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Avatar f tn I've been snorting 30mg of R a day for a whole year, I've decided I know longer want to do the they have ruined my like and I'm tired of freaking out when I dont have them. Anyways last Thursday I stopped taking the pill and started using 10mg of liquid form of methadone to help me get through the withdrawals did it from Thursday-till Sunday but lowered Sundays to 5mgs then Monday I don't nothing at all hoping I was in the clear and I wouldn't hbe any more withdrawals.
Avatar m tn but its been at least 5 to9 months since ive done any pain killers but some days i still get withdraws but they arent severe just depression, lack of motivation, and heat flashes. I quit taking them for about two weeks and i got more and more depressed. Im not sure whats wrong with me if it psychological or if i may be addicted to the subs or if im still withdrawing from the pain killers. Any advise? Ive been struggling with this by myself for to long and i dont wanna live like this anymore.
Avatar n tn I waited till I was in w/d's from roxy 30's. I was on quite a binge, and from some advice from a methadone user, I took one 10 mg methadone for approx. 3 days. That got me thru the worst of the w/d's. I quit the methadone after three days, had no w/d's and have been drug free for at least a month. If you can force yourself to keep the methadone at a low dose, and only take one 10 mg pill a day for 3-5 days, you'll be amazed at the results.
Avatar m tn He has just taken a break from his girlfriend (she wants him off methadone and has been very supportive) and of course with being on Methadone their sex life is not as it used to be. My husband has suffered from depression since he was 19 and takes his anti-depressants and functions really well. I know my son is depressed and maybe that is why he always wants to get high to get that happy feeling. I hope that Rehab will help but it is only for 16 days.
1064938 tn?1255285919 hello I am also on methadone and have been 2 1/2 yrs now and I to am off everything else been clean 2 yrs but my done. Lot ppl at clinic do a slow taper to get off done and i mean slow and have success....much luck to you.
5890854 tn?1377268232 This detox will have a different time frame than your detox from Methadone. Methadone has a very long half life and the withdrawl symptoms don't even really begin until around the 3rd or 4th day. They are much more drawn out than other opiates with a much shorter half life and can last several weeks and even longer in some cases. The withdrawls for Oxycodone and similar drugs usually start within the first 24 hours after your last dose. They usually peak around days 4-6.
Avatar n tn Hi there, I am new to posting in this site but have often used the posts and advice shared by others. I am posting today to possibly gain encouraging advice on how to be stronger than the oxycodone and roxicodone I have been abusing. I am 22 and my boyfriend is 25. We bought some xanax bars off a guy we work with and he kept saying, " Hey I got this Roxy too...You want it?" I didnt know what it was and was like, no I dont care to pay for something I dont even know about...
Avatar m tn I took my patch off a week ago 75 mcg, I had 35 methadone and 3 trams between then and Fri. Sat was my first real day clean, so I am on day 3. I am feeling week and nauseated....the anxiety seems to be lessening and I am going to slow down on the benzos. I have had six in three days. I am doing the Thomas Recipe and trying to eat even though I have absolutely no appetite. Sweating was a little better last night maybe. I have absolutely no cravings because I hate the stuff so bad.
Avatar n tn didnt do one today and so tired but cant sleep. thinkin bout the methadone clinic for a week. thoughts? i gotta do one r tomorrow just to get sleep. its so frustrating.
Avatar m tn I've been on methadone four years but had been coming off one year and now completely off two days. I have gotten into alot of meditation and lucid dreaming lately. It might sound stupid but it takes your mind off things. If you are interested search reecejones87 on YouTube. He is amazing for that stuff. But drink ALOT of water. To clense your system *prefferably filtered* Even if you have to force it down. Do not nap during the day. I repeat DO NOT because if you do.
1200909 tn?1306818681 Norco is 10/325 hydrocodone roxy or roxy is the same as oxycontin it is just a 15 or 30 mg oxycodone pill the diff in roxy and oxys r the roxy are imidiate release so u get the whole 30 mg of oxycodone all at once while an oxycontin is the same drug oxycodone but if used correctly just swallowed not crushed snorted or injected the oxy has a time release layer so you do not get the full dose of oxy at one time so roxy is imediate release and oxy is time release.
Avatar f tn i use to b one of those ppl i used xanax no wd then vic no wd then drinking non wd methadone and xanax worst withdrawals ever then herion even worse now i take pills here and theere and i get it all the time for some reason i never did nonw i cant get rid of the wd and it ***** a$$
Avatar m tn I did 1 pill early in my recovery and beat myself up over it but I just kept taking my Suboxone and here I am 2 weeks off Sub's and doing GREAT!! I have no desire to do a pill. Keep your head up!!! If ya need to talk I am here and will help the best I can.
Avatar f tn I have three boys and my last one I had almost 3 years ago. I did not know I was pregnant for the first 4 months with my last one and I was a severe roxy and oxcy user.
Avatar m tn I do not have any experience with Methadone, but there are others on this site who do, and I'm sure they will chime in with advice and support soon. I wanted to bump this up so it is not missed. Hang in there, and I wish you all the best. Take care!
Avatar n tn Anyway, hubby has ten 20mg methadone tablets. I'm wondering if I can take one roxy when I wake up and a methadone in the afternoon. Will it work or do the drugs cancel each other out? Last thing I wanna do is waste any meds. I really need to get my poop together. Every month hubby gets frustrated, and now that my father has given me access to his money I've been spending a lot after I run out of oxys. I cannot keep buying 500/month of norco anymore.
Avatar n tn I tried to get some tabs but with no luck. By 2pm I couldn't take it anymore and got 2 roxy 30s. I took a half and felt so ashamed but at the same time relieved cause my withdraws went away. The thing is I know I want to quit. In my head I want to break this chain, but I can't seem to handle the withdraw. If I knew a time table as to when it got better I can make myself wait, but I don't know when it gets better. I feel so helpless. I just want my life back!
Avatar f tn I've never posted here, so I hope this in the right section and all that jazz. I am on a methadone taper. My highest dose was 100mg, and I've painfully and slowly made it down to 6mg. I know it's down to the nitty gritty, but lately I've just been so uncomfortable. I feel restless but tired, like my body is being pulled in two directions and cannot be content. I am extremely depressed, and I am absolutely tired of feeling like this.
Avatar n tn roxy.. This was post started a year ago. these people are not here anymore. Go to the forum and start your own post.
1720012 tn?1310049470 try the clinic tomorrow or not. Here they offer methadone or suboxone, have to go daily, and one is $125 weekly, the other is $100. Either of those choices beat the hundreds I'm spending now. Plz help.
1064938 tn?1255285919 Lisa, it sounds from the amount of oxy you were taking and other factors that methadone was a good choice for you and so is your decision to get off it and not stay on it for years or forever. Many people with with lessor addictions end up on methadone and stay on it. It was intended for hard core addicts who had multiple treatment failures and was intended to be a treatment of last resort.
Avatar n tn Yo Bro, I have been on Methadone for 1 year and I NEED and want to be off of it. They had me at 100Mg a day for awhile and I now have it down to 20Mg a day. Can you help me with how I might go about tapering more and more than to none ??
Avatar f tn Hi there. I just wanted to post and extend my support for you both in your decision to get off of narcotic painkillers. I think ad hoc tapering plans are problematic in the sense that people really should consult a medical proffessional first, and then develelop a plan that will help to promote a successful outcome.
Avatar m tn I am really wanting some ideas to help me through the withdraw even though I've been through this so many times and have been to rehabs and detoxes. Is there anything else besides the hot showers, fluids, rest, warm clothes for the chills, and rest of the normal list of remedies to do for those of us go through it so bad? Im currently weaning myself down with the 30's by cutting down 25% each 8 hrs.
Avatar f tn After a 2 year run that started with vicodins and ended at 12 30mg roxicodones a day (and norcos, percocets in bw), I have been trying to avoid suboxone and have been recently trying to ween myself off of them. At my peak, for about a year, I was taking a ridiculous 12 30mgs a day... I started by going 11.5 for three-four days, 11 for three-four days, and so on... Now I'm at 8 pills and it's getting much mich harder for me to make the jumps than it was in the beginning.
Avatar f tn myself and almost my whole family is addicted to roxy 30mg and if not those something esle ..I started to look around and see what was going on and i want to stop!! i have 2 kids i dont want to live my life like this anymore i have call everywhere no one take medicad and i dont want to take methadome bcuz i see ppl who are addicted to those subtoxe clinc are askin for 500 dollars the first vist ...
782880 tn?1236138825 my friend nos someone who gave birth to a roxy and methadone lil boy what should we expect
Avatar f tn I myself live with my b/f who is not only a roxy addict, but a methadone/xanax addict as well. He snorts and takes these pills in combinations, which I know is dangerous. We have many talks, but that is the problem. It is all talk and no change/actions. I feel I am in the right place to discuss this and have people who understand. He states he can't work unless he has his supply. He also sayd I will never understand what it feels like to go through withdrawls. He is right.
Avatar n tn His problems were worse than mine and he ended up joining the methadone clinic. And his sex drive did drop drastically. We were use to having sex everyday and well it dropped to just a couple times a month. And at first ill admit i thought somthing was wrong. Even perhaps that he was cheating on me. And it caused me to withdraw from him and im ashamed to say it caused my drug use to spiral out of control.