Methadone and probation

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Avatar m tn My husband is on methadone and no it won't show up he is on probation he gets dropped twice a mth..and if your getting it from a Dr they can't violate you.the judge will like that your getting some sort of treatment..
Avatar f tn old thats y i stay he wont let me take him with me.i hav a record and on probation one more year heis clean. tired and cant stand this life help me by telling me how many of these pills shld i take at one time to go to sleep and stay that way!!
Avatar f tn if he uses methadone with pain pills it will definitely make him high, hence droopy eyes and drowsy, google methadone and you can read lots of info. about it. most methadone programs make them provide urine samples. if they give a dirty sample they have to go to the clinic everyday and don't provide take homes.
Avatar f tn He got out last September and was only out for a month and got back on the methadone cos he started using heroin again and knew where that would lead. So he has been on drugs since he was about 18 yrs old, but clean while locked up, once for a year, and twice for 9 months.
Avatar n tn Hey girl I've been on methadone for 5 years. It slows down your metabolism and your digestive track. Also, most people who take methadone have cravings for sugary foods and/or chocolates. The first year I gained maybe 10 pounds and also had a baby while on it. The next year 10 or 15. Basiclly I was pregnant 5'7" and 137lbs in 2005. Now I am around 170. Most of it is in my gut. All the time people are asking if I am pregnant. Another side effect is no sex drive.
Avatar f tn I have never herd of them doing it like this but I also know in the physician desk reference guide it says not to induse sub untill a person drops down below 30 mg of methadone and if they induse and there is methadone left in his system it will send him into persipatated withdrawals or the 7 level of hell thats why the doctor wants to wait 14 days bettter to error on the side of safety im just really surprised the doctor cares how he feels till then this is a compassionate doctor or a "&qu
Avatar n tn I am on 100 mg of liquid methadone a day, & I smoke LOTS of thc. Was just placed on Probation & need to be clean by THIS Thurs am (NOT THE METHADONE!! I ONLY WANT THE THC OUT.) Is this possible? Or how does that work? Not tryin to be sick here. & not having methadone in my pee will probably raise lots of flags.. ya know. PLZ HELP!!
274397 tn?1190342565 I originally stopped using 150mg or more methadone per day, and made it 9 days w/out taking any...then caved when someone called me with some (when I saw their name and realized what day it was, I knew and it hit me like freight train, didn't call until the next day, but bottom line is I caved)...then I went another 5 days and took 2 10mg twice in a row (2 days in a row).
Avatar n tn I've been pn methadone for 5 years. I am now detoxing and started at 80mg and after a few months and am on 25mg and am now wanting to use again and am taking Xanax to help but tis not from a doctor and am now going to a doctor about the depression and anxiety and there giving me lexapro and clonidine. The clonidine makes me to out of it and don't like taking it,and the lexapro makes you gain to much weight, and am looking for someone that could offer some help.
1637908 tn?1333998624 First my uncle passed then we had all of the tornados (and they are saying we have a possibility of a few tonight or some time tomorrow), my step mom was told she has brain cancer and that there is no cure for her, and on top of all that I had to go help my dad move my sister (which is on felony probation and a crack head and using benzos). I think the hardest thing for me lately hasnt been the tornados or even the death/dying. It has been having to be around my sister.
267206 tn?1189759435 I watched over a friend of mine c/ting from methadone; it was horrific. I ended up calling 911 after he had diarrhea and vomited incessantly for several days on zero sleep. He was severely dehydrated despite his attempts to replenish electrolytes and H2O. The ER doc said he was about 6 hours away from kidney shutdown when admitted for observation.
Avatar n tn i tapered and totally quit methadone and xanax and norco in 14 days. the wd symptoms lasted another 2 weeks or so but to a lesser degree. you can do it. get a dr. to help you or tru the suboxone way where you taper off of it in a couple of weeks or so. there is another lady in here who knows a lot about the suboxone way. her name is Ffladdict. if you can't find her in here, go to the other addiction forum. she will be in one of the two.
Avatar n tn I believe this is the start of something big and will lead to the greater availability of methadone and LAAM for those of us suffering from this life-destroying disease. Dan, I'm not trying to upstage you on this, but you mentioned your work load and that you haven't had time to fully evaluate the ruling, so I thought I'd save you the trouble. Let me know what you think, brother. Is this IT???? I was in such a spiritual hole and this news uplifts me and raises my spirits.
1078103 tn?1256783001 and i had tried safer anxiety and sleep meds/i guess i would use them in small amounts after u totally stop the methadone...if u have to...even ambien and lunesta are safer..some use muscle relaxers and drugs like neurontin or lyrica during this time/also phenergan..25-50 mgs will knock most out...1/4 of a 25 mg pill helps anxiety during the day and it is not habit forming Looking ahead is hard..
Avatar n tn My boyfriend went to the methadone clinic for a year and a half (taking 70 mg/day) after a three year heroin addiction. Since his "detox" last fall from the clinic, he was buying methadone pills on the street (20 mg every two days) and finally last week heard about Catapres. He took Catapres and phens (?) for four days straight. Now he is supposedly "done" taking anything and feels like ****. He is looking into buprenorphine. I think he should just go without anything.
Avatar n tn Why switch from something that has worked for you for so long (17 years)? From what I read here and from personal experience, Oxycontin can cause a lot of problems....overuse, addiction, etc......problems that for many have been RESOLVED by switching to methadone. If you are already on a "program", perhaps you are familiar with these problems firsthand? Oxycontin could easily awaken the 'dragon' - that would be my fear!
Avatar n tn And I've heard a lot of mad things about methadone, and good things about suboxone. I have goverment insurance and I'm really having a hard time tryin to find a doctor that will take my insurance it's really expensive.
20391860 tn?1497234141 Last Wednesday was my court date and my attorneys worked out a no felony deal that knocked the drug charge down to a misdemeanor and more importantly the gun charge down to a misdemeanor (I live in a state that allows registered guns in your car) I also got 12 months of drug tested probation and it's because of this that I decided to jump off and go clean from 10mg of methadone a day. I've been doing opiates for 17 years and I've went the same route that a lot of you guys have.
Avatar f tn I just cant shake the feeling od wanting to get high, its killing me and im obsessing over it. I've been debating getting on methadone for a few weeks now and done a lot of research and praying and talking with different people and im still not convinced that this is whats best for me.Is methadone a poor choice?
Avatar m tn As to my length in relapse, it has been 15 years of methadone with heroin and crack, heroin alone and methadone and crack. Let's just say I was out there too long. I think people on Blue tooth phones are talking to me and people on Ipods seem almost as isolated I was on dope. I am kinder person to my dog, people, and watch my anger very closely. Like I told gnarly, the fatigue hit after I went from 22mgs to 19 and some days are Ok and some aren't.
Avatar n tn For him to speak about it and say that he can't imagine being depressed and on methadone is unwarranted and uneducated. I am now on methadone and never uttered a word (except questions) about methadone before I was on it myself. I don't think it's fair or accurate for anyone, including myself, to make blanket statements about drugs that we've never tried. I think this is a case of people valliantly trying to help, even though they know little or nothing of the circumstances.
1318047 tn?1274215558 The methadone clinic i was in for 4 yrs kicked me out after i got out of jail and came back for 2 months, Because i was givin a prescription for methadone (5 whole pills, woope) and i filled it, and they found out (I don't know how), So I had to sit and talk with the clinic manager and a guy from the DEA one day, the DEA guy gave me a 3 month probation period, meaning if i did it again i'd be up **** creek and NO methadone clinic in the world would take me.
Avatar n tn I am a methadone patient and the only thing I have to do is pay and go and get my dose every day. I am not required to do anything else. It is a private clinic and I will go less and less over time due to takehomes. I am a chronic pain patient and this is what I had to do in order to take pain medication. I am sure if it was a state clinic, it would be different. But, I am a different situation as well. Methadone is very strictly monitored.
Avatar m tn My public defender (lawyer) finally let me talk for once,my plea bargin went from 71/2 years to 21/2 and now 4 months in prison and 5years probation,thats good.He said,well you take the plea if i can get the judge to order the jail & prison to give you the methadone.I have a real hard time believing him & trusting him.We put a motion to dismiss on the grounds that my Sixth amendment right has been dened to me,its a fundamental constitutional right.The right to a speedy trial.
20391860 tn?1497234141 Last Wednesday was my court date and my attorneys worked out a no felony deal that knocked the drug charge down to a misdemeanor and more importantly the gun charge down to a misdemeanor (I live in a state that allows registered guns in your car) I also got 12 months of drug tested probation and it's because of this that I decided to jump off and go clean from 10mg of methadone a day. I've been doing opiates for 17 years and I've went the same route that a lot of you guys have.
4615234 tn?1357190957 Can my unisom and melatonin together come up as methadone? He asked if I would like to send it to see what when where and how and of course I said hell yes... Someone plz tell me what tall think?
Avatar f tn I was told I was one of the highest dosed patients in there 7 office practice. Anyway, I started detoxing at home in late October and stopped methadone for 2 weeks and only did the blues ( Roxys ) 12 a day of so ( that was hell ) than I made a serious jump down to like 40 or 50 mg off methadone ( that was stomach cramp hell for like 4 weeks ) I knew the last 3 to 5 years of going to the pain clinic I wanted to get off...
782880 tn?1236138825 I actually went and seen the doc. today that prescribes my xanex and he agrees that methadone clinics are just out to get your money and they would rather keep you on as long as possible but he is glad when i found out i started that day slowing my xanex down, and thaught that was good.
Avatar n tn I am addicted to oxycontin and hydrocodone (norco, lortab, vicodin). I will also use methadone and percocet if I can't find anything else. I have had many rock bottoms (I was arrested at Walgreens pharmacy 2 months ago and am currently facing felony charges) that have finally collectively inspired me to quit. I want my life back SO BAD. I hate this prison I live in where real true joy does not exist.
Avatar n tn At your age I was just smoking weed and decided to try other drugs (we won't get into detail) but one thing led to another and have been on Methadone for the last 31 years. PLEASE PROMISE ME YOU WON'T DO ANY OTHER DRUGS. Smoke away.