Methadone and constipation

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Avatar f tn hun. methadone, hydros, percs- they are all opiates. all very addictive and terrible for your stomach. i can only speak for myself but all opiates did that to my stomach... it was hell so i feel/ have felt your pain. get senna. i dont know if thats the right spelling but its a gentle stool softner. that and gatorade or water will really help. other than that message me if you have any other questions.
Avatar f tn Is really wrong for her she said she felt like she wAs dying n told me not to worry bout a little stomach pain with the laxative I'm passing the stool.
Avatar f tn Avoid a lot of cheese, bananas and other foods that cause you constipation. If this doesn't help then you will need to talk to a doctor. Yes, your body does adjust to taking to it and it will also remind you if your not doing enough of the above.
Avatar m tn I came off methadone about 3 years ago, and switched to suboxone in favor of the more manageable withdrawals, and less severe side effects from the methadone (IE weight gain and constipation) Before I could convert to sub, I had to be at 30mgs of the methadone. In the early stages, I decreased by 50mgs a week taking another week to stabilize every 100mgs. This worked great until about the 200mg mark. We titrated from there.
597547 tn?1251040364 As far as sweating and constipation - i've got that on sub. Although, a friend on sub (from methadone) said his constipation is way less on sub. I've had bouts with it, but have gotten in a healthy routine. bmdad very well said, and i appreciate your post. as far as AD's. Im not really sure. Although I am paranoid about mixing meds as it is - because of a few close calls. As far as Doctors helping - I am sure that is true.
4597556 tn?1383308643 Hopefully in a few months you will be methadone free! Think about that and work on having a good plan in place to deal with all the mental issues this addiction brings. Be patient and kind to yourself.
135222 tn?1210436088 I know this is a gross subject but I want to see if other methadone users suffer the same ailments as myself? As methadone users I know we all experience the dreaded constipation but I have been dealing with other issues that I am not sure that others deal with. I will go from severe constipation that lasts for weeks to the exact opposite. When I am in opposite mode the stool color will be quite pale. Sorry. I also have at times an almost stalled digestive system.
Avatar f tn she said it helped with that hot and cold feeling, sweating, constipation, it increases energy, and curbs sugar cravings,(something methadone patients are all too familiar with!). So my question is for anyone that has successfully detoxed or anyone who is currently detoxing. Id like to know if anyone has heard of or taken Vitadone. If so, id like to know your opinion about it, as well as any info you have on it or stories you might have heard of other people using it.
4407520 tn?1363015465 Any opiate has the potential to slow down the motility of the GI tract, and cause things like constipation, and other problems. My advice would also be to have a doctor check you out. Abdminal pain is never something to blow off, you should always have a doctor assess you, to make sure nothing major is going on. Completely unrelated (to methadone, etc) ...but I had very bad abdominal pain and constipation that would come and go for months...
Avatar m tn Why does methadone cause such weight gain, and how can you combat this. I exercise daily, I eat very little and yet I cannot lose weight. Some days when I work out I get cold sweats and it feels like my dose is wearing out, then I take a break and calm down and everything is fine. Last time I was on methadone I put on 45 lbs and was completely inactive, I want to avoid those issues this time. Vitamins? Food diet? Does anything prevent the constipation and weight gain?
Avatar m tn It had been an hour and the Dr told me I had one last time to try or they were going to take me off the methadone. I tried and did not produce. I came out of the bathroom and requested the Dr do a catherization and they said they couldn't do it. It took me back in the office and told me a threw up a red flag and that they have patients who are selling their drugs and taking a methadone when asked to take a test and then drink water till it is in your system before giving a sample.
Avatar m tn I'm here to testify that each habit gets harder and harder to kick. I'm 4 and half mos. clean off 20 yrs off Methadone and I'm still not sleeping. It's has ripped my health apart. So, what do you think you can do to protect all your hard-earned gains? What I'm suggesting is a support 'framework' to stop you relapsing.
Avatar m tn Not only am i not on methadone now, i refused to take diabetes , blood pressure and cholesterol medication, and dealt with it by using proper diet and nutrition. I've reversed my "disease". So, now i'm not on methadone, and I'm not on diabetes, blood pressure or cholesterol meds. Had i listened to my doctors for an "easier softer way" i would be tied to their prescription pads instead of living my life free and sober and happy and clean, with no side effects.
472139 tn?1211336163 I have no experience with methadone but someone will post soon....i have read where people taper from methadone and ct and also people taper from meth then go to sub...then taper...if done can minimize WDS according to much that I have read...good luck...
Avatar f tn When I do lay down, I toss and turn and sweat and cold... I HATE it. I am determined to go off the methadone. can anyone tell me how long the w/d symptoms will potentially last? I know that a relaspse back to heroin is not an option ( I know that I will not go back that route) 2 nights ago, I took a tylenol PM and it didn't help. Last night, I actually slept for 6hrs but I think it was because I hadn't slept well in a few days. Can anyone PLEASE PLEASE recommend anything? Anything inexpensive??
Avatar n tn I would think long and hard about going on methadone. It has the worst withdrawal syndrome of any opiate and many methadone patients try unsuccesfully to get off methadone because of the severe withdrawal. If you start, you might be committing yourself to a life of methadone addiction.
Avatar f tn The NAMA methadone site is very pro methadone and I was banned for telling what methadone did to me. I think sub can be even trickier and this doc you have doesn't inspire confidence and I would let him mess you up and have you pay. I hate to tell you but smoking a j may seem like it helps but if you smoke it it you have a greater chance of going back on Narcotics. People don't like to hear this but one couple that used to post here got off the done and got very defensive when I mentioned this.
Avatar n tn Yo Bro, I have been on Methadone for 1 year and I NEED and want to be off of it. They had me at 100Mg a day for awhile and I now have it down to 20Mg a day. Can you help me with how I might go about tapering more and more than to none ??
Avatar n tn Virginia Pact, MD has sold her practice and she really knows very little about how to withdraw someone from methadone anyway. I use to be on 15 mg daily and I took myself down very slowly from that dose to about 7 1/2 daily about a year ago. I was afraid to go all the way down in case my pain became severe again. I got the withdrawal information from the local methadone clinic at that time. (My doctor thought I should just stop taking the dose...very bad idea.
445698 tn?1208622107 Lord yes. :) Constipation and methadone go hand in hand (just like diarrhea and withdrawing). Take a stool fiber! At least, it won't help. I hate to get specificially yucky, but pick up one of those "fleet enema" kits. If very bad, you can have issues with tearing and hemorrhoids. As to urinating and blurry vision...I'd say your dose is too high. Any opiate can cause the body to be to relaxed so you can't contract the muscles to urinate.
Avatar f tn I am on Methadone and as all who has been on it know it causes constipation. Well I have extremely hard stools and it is painful to go to the bathroom. Is there anything I can take that will help me to have softer stools? Any foods,stool softners, etc that would help. ha ha this is no joke. I could build houses with my stools that is how hard they are. I dread that feeling to go because I know I will be in pain trying to get it for this ****** subject but I need help!
Avatar m tn I also am on methadone, and take diphenhydramine for sleeping. I have had severe constipation to the point of going weeks to months without a bowel movement. That has become a problem of the past though since I found the best thing ever, Fleet saline enemas. They are only 2 dollars at Wal-Mart for a 2 pack, and they work wonders. I use 1 every single day even if I do not feel like I need to go, and it always makes me go.
648944 tn?1241473294 The bottom line is that I would be grateful for input about the positives AND negatives of methadone. At the same time, my ignorance of medical marijuana is huge, and I would like to learn anything I can about it, both experiences and referrals to published material. My impression is that it is prescribed mainly for cancer pain--cancer is not part of my picture--and I've been wondering if it is prescribed for other kinds of pain... Everybody, many thanks in advance for your input...
668738 tn?1234121478 When i was on heroin before and i did quit for 9months. I was taking Methadone, Morphine,Valium and every other drug i could find off the street and just sat home for a month and it worked. Then i quit when the pills. I didn't use again for nine months. Circumstances and people i was still hanging around made it difficult to stay clean. I have moved location 3 years ago, not associating with anybody in the drug scene and I have a better attitude. I need this addiction to be gone.
Avatar f tn i have hip and spine fractures, ruptured disc in neck and back, nerve damage in my neck, low back, and both arms, severe arthritis, and bone disease. methadone has been a life saver! my son has over 20 bone tumors and is also on methadone. we both take hydrocodone for break through, but raely need it. i have tried oxy's and if i did not have one the next day i was in terrible pain-- so bad i could not function.
Avatar m tn The methadone has been causing me such anxiety lately and some of the other side affects such as constipation are getting to a point that I no longer feel "right" taking this medicine. Any help that can be provided in reference to tapering off I would greatly appreciate it.
168732 tn?1311715679 I myself am on 10mg methadone 2xday. and dilauid for breakthrough(4mg). I take the methadone in the morning and at bed time. I take the others at lunch and dinner.( I am bad abot not taking my dilauid though I trying to get better. I had my doctor take me off the methadone after a year, because I thought I would be okay without it. I was taken off slowly. Now my pain is horrable, I am in the hospital now even. He put me back on it.