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Avatar f tn hey there, i had a friend on methadone, she had her baby, she was on it legit thru a clinic tho, thats a worry i reckon. but her baby was only in the prem ward a couple of days, and if he showed any discomfort they give them teeny tiny doses or morphine. but breastfeeding will be ok too, coz he will still get some thru that. now the youngulla is a handsome healthy boy, so please dont stress out so much. they do have ways around these things these days.
Avatar n tn i wanted to do what was safest for my child so I went so see a doctor about my pills and being pregnant.... they put me on methadone right away ... I was on it the whole course of my pregnancy, Ive done research, ive read books and it is 100% safe for the baby... its the safest thing for her to be doing... the baby would go through withdrawl from her pills.... it keep the baby safe... I am still on the methadone.. (im weening off now....
782880 tn?1236138825 the doctor isn't going to let u get off because u can miss carry and u will be fine on it my friend had both of there kids on methadone and they are both perfectly fine so i wouldn't worry about but u defiantly would tell Ur doc so they can run test to make sure and because when u have the baby it has to be detoxed from the meth and u cant bring it home but u and the baby will be fine i promise
Avatar n tn They are leaders in the study of the effects of drugs and substances on the fetus. The website has some info on methadone. I have a broken tailbone and am 37 weeks. I have been on pain medication throughout the pregnancy and so far, everything is fine. It is critical that your OB knows and deals with your situation, chances are, the baby is fine, and as other's have said, the baby may have withdrawal issues at birth if you continue to take high dosages throughout the pregnancy.
Avatar n tn TELL HIM TO; Go back on methadone and withdraw at a rate that he feels comfortable with. ONLY TIME, DEDICATION and ABSTINENCE can CURE Opioid ADDICTION.oh and a lot of good luck.
Avatar n tn My wife was put on methadone when we found out she was pregnant, she was prescribes percocet for about 5 months prior and still on them when we found out. we were medically advised that methadone treatment would be the safeiest for the fetus (this from family doctor, ob-gyb, and clinic) unfortunatly my wife began to have complications when she was 24 weeks.
Avatar f tn don't beat yourself over getting pregnant on the methadone. many woman have been pregnant on methadone and had a healthy pregnancy. yes you will beable to continue your detox after you give birth. they act ually use breastfeeding to help the baby with withdrawal after birth. the doctor told you that you cant breastfeed? look up breastfeeding and methadone. it is encouraged to help wean the baby. are you comfortable with your ob? if not I would look around for another.
669763 tn?1225653904 Hun, I'm not sure what to tell you as I don't know much about Methadone but there have been many posts on here about Methadone and pregnancy. The weekends can be slow here and it may take awhile for someone to come on who can help you better. I will see if I can find any old posts and if I do I'll post them for you. God bless.
Avatar f tn I just would like to hear others experiences or if you know anything about the effects of methadone on pregnancy. Also my dose right now isn't holding me all day. I go to sleep feeling sick and wake up feeling horrible. Is that bad for my baby?? I've never has this happen before and never in my wildest imagination would I have thought this to happen. It's the most screwed up situation I have ever been in knowing what I'm doing to my baby. I need advice. I need help.
Avatar n tn The withdrawal started, and was what we expected at first, then it got worse and her anti-anxiety meds have no effect on her, it has been about 18 days, she took 40mgs of methadone on day 7 and a couple of vicodin on day there anything to help her through this, a opiate taper to lessens the w.d effects or does that just prolong the w/d???
Avatar n tn The main problem with methadone is that its primarily available at clinics, and methadone CLINICS are the biggest problem for people on methadone. Fortunately, doctors are beginning to prescribe methadone to give people freedom from the bondage of methadone clinics. The "authorities" are talking about issuing a "license" to doctors which allows them to prescribe methadone, but that is total nonsense designed to continue the stigma.
6220907 tn?1379653477 call a methadone clinic and see if she could get on methadone. she is on 12 pills x are they 5 mgs vicodin/500mg Tylenol?
Avatar n tn methadone and the Doctors would not let me detox,it is more dangerous to detox than it is to stay on the methadone,i had a healthy baby girl and they did have to give her very little methadone to detox her,it only took a week and she was fine and she's perfect now 10 years later.Please do not worry about the methadone as i know from experience,after my baby was borned they wanted me to talk to other pregnant women and i did.
1794671 tn?1338798991 I have posted in other communities before regarding my recent changes from being chronic pain sufferer to pregnant chronic pain sufferer and now I am going to be making the change from Pregnant Chronic Pain sufferer to Mother with chronic pain in the next 7 hours. I have been taking norco throughout my pregnancy because I felt like taking just my breakthrough meds was better then taking it with Morphine, and also better then taking nothing and being unable to function as a human being.
1059368 tn?1255024436 so is methadone////the sub marketing will finally be reduced to a new methadone/not better/just a partial agonist packing tons of power making methadone look like a darvocet Sub is addicting a horrid wds if u take it too long/but i think u know this/and a dr can help u taper slowly from the sub/thing is that those who cant taper from their doc/r not likely to be able to taper from sub either/unless they do the work/some need sub/methadone/or a maintenence drug for life...
Avatar n tn It sounds crazy, and you probably don't admire me, but I consulted all of the experts I could, and not one would advise nor allow getting off of the drug while pregnant. With the Methadone, a fetus could not survive the severe withdrawal; it wasn't even advisable for me to feel any of the discomfort. Xanax was prescribed to me in addition to the Methadone due the high levels of anxiety her father's forthcoming death (I know that doesn't make any sense, but trust me here).
Avatar n tn As far as an Epidural there has been research done in the USA not Jamaica that says it has no ill effects on the baby. It is just for a few hours and that is it. Not like smoking pot for your pregnancy and having your enviroment full of the second hand smoke that is around your children. Okay, I guess my claws have come out now. I just could not imagine subjecting my children to such and enviroment.
Avatar f tn ) I hear lots of good things from moms on methadone and subtex. All have healthy babies. Just some advice tho stay away from google. You don't want to read the horror stories that anti med people have to say. Stick close by medhelp!!! Your at the right place.
Avatar f tn // _____________________________________________________ "If a mother stops using the drug "cold turkey," the fetus will then experience withdrawal symptoms in the womb, with may cause wide swings in the baby's blood level from intoxication to withdrawal, which often times leads to death and spontaneous abortion, premature birth, and other negative effects. (Bashmore, 508, http://www.nida.nih.
Avatar f tn Effects on Pregnancy and Pregnancy Outcome An association between first-trimester use of codeine and congenital heart defects has been found in three of four case–control studies (6–9). Previous reports have not shown an increase in risks of birth defects after prenatal exposure to oxycodone, propoxyphene, or meperidine (10, 11).
Avatar n tn Switching after she is already pregnant carries an unacceptable risk of stress on the fetus. If a woman plans on becoming pregnant, her doctor will likely advise that she first switch to methadone or naltrexone before getting pregnant.
Avatar f tn Standard Protocol When a pregnant woman wants to detoxify from opiates or other opioids, the recognized standard of care, according to the National Health Institute, is methadone treatment while under a doctor's supervision. Methadone is not known to cause birth defects nor have any long-term affects on a baby.
Avatar n tn Here is what I found on the medicines you mentioned... Methadone Risk Category B* * Controlled studies done on animals in reproduction do not indicate risk to the fetus. * No adequate and well-controlled studies done on pregnant women. The risk category will be D only if used for prolonged period or in high doses at term. * No association with congenital defects reported.
Avatar f tn I was scared to withdraw pregnant bc it can cause miscarriage n severe harm to the fetus. So I got on methadone maintenance. Huge mistake. I was only taking Norco about 10 or 12 a day. For pain. Now I've been on methadone for almost 2 yrs. Coming off is the hardest thing I've ever done. It has caused sooooo of many physical side effects that I've never had before. It's a million times harder to taper off of than Norco. I would never recommend this to anyone.
1144050 tn?1261296210 Hi EVERYONE!!! I'm about 6 weeks pregnant and am precribed oxycodone. I have been on it for about 2 yrs now for arthritis in my back and knees. I take 15mg 4 times a day. I wanted to know if at this level, is this going to cause any brith defects or harm to my fetus??? If so, can you please give me some insight as to how badly the effects are??? Thank you for your time!!!
Avatar m tn Usually when women are addicted to opiates and become pregnant, doctors put there patients on methadone since it is not harmful to the baby. Standard Protocol When a pregnant woman wants to detoxify from opiates or other opioids, the recognized standard of care, according to the National Health Institute, is methadone treatment while under a doctor's supervision. Methadone is not known to cause birth defects nor have any long-term affects on a baby.
Avatar f tn When a pregnant woman wants to detoxify from opiates or other opioids, the recognized standard of care, according to the National Health Institute, is methadone treatment while under a doctor's supervision. Methadone is not known to cause birth defects nor have any long-term affects on a baby.