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Avatar f tn My daughter goes to a methadone clinic and receives 95 mg. of methadone for the last nine months. I pay out of pocket as we have no insurance. My question is what is the best way to get off of this? How many mg. should she wean down at a time? And how often for the weaning? Will there be withdrawals? Am a single mom and she knows I can't afford it but I pay it as I want her to get off the drugs. She has not used since she started this program. Can anyone help me?
653169 tn?1303449969 Please give me your opinionon methadone for pain control of Rheumatoid arthritis and Fibromyalgia.
Avatar f tn I think the tramadol will be next to useless when on methadone. Your current methadone dose will almost certainly block or severely limit the efficacy of a dose of tramadol. When i was on the methadone they used to hand out 'Pain Cards' These were like medic alert bracelets that had important information regarding adequate pain relief for methadone dependant people.
Avatar f tn Federal methadone guidelines now recommend dosage increases during pregnancy. Yes, the baby will go through withdrawal. Most competent physicians will put the baby on phenobarbital or other benzodiazepines and/or blood-pressure-lowering medications to help with it. Breastfeeding is RECOMMENDED if done under the care and direction of a physician.
Avatar n tn He explained to me that is wasn't easy to get off methadone, but agreed to have his doctor slowly decrease his dosage. I have never done any drugs in my life and are totally against them. I try not to ask my husband how is progress is going because he is very defensive about it. I have no one to talk to about this because no one would ever believe that my husband is an addict(it is very hard for me to even type the word). This drug does not seem to interfere with his daily life.
Avatar n tn There is some legislation, which I've read and have asked Doc Dan to interpret for us, which suggests that in March of this year a wide range of doctors will be able to become certified to treat opiate addiction with methadone. Currently, Methadone clinics are under the lead fist of the fascist, citizen-hating DEA (the DEA's unwritten charter considers all addicts to be criminals and sub-human filth not worth rehabilitating -- nice bunch of guys).
Avatar n tn You are dispensing terrible information. It would be incredibly unlikely to be initiated on a methadone dosage of 300mg/daily from nothing as this would most likely result in respiratory depression, coma and death. In fact, stopping a dosage of 80mg/daily for several days and then resuming that dose could result in respiratory depression. This is why methadone is so closely monitored to prevent accidental overdose.
Avatar n tn The last comment really bothers me. Saying that methadone is worse than heroin is irresponsible and WRONG. Some people who get off of methadone think it was the worst thing in the world, and that nobody should ever be on it, but their opinion is based only on their personal experience and ignorance. For MOST people with the metabolic disorder of addiction, the BEST thing they can do is get on methadone.
Avatar m tn I heard about the crazy w.d.'s of methadone, but thought what the hell, even if I end up being a bit dependant on methadone, it beats spending 300 dollars a day on heroin or oxy! Plus not having to worry about chasing and being sick if i don't find anything is well worth it! I thank you and everyone for being so supportive! I am glad there are forums like this to help me get through it. Having a feeling of not being alone and gaining confidence with everyones experiences and answers!
Avatar m tn How does the dosage of suboxone translate into methadone, in other words, 100mg of methdone equals how many mg of suboxone? Would oxycontin be just as good of a choice in trying to conquer a methadone addiction? What is the diffence in it and suboxone? (other than I believe I could obtain it easiest of all)? And re: that dosage how many mg of oxycontin equal 100 mg of methadone?
Avatar f tn In the past, mothers on methadone have attempted to reduce their methadone dosage over the course of a pregnancy to spare the unborn child methadone withdrawal symptoms after birth.
Avatar m tn Are you going to a Public Health Clinic run by the State? If so there are strict guidelines on the dosage of methadone and they can't just suddenly step you down. Also most of the people I know aren't paying anything for the methadone so I am a bit perplexed by what you claim is happening to you. I take methadone as prescribed by a doctor so I do go to clinics and I only pay 3.24 for 240 10mg pills.
Avatar f tn what dosage of Subutex would someone need, when they do the transition from Heroin 1/1 half bags a day just less than a quarter of a gram, the person is aware to remain clean of Opiates previously fro 24 hrs.. Thank u...
Avatar f tn Unfortunately, like CATUF said we cannot give you a taper plan as it is against guidelines. That was a big drop in a dosage, and I find it a bit odd that the doc would keep you on the same dosage for 3 straight months. Of course you built a tolerance to it at that point..was it the pain doc that is tapering you? And you say you're having wds still..? If you're on the same dosage, I don't see how you'd still be having wds. I'd expect it when he first dropped your dose from 7.
Avatar n tn Given recent reports that high-dose methodone MAY be associated with development of Torsades, depending upon life expectancy and goals of care, EKG monitoring may be appropriate when changes in dosage are made. An important property of methadone is that its apparent potency, compared to other opioids, varies with the patient's current exposure to other opioids.
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574118 tn?1305138884 As with anything else there are noted concerns about what could be above an appropriate amount. The W.H.O. (World Health Organization) guidelines are generally the accepted figures for all vitamins and minerals and you can discuss that with your doctor.
Avatar f tn My problem is that Im doing it on my no doc to help it...
Avatar m tn I am going to my doctor on Friday and would like to take as much information as possible with me to help determine if I am indeed addicted and/or if I should get off of it. Has anyone out there been addicted at this low dosage? What can I expect from withdrawing? Any suggestions? Any suggestions for controlling the RLS without it? As I said, nothing else has worked.
Avatar f tn hi welcome to the forum.....I really hate when sub or methadone is scored from the street it leves us with messes like this one where not aloud to discuss dosing where not doctors but for sub and methadone tyou have to taper off slowly to avoid or at lest minimize withdrawals thats about all im aloud to say and stay in the guidelines ......
4950316 tn?1394188185 I have decompensated Liver that can only be treated with transplant.I have not been told to stop my methadone"for pain in back".As long as I don't abuse my Methadone there is no reason I have to stop using it for pretransplant or treatment.Told to me by the Infectious disease doctor that evaluates for referrals for UWMC.There is a study that was done by the Veteran's Administration on using Methadone while on treatment for hep c.
Avatar n tn If your doctor does'nt want to taper you, you could try going to a methadone clinic. I'm not sure what there requirements are but if you're desparate you could tell them you've been using methadone for some time and want to get off. I'm not sure if you would want to go this rought for a few reasons. Some clinics are not that great (the clinents) and the environment as well. You might also have to be somewhat deceitful and say you've been getting it on the streets.
666151 tn?1311117976 But for a person taking Suboxone I see the steps as valuable, but not essential. -Where does methadone fit in? Methadone is just another opiate agonist. A newly-raised dosage will prevent cravings temporarily, but as tolerance inevitably rises, cravings will return. With cravings comes the obsession to use and the associated character defects.
Avatar m tn Hi, folks, Please continue offering your support and suggestions for dealing with wd symptoms, but be sure that you don't provide or suggest a specific tapering dosage schedule. It's impossible for us to know someone's entire medical history, and there may be underlying medical conditions -- which may not even have been discovered yet -- that could be made worse when tapering.
Avatar f tn I got so sick that I evene think Im doing more harm than good to my baby,because she goes nuts when I stop and get sick. Im scared to tell my doctor and am trying to get into a methadone program,because I heard methadone dont affect your baby,but there is a waiting period and was told that whatever I do in the meantime is my business,which I thought was unprofessional of them to say.
Avatar f tn I don't have a Hep doctor, but 3 doctors at my methadone clinic who are very knowledgable about Hep (do to 90% of their clients having C) said to NOT take milk thistle daily, but to do it every few days. Why? Are they wrong? Is the smaller amount even helping? Also, I take a home urine test that measures whether you have some, none of a lot of bilirubin in the urine. Mine comes back as none-little. Is that any indication of my liver's health?
Avatar f tn Long story short, got addicted to Methadone for pain. Went to an addictionologist to get off it. He put me on Subutex. When I finally asked about getting off the Subutex he said there was no need and I could stay on it safely for like. The jerk. I started at 16mg a day almost 5 yrs ago. I am sick of this crap. I have been slowly weaning for awhile now. For every drop in dosage, I go thru withdrawals and feel awful for weeks. When I start feeling better, I cut the dosage again. When I got to .
Avatar f tn How much fentynal would i get put on with the above dosage I am now on.....PLEASE Someome out there has to know the answer to this, I have tried to figure it out, look it up with no success !! I have a Dr., app soon and I am wanting to know what amount A 'DAY' or should I say 2 days I would get put on fentyanl.......Please i will be waiting and praying for an answer to this question, I have been stressed so long trying to find the answer to this.
Avatar m tn I am in transition from methadone to suboxone today. I am waiting for the WD's so I can take my first suboxone strip. I want to wait as long as possible and take as little as necessary... Where can I get advice on the internet? chat rooms? I am very eager to stop all opiate related meds. If I wanted to stop very soon and quick what are my options? I have a new doctor for the suboxone but I don't feel like I can burden him with all the questions I have. Thanks all!
Avatar m tn Do I need to get off these meds and onto Suboxone or Methadone? Does that mean any doctor looking in my file will assume I was an addict? How do I or should I get off the Ativan? Any advice would me most welcome.