works!!
401095 tn?1351395370 my worst symptom is the memory loss, not only loss of the time while i was on the methadone, but short term memory problems even now, 9 months later. lack of drive. just want to lay around and do nothing. still in pain and that is a big part of wanting to lay around, as it is hard to do much when the back is kicking up. i just keep praying that my mind will be restored soon.
Avatar f tn Look it up its true I got friends who have been pregnant on Suboxone and either on methadone so I know. Good luck Subutex dont got the narcan to risk withdrawals and to much stress.
Avatar f tn Does anyone have any advice, experiences, thoughts regarding going to a detox unit to come off a relatively low methadone dose (27.5mgs)? I am also on 5mg of valium, and the heart medications astrix (ie aspirin)100mgs, and Lipitor 40mgs. I am also on epilim (for migraines) 400mgs...any feedback will be greatly appreciated.
Avatar f tn Now after reading others experiences while detoxing,i would like to know if i can substitute methadone for other drug pill that would be easier to clean out from our body!Im just trying to find a way to detox ,and be able to carry on with my li!fe,i have to take carre of my son and i dont want him to see me like im dying!Please doctor help me! P.S I hope you understand my english!
Avatar f tn However, when I became eligible for Medicare I could not afford the exorbitant expense so resorted to methadone....I hated the idea because I felt like I was regressing. Three years ago my Rx plan improved. I understood that Suboxone was easier to taper off of than methadone. (btw, I've learned that is absolutely not true!). Anyway, I did an inpatient rapid physical detox off methadone and went back on the Suboxone. Three years ago I began at 16 mg/day.
Avatar f tn Don't want to rain on your parade, so i will wish you luck instead. Methadone is one of the hardest things I have ever quit. But I did it and I don't regret it at all. I would say to use the Amino Acid Protocol - if you are taking Prozac you probably shouldnt do a couple of the amino' is posted bottom right of page - and also read the Health Pages on PAWS - use ensure (or Walgreens store brand) or advantage liquid nutrition if you arent eating.
4597556 tn?1383308643 at 9mgs quit or the 3rd tues 4mgs quit or do the last week at 4mgs and that would be it for mr. methadone, the night mare from HELL.....
Avatar f tn I have been on 40 mg per day of methadone for over 10 years. My PMD, after checking my ekg, determined that it was affecting my heart some how. He cut me off methadone and switched to 4 mg dilaudid every 8 hours. After 2 days I was in full blown withdrawals. I couldn't sleep, eat, my legs and back ached constantly, among other horrible things. Dr. said I shouldn't be suffering withdrawals switching from one opiate to another. Next he put me on 25 mcg fentanyl patch every 72 hours.
Avatar m tn The lower the starting effective dose the better, I was taking 3 methadone pills 10mg each per day, then you have to wait for 48hrs for the methadone to be out of your system and you can take the suboxone and for me that was the hardest part was the 2 days of not having my methadone. It was hard for me to get out of bed in the morning without taking it,waiting for awhile then I'd be able to get up and go.
Avatar f tn You can use other remedies to help -- antihistamines to help with runny nose, OTC diarrhea medications (Pepto Bismal is good for both diarrhea and stomach cramps), etc. However, I think you need medical management to help you wean off methadone. Weaning from methadone is a slow process that requires patience and time. A few years ago I weaned from 200mg/day down to 40mg/day, a process that required over a year of reducing my methadone dose by 5 or 10% per month.
Avatar n tn I would wait at least 24 from when ypou took the methadone. Not my business, but why go back on the hydro? The methadone should have helped w/the withdrawals some, so unless you need the hydro for legitimate pain, why travel that hydron road again?
Avatar n tn I feel your pain i really do, although there is no easy way to get off of methadone, going off at 18 mg c/t isn't bad. I have been on methadone for 5 1/2 years and this past weekend was my last wknd going to the clinic. I'm pretty much going c/t off of 65. I saved my sunday dose and i am spreading it out over the period of the next 4 days. Don't focus so much on the methadone and what mg. you are on, just know that you you WANT to get off of methadone.
4597556 tn?1383308643 But im craveing for pain meds why? im still on methadone 9mgs that should stop craveings? i didnt have this before. and im going threw alot of crap here staying with my x im a very clean person i clean this house 7 days a week. M x sisterlaw is a slob, she dosent shower, her dogs are stinking the place up, she walks her dogs once a day , they crap in her room and pee, and one of her dogs constantly couhing the other wines 24 7 , im loseing it my x knows her sister is like this but o well.
276908 tn?1240683422 I started doing the methadone about 3 months ago. I am currently on 130 mg a day. I was doing 30 lorcet 10 a day prior to starting the meth treatment. I have been reading the posts on here and I am wondering when I should start to taper down now that I am scared to death of the meth w/d from reading the stories on here. any advice?? thanx spec.
Avatar f tn My daughter has been on methadone for several years but also has borderline personality disorder. Because she has sleeping issue and is late alot, and because she has ibs and has had to be dosed in the car or go in after an accident, she is being kicked off the program. She is on 120mg and will be detoxed in 30 days. I am not saying that she was not in the wrong about things but this is very sudden.
Avatar f tn I was opiate dependent for 2 yrs then 2yrs ago I was told about par methadone maintenance to help get off opiates...well par never said anything about methadone wd being worse than pills..I went up to 100mg and about 8months ago I startd decreasing. I would drop 10mg every 3-4wks depending on how I felt..when I got to 20mg I I went to 15 then dropped to 5mg and decided I just wanted to stop. I didnt want to rely on something everyday to keep me "well"..
Avatar f tn Okay, So to sum this up quickly I was on oxycontin (up to 200-400mg a day) for 3 years, and I went on methadone. My Babys dad was also doin this with me...anyways he got clean and wanted me off the methadone, so I stopped it Cold turky, but was too ***** to go thru that ****, and started using pills again ( I even got him back into and he was like 6 weeks clean....*sigh*) anyways, I DONT WANT TO go thru the hell I KNOW im facing.
Avatar n tn Can anyone tell me from their own experiences how long this will last. I've been on prescriptions pain killers for 12 years and on methadone for over a year.I would have never started if my pain doc would have told me the hell I would be in when trying to kick this.You that have gone thru this know what I'm going thru. Please give some thoughts so I can have something to hold on too.My wife is totally against drug use of any kind and isn't helping at all.
Avatar f tn I have been on methadone since jan 2011 and off all street drugs ever since. I am now a mom with a carreer and with a totally different life then I used to and can't wait to get off the meth. While meth def helped me get "clean" I hate the side effects (as everyone does). Was on 90mg and I tapered down by 5mg , then by 2mg until I got to 6mg and I thought i was going crazy- I guess I wasn't prepared for it becasue I had felt totally fine up until then.
221913 tn?1372280261 I've chosen to come off of my 30mg a day as of yesterday and I'm praying that these horrible dreams/sensations will subside soon! Can any of you share similar experiences relating to Methadone and the horrors you experience as you fall asleep?
Avatar n tn I am in the midst of methadone withdrawal after being on it for 4 years. I tapered down to 5 mg. without much trouble but at that point had my first dreaded 'night of terror' where I wasn't able to sleep. So I decided this would be a good time for the breakaway. It has been a week now and the symptoms have lessened. I went through cold sweats, back/body pain, flu symptoms, cold symptoms (including fits of sneezing),skin 'crawling', diahrrea, and the anxiety/ sleeplessness I mentioned.
Avatar n tn Beachtowel, I couldn't find the post you were refering, but I will tell you that methadone clinics today, maybe have 10% at the MOST heroin addicts, the other 90%+ were on perscription drugs from doctors or buying perscription drugs from friends or friends who knew people. Also let me tell you that in the 5 years I was there, suboxone was never mentioned, as a matter of fact I didn't even know what suboxone was until I started reading this forum.