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Avatar f tn Yes hav abig tramadol addiction and got tree days supply of methadone 2 get me true the tramadol with drawls I'm 2 days away from te tramadol and hav one day left of methadone to take an Tats it I hope den I'm true te worst of te tramadol withdrawal shud Tia be a little help .
478844 tn?1208331895 Can anyone tell me if i took tramadol with my methadone will taking the tramadol cause withdrawal from the methadone.The people at the clinic said that it would but they also say other things that I found werent true.I would only be taking it for a few days so getting addicted wouldnt be a problem.
Avatar n tn I know that you can take methadone and vicoden's together and be fine, for that matter you can take methadone and heroin and be fine. Is Tramadol supposded to be like Naloxone?
Avatar f tn I've came of off tramadol and methadone(among others) cold turkey and honestly tramadol is a very mild withdrawel ! Coming of of anything is going to suck but as long as you make sure you eat and drink plenty of fluids tramadol is 2 maybe 3 days of feeling kinda bad where methadone is 2 or 3 weeks of feeling like death!!!!!!
217599 tn?1202854552 i don't know anyuthing about them as norco was my DOC for many years and also methadone, both for the pain i am now treating with this new stuff. would like to know what the stuff is.
1804519 tn?1316083750 Well day 2 of no tramadol and I feel really bad. Last night was so bad with the sweats that I had to put towels on my pillow and bed. I hope today is better.
1462531 tn?1287850353 Methadone, Suboxone, Tramadol. I pray that you and your lady get clean and stay clean without the use of any drug, especially a maintenance drug. If you guys really want to be clean, and I think you do, then stop the drugs. Stop trying to take one drug to get off of another drug because this can, and will, go on for a long time. The pharmaceutical companies are not going to stop making the stuff so it is up to you guys to stop the madness.
Avatar f tn Today is Day 6 methadone free and I feel a bit giddy and lightheaded. It sort of feels like a 'buzz'. Still no aches and/or pains, no n/v, and no lower intestinal 'disruptions' (if ya get my drift!) I'm in a better mood these past few days than I have been in ages. At this stage I'm enjoying my w/d if that's possible! In the past I have detox'd from Vicodin (*80mg doses 4 times a day) and within 8 hours of my last dose I was ready to jump from the Golden Gate Bridge.
Avatar n tn i have several health problems that require pain medication,but got off the opiates 2 years ago and the withdrwal was hell...i now take tramadol and have tried to stop several times lately,but experience opiate like withdrawls..
Avatar f tn I've been dependent on hydrocodone twice, oxycontin once and the last time methadone and that was way herder than any opiate I ever took. I went to a addiction specialist once and we used medicine to help me detox. He put me on buprenorphine with naloxone for a week it is easier to wean off of. If you have been taking medicine as prescribed you will not be considered a addict that is reserved for drug abusers not pain patience.
Avatar f tn I'm tapering but my patience is running thin, I just want it to end now, the only other pill I have is methadone and from what I've read people are using tramadol to get off methadone.
Avatar f tn And the withdrawals from Tramadol reminds me of withdrawaling from Methadone. And Methadone is about one of the very worst things to withdrawal from. Pains from Tramadol withdrawals are more acute than pains from hydrocodone withdrawals and then there are those Lovely Anxiety Attacks Tramadol is famous for. Hydrocodones never gave me a panic attack. Before I had a panic attack I never thought they where all that serious of a thing.
147172 tn?1226761778 when i say it ruined my life, that's the drama queen in me saying it made my methadone withdrawal acute and severe. i was scared of everything and the only way i could keep my body from hurting was to rock myself. it was so tiring and weird. if i ever want to pick up again, i will picture that time.
Avatar m tn There's a long list of narcotics ranging from Tylenol w/codeine to Vicodin, Percocet, oxyodone, morphine, Dilaudid, Fentanyl patches and methadone and more. Those drugs are often used in long and/or short-acting form. I was put on Clonidine years ago, which is an old blood pressure med. There are thoughts it can help nerve pain and also withdrawal. It hasn't helped my nerve pain, I don't think, but I stay on it as my blood pressure can run high and pain makes it go higher.
Avatar n tn twould be best to leave all narcotics alone...u r trying to shake this whole ball of wax so caving to trams is not the answer...have u talked to ur dr about a sedative or sumpin to help? trams do not follow the same pathway as other narcotics/nor sub/but advising u to use them when u r trying to get clean is just not in the vocabulary of most on this forum/as it is another addictive drug with its own set of problems..
Avatar f tn You will probably want to look that part up for yourself. Many people say that tram is as bad as methadone. And methadone is a monstor. Why would you be doing twice as much if it worked the other way? I would suggest you do some solid research for this. I believe avisg has about the best information on the tramadol. Its not an innoccuos drug at all. Although even many Doctors still think it is...........
6726276 tn?1421130268 The Docs love to push tramadol and tell us it isnt addictive!! Yesterday when I was in group the group leader asked me why I dont go on tramadol for pain! I explained to him that it was addictive and has an SSRI in it..... How do these people get their jobs!!!! So glad you caught it before you took it for more than a day!!!! Whew!!!!
Avatar f tn I've had three docs recommend tramadol and they won't listen to a word I say. I wanted and needed to hear these responses from people. Just to be clear, though, do most of you feel that it's the anti-depressant properties of the drug that make withdrawal so tough or is it something else, or both? I DID get my psychiatrist to say "it's a very messy drug"-he doesn't like it and won't prescribe it. So, anyway, my husband can definitely hold the hydrocodone for me and dole it out.
Avatar f tn Without it, I have to resort to Bentyl which has horrible side effects and then I need to take a valium or Klonipin to counteract the side effects. I am normally mobile and energetic on Tramadol and can leave the house, but on Bentyl I am sick in bed. Some relief from Bentyl, but not like Tramadol. When I don't take Tramadol, my only withdrawal is that I get extremely fatigue but that can also be from my IBS and pain.
Avatar n tn Now I can try to break away from this tramadol (ultram) I have a full bottle of vicodin and a bottle of valium ... and a very strong survival instinct. Every morning I just hate having to take these 2 1/2 pills to start my day. Today I cut it to 2 1/8 of a pill .... and I felt the difference by nightfall. Tommorrow I watch the kid while they are packing .... and then it begins.
Avatar n tn Then I went to a phycologist and talked to her about my eating dissorder and then told her about the tramadol and how it helpped me to curb my hunger. She said that she couldnt help me and that I need to contact a rehab center but it was so hard for me to get up enough nerve just to tell her. No one can help me. Im not the typical addict you know. Im well educated Im married with a small child and we are living in upper class america the big house and everything.
399052 tn?1259624683 i read an article and found that those 2 drugs are lethal and will kill you Sad b/c i struggle with the tramadol hell and if i came across the right/WRONG ppl and methadone was around i'm throwing it in my mouth! Well now i know these stupid actions i tend to act on will one day kill me! It kinda opened my eyes, methadone is a nasty drug and this article foused on pharmacy mix-up like mistake in meds& strengths.
3010990 tn?1340515356 Hi could you pls advise me im on 17ml of methadone at the moment and switching to subutex in 3 weeks as it has a blocker in it and i believe it will help me to stop taking heroin now i think i will have some withdrawals during the switch over so a friend has given me some tramadol to help ease with the pain and just want to know if its rite to take these and will they help me at all? Thank you.
Avatar f tn It is not possible for us to tell you that using tramadol is safe for detox purposes. Some people find tramadol addictive and some people experience seizures when taking tramadol or when withdrawing from it. Even though you have been taking methadone, you should still take tramadol seriously. By all means talk to the folks in the SA forum for advice on how to minimise withdrawal symptoms but please also talk with your dr about this.
3010990 tn?1340515356 You question was a little vague, my concern is precipitated withdrawals, because you are switching from methadone. Is the Tramadol to curb withdrawals of methadone while waiting to induce the subs? Are you planning this in a doctors office or at home? Methadone to sub switch has special concierations and I hope you or your doctor are aware of them. Good luck.
410221 tn?1227635437 It's like he traded one drug for the other. He will have to be tappered down from the Methadone and then go through WD. I just don't understand and would like more info from anyone that understands more than me:-) I'm coming to a place in my heart and recovery where I want to help people and be educated on all of this.
Avatar n tn As you all may know,I have a tramadol and percocet problem,Ive done some researching and found many are helped by methadone,I do know my pain mgt. center presribes this to quite a few people.I dont know if I should talk to the pain mgt. center or my regular family doctor about this,although I seriously doubt a Summit Medical doctor would prescribe methadone! Does this drug take away the cravings for tramadol and percocet or just "transfer" the addiction?
Avatar n tn Get off Methadone now. You deserve a life of happiness and freedom. My brother is a methadone addict of at least 10 years. He had a prescription then bought more hits on the street. He is losing his teeth, his skin is a weird color and flushed. His pupils are nonexistent. he's paranoid and very much alone. he has depleted my mother's life savings by stealing and lying. From the sound of things, your withdrawal sounds like his complaints on methadone.