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9704730 tn?1405744884 I ended up getting a good buddy on here that was taking LOTS of trams in one day. Both Trams and Methadone are very synthetic and they do not like to let go. They take a lot longer then the other meds to get out of your system and for your Brain to balance back. Trams also have a AD med in it that makes you really whacked out after you stop. I woulds try to get some Clonidine..It is a light BP med that they use these days. I could only take it at night and only for about a few months.
Avatar f tn I just wanted to say to be careful I'm 9days off a 2yr methadone stint and I was thinking about anything and everything to help the wd's.. I went to the emergency room not for wds but while I was there I asked about suboxone and the e.r doc.. looked at me n ssaid I can't run away from wds no matter what I do methadone. .suboxone..xanax..I'm gonna feel it no matter what..
Avatar m tn What, or how will I feel coming off methadone and go on subbtex can I just got on them soon as poss or will I have to do a detoxs first? Will they offer me any other medicine to do this??
Avatar n tn I am now on a Neurontin treatment which is kinda like methadone/suboxone plan and it is working pretty good so far and the cravings are going away. I do recomend this treatment because it is non narcotic.
Avatar m tn I have a bottle of neurontin and trying to get off tramodal. If I was to try the neurontin to ease the withdrawls from the tram, how many should I take? The doc gave me neurontin for nerve pain in my hand but I don't think it works. I want off the tramadol and I know I'm gonna feel withdrawls but if I can curb some of the pain that would be great. But still I'm repeating the cycle. Replacing one drug with another. I want to go ct, but I'm so scared.
Avatar n tn I feel like hell. I'm shaky, clammy,depressed and cranky. By the way, I too was given Neurontin and like Joe, I didn't notice any difference. My doctor gave it to me for nerve pain and he pointed out that it was "non addicting." I took one that night and never noticed anything. The pain was still there. I read about it on the internet and read that it was for i stopped taking it.
Avatar n tn The MS-Contin is a continual sustained action (works over so many hours), Methadone is similar, but the MSIR is immediate release for those times when pain is so terrific that you need help right now! I take neurontin, ms-contin and the msir for my paralysis and tumor pain. Your mother takes a mere 800 mgs per day. Any more, due to her side effects, would be the ultimate no no. This is why I mentioned the other meds. It could be that 800 mgs is too strong for your mothers system.
Avatar f tn I don't know your dose but I would say wean slowly down to say 25 is if you can so it will be as good for baby as possible. Someone on here said they used Neurontin to wean and get thru w/ds when pregnant and it was great for her and the baby too. No bad withdrawals for either. So I know it is dangerous to go cold turkey. My advice talk to your Doctor or OB about this. Ask about neurontin maybe. What is best. And then they will make sure your baby is taken care of correctly when born.
Avatar f tn I saw a psychiatrist yesterday as a last resort before I relapsed on xanax or killed myself, and he gave me Neurontin and Ambien. I simply cannot believe how well this stuff helps. I was convinced that nothing except benzo's would work on my anxiety and severe wd's, but this REALLY helps. I'm totally relaxed, slept like a rock last night, ate dinner and breakfast, don' t hurt, and can think straight. Just want to tell this to anyone who is going through a similar situation.
Avatar n tn I was also taking lortab and was prescribed neurontin for nerve pain. It didn't help with the pain though. I read about it and it is used in some detox centers. I took it and it made my withdrawals 90% easier. I still had a bit of anxiety and the body chills. I was able to sleep and didn't have the restless legs. So in my opinion I would say give it a try. There have been a few others on here that tried it and also said it helped. I was amazed on how well it worked for me.
Avatar m tn How long did you have to stay on the neurontin to get through all the withdrawals and did you find your pain gone when you came off it? I have many issues with neurontin and can't be going anyplace if I take it, so it is not a good drug for a replacement for me pain medications. I had been on it for about 6 weeks (it did work for withdrawals) but when I stopped the pain was there in full force.
Avatar f tn she died last month off 15mg of oxy,20mg of methadone and 2 neurontin...and no careful I thought so to...and as for me what I said she took everyday for five years doesn't even come close to what I have taken everyday during the same time period...
Avatar n tn I have been on methadone for 90 days, I take 100 mg every other day. How long and how server will my withdrawals be, if I go cold turkey and stop.
Avatar f tn I applaud your resolve to get clean, but want to caution you that methadone is a long acting narcotic and your withdrawal symptoms will stick around for quite a while. You will feel rotten for as long as four to six weeks. You may want to switch to something shorter acting, talk to your doctor about it, and taper off of that. There is really no easy way of detoxing from home. I have dealt with hundreds of addicts who have all told me horror stories of doing it by themselves.
Avatar f tn Just in case you are curious, it takes us three to four days to detox a patient from methadone or any other opiate and get him/her back home drug free and feeling well on Naltrexone therapy (no opiates). You will probably need an antidepressant such as a Prozac for after detox to prevent post acute withdrawal depression, which you are most likely prone to.
Avatar f tn Hey I was wondering if anyone knew if while I was trying to withdrawal from methadone. I started to use my DOC again and I am going to try a withdrawal using small amounts of suboxone for 3-4 days and then nothing. A friend is locking me in his house (he is a nurse) and going to try and help me.
Avatar f tn oxycontin is not a good taper drug cos u can not break it in half etc due to the time release nature of the drug and if u break the pill, the whole amt hits u at once if u plan to be narcotic free, things like stretching, massage, heat , ice,/on the med side, steroid injections, anti-inflammatories, muscle relaxers and nerve blockers like neurontin or lyrica can help also..if u r not an addict and need help with pain relief..there is a great pain forum here on medhelp..
Avatar n tn Im also on a taper to get off methadone, and I must say that I have spoke to numerous people who have detoxed off methadone and I can tell ya that most say that the slower you go the better chance for success, if you come off it to fast you will suffer, but if you listen to your body and take it slow you can acheive your goal, but you are at day 4 so Im thinking that you are past the worst, also everyone is different, while one person can detox off methadone with ease their are others who clai
Avatar f tn I tried twice to drop the Oxy's and the Methadone cold turkey. It lasted about 2 weeks and ended with me in full blown seizures and nearly dying twice. Anyone considering using Methadone to come off Oxy's, Roxy's, Lori's, Perc's, Vike's, Tab's or Hydrocodone.....Trust me, I've had em all...Been prescribed em all and I would never again do what I did thinkin it would be easier or better for me.
Avatar n tn If there is anyone out there that is no longer on methadone? how long did it take to get off and how slow did they decrease? and after you got off completely did you feel completly back to normal? My freind did it and is always depressed. Kinda scares me. Thats why Id like to hear from someone who got off methadone completely and what your experience was to feel completly normal again. Also can withdrawing from methadone too quickly cause damage to nervs.
1720012 tn?1310049470 try the clinic tomorrow or not. Here they offer methadone or suboxone, have to go daily, and one is $125 weekly, the other is $100. Either of those choices beat the hundreds I'm spending now. Plz help.
Avatar f tn I am supposed to start taking two 100 mg capsules of Gabapentin at bedtime for the continuing head to toe pain since tx three years ago, and am wondering what to expect. If anyone has tried it for pain I'd like to hear about it.
Avatar n tn (she is struggling with addiction- cocain and meth.) so, my life is very busy and I know I am not a good example and I too am on "drugs". What type of withdrawing will I go through(symtoms) and how long will this take - can I accomplish this inbetween a semester? Is Neurontin addictive- should this be as great of a concern? I don't feel as though I received all the facts from my doctor. Please help I am desperate and scared. Thank you.
Avatar m tn 5 years now, and my 4 years of methadone maintenance is almost over too. It's taken me a bit over two years to taper my methadone dosage from 150mg down to 3mg. Tomorrow, I make the drop down to 2mg. I feel a little nervous, but I'm committed to doing this. No serious withdrawal symptoms to report (well, at least nothing on the level of a heavy benzo withdrawal or cold turkey heroin/oxy withdrawal). I am having a lot of trouble sleeping, of course, and my energy level is very low.
Avatar f tn The Neurontin just makes me feel normal, I really am not craving a Percocet and that in itself is amazing. And since Neurontin is a nerve medicine, I thought I would be too sleepy but I don't feel anything at all on it, just normal. I know how horrible withdrawal is, I just couldn't face it without something to help and I just had to share this info with everyone out there suffering. Please let me know if it does help you.
Avatar f tn I was given neurontin and clonidine to finish detoxing after a rapid detox. Rapid detox was horrid and not the way to go, in my opinion. Anyway, you need to get a doctor on board for this, so you get the correct dosage and the correct way to take it. I had a heck of a time with the neurontin. That being said, it did help with the withdrawals, but I would not just take it with out a prescription because it can cause problems. Also, it doesn't work for everyone.
5508943 tn?1369021401 Hi Flossie and welcome....I have taken Neurontin for several years on and off. It is an anti-seizure med often prescribed for epileptic patients and is used for nerve pain as well. I've actually taken it for both reasons; after a seizure several years I took if for about 16 months. Then a couple years ago my doctor (surgeon) prescribed it for nerve pain for about 6 months before and after neck fusion surgery.
Avatar f tn See if your doctor can write you a prescription for some Requip for restlessness, Neurontin for anxiety and malaise, some Flexeril or Soma for a few weeks for muscle spasms and maybe some Seroquel low dose, for sleep. It will make your withdrawals easier. Valerian and Magnesium is sometimes helpful remedies over the counter. The residual symptoms of insomnia and depression can last another few months.