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Avatar n tn org its a website filled with tons of info on Suboxone and has a dr. locator for ou area. Good Luck....and i would try to avoid Methadone at all costs possible.....
Avatar f tn But I will certainly check into it. It would be nice if the methadone clinic would agree to it. Any other ideas on how to get this will be appreciated... Thanks so much... I see some light at the end of this lonnng tunnel!
Avatar f tn however I did get a bit more of a realistic mental clarity while on suboxone that I didnt get from methadone. Not having to deal with the clinic beauracreacy, also lifted my spirits for sure. With that said, Methadone certainly had its place in my recovery, and Im not sure I would do anything differently if given the chance. The things that I learned that 7 years in MMT were huge pre-cursors to gaining the urge to finally taking hold of this demon within.
Avatar f tn I was in a methadone clinic for 3 yrs, the highest I was on was 55mg. For, the past yr I was under a regular physician, she wrote me my methadone, an attempt to help save money. I went down to 40mg a day, now with no warning she has informed me she cant refill my meds. I think she wrote to many scripts or something. But, I 've been wanting to come off for awhile now, but I'm terrified I've haven't been sober in 5 yrs!
Avatar f tn The problem I have is not being on the methadone, the problem is having to go to the meth clinic every single day to be dosed. I want to be able to get a prescription and pick up a monthly supply, once a month. Here in Bermuda doctors cannot prescribe methadone. I am actually going to be speaking with my personal physician on Monday to find out if he can prescribe suboxone or bupranorphine in place of the methadone.
Avatar n tn I went to a clinic in Detroit to get started and my first visit was only about 20 min with the doc---Although before that I had to fill out about 20 pages of paperwork but nothing to grueling and my insurance covers it so you might want to look into it---But I don't think you will find somewhere that you can just walk into and walk out of with a script---
Avatar n tn I live in DC where I don't believe treatments with bupopherine or whatever is legal. I tried going to a methadone clinic as well but was told I couldnt simply get medicine I'd have to stay in clinic for a month. Bullshit - how does one keep a job? Anyway, back to my question, should I go see a doctor?
401095 tn?1351395370 Suboxone®, manufactured by Reckitt Benckiser, is the first opioid substitution treatment available without the hassle involved with going to a methadone clinic everyday or even weekly. The two active ingredients in Suboxone® are buprenorphine hydrochloride, and naloxone hydrochloride dihydrate. Subutex® has only buprenorphine as an active ingredient. Suboxone® and Subutex® are available in the following formulations: BUPRENORPHINE NALOXONE IMPRINT COLOR / SHAPE PICTURE Suboxone® 2 mg 0.
Avatar n tn With LAAM you only go to the clinic three times a week because it is even longer acting than methadone. Another thing is to demand liquid methadone because if you ever want to try a detox you can do it slowly. The slower the detox, the easier it is. A typical slow detox is one milligram every two to four weeks and is relatively painless this method. I better end this post before it is banned from the website b/cuz of length of content.
Avatar n tn I went to a Methadone clinic and found that 100 mg of Methadone plus 2 Vic ES a day could get rid of the majority of my pain. I have Crohn's Disease and Fibroyalgia. I'm the crazy lady you see in the parking lot doing donuts in her wheelchair like a kid. :) My daughter is the 16 yr old who doesn't always pay attention and runs me into things. LOL. (Sorry, had to throw in some comic relief here.
Avatar n tn Hi, I just want to echo what mrmichael said about methadone clinics, that some are good and some not as good. The clinic I work in seems to strive for excellence, and considers counseling a VERY important part of Methadone Maintenance Treatment. (It's considered Treatment, not just getting a drug.
Avatar f tn oh naabt is a good resourse too!
425312 tn?1279969779 Withdrawal from painkillers and anti-anxiety medications usually requires medical help Stopping the use of opioids (painkillers) such as heroin, vicodin and oxycontin usually requires a stay in a detoxification (detox) facility while the drugs are being cleansed from your system.
Avatar n tn Do any of you know if phsyciatrist are qualified with addiction??Ifyou do, let me know. I am badly addicted to methadone. It will certainly kill me someday. Love a prayers to all!!!
424839 tn?1268189846 A medical provider at an emergency room, free clinic, or detox facility can talk with you about your symptoms and drug history to determine whether your problem with drug use is abuse or dependence, and can determine whether you will need to be medically monitored during detox. Withdrawing from benzodiazepines (valium and xanax) without medical advice can be dangerous.
Avatar n tn I found my doctor through the Samhsa physician locator. I've been on maintenance for almost 2 months, and I take 1 8 mg tab in the a.m. and 1 8 mg tab in the p.m. I have absolutely no cravings at all, and I feel better than I've felt in years. The Naloxone in it is inactive unless injected. Subutex is not available yet in the U.S., and it will only be available through your doctor for a 5 day detox. Yes Suboxone is an opiate - Buprenorphine and yes it is addicting.
Avatar f tn a special congradulatios is in order. my only expierence with methadone was the clinic route....and i couldn't do it! in the late '60's in the Mpls area al one had to do was walk in off the street and be willing to turn over practically every decision you would ever make to some a**hole counselor for the rest of your life. i've lost many friends to the clinic's over the years...most are dead of self inflicted all of us (and you) have so much to be gratfull for.
Avatar n tn They have a physician locator. I think it is There is also a website where you can find a lot of information. So far the Suboxone is working great and I plan to use it as a maintenance drug. I'm not quite ready to be off everything right now and maybe I'm fooling myself that I ever will be. I am just so thankful that we have this option now. Oh and it's covered by my insurance.
Avatar n tn Sorry, but false positives are quite common due to many different things. My clinic even warned me about certain things, cold remedies being one of them. I take urines there once a month....unannounced, of course. Here is a page that covers it: Scroll down to "Test Standards and Accuracy" and scroll down and you will see the relevant info. As you will see, the rate of false positives for amphetamines is quite high.
5549258 tn?1449086682 If you can't walk there or take a cab, call them and see if someone can't pick you up.