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645800 tn?1466864555 It is relatively easy at the VA to switch to a different primary care physician without prejudice. It requires a written request. That being said at the VA a patient with diabetes has two physicians, plus a nurse (usually a nurse-practicioner) specializing in diabetes control. Then they assign a dietician. When the primary care physician prescribes Metformin, before issuing the prescription the patient is assigned to a pharmacist, who explains that nausea is one of the side effects.
1434731 tn?1382725984 I have to work really hard to lose weight anyway but it does help with the metformin. I still work out and eat right but I would do that without metformin and loose no weight. When I am on metformin I have lost some weight. Its not going to just fall off though.
475740 tn?1208266465 I was wondering if there's an alternative to Metformin/Glucophage without the nausea side effects. If there's not how long does it take until you get used to the side effects?
Avatar n tn Metformin (Glucophage) must be taken with food otherwise it may cause nausea or vomiting, gas, ingestion, and abdominal discomfort leading to loss of appetite and, of course, excessive weight loss. Your mother might want to switch to the long-acting form of Metformin, called Metformin ER, which has fewer side effects in patients. Please discuss this with her doctor.
Avatar f tn So I've been on metformin since July I'm 22, 96kg or 15 stone and I have polycystic ovaries I need help to lose weight effectively I started running on a treadmill 2 miles in half an hour which was running walking and jogging but I was disheartened as I wasn't losing anything. Can any one give me advice or any help please!
1959497 tn?1325178364 But now, when I take my metformin (with or without food), I get a yellow, frothy stool. And I am noticing that I am not always digesting my metformin. I find it at times with my bowel movements. Is this anything to be alarmed about or just something I may see more often since my surgery?
Avatar f tn A look at your labs will help members assess your situation and allow us to comment more fully. Have you been diagnosed with diabetes or PCOS? Or is the metformin strictly for weight loss? As for food, stick with the complex carbs, such as that found in veggies and whole grains, lean protein, low/no fat dairy, nuts and seeds, etc. Make sure to keep portion sizes in check.
Avatar m tn After a year with no success I started seeing a Gyn and he diagnosed me with PCOS without any kind of test. He immediately put me on Metformin and Clomid. I was to take the Metformin 3 times a day (1 pill each time). It is best if you take it with food as it will upset your gastro system. I took 3 pills a day of Clomid starting Day 2 of my cycle for 5 days. I took Metformin for 1 year and took 7 rounds of Clomid before we finally got pregnant.
Avatar n tn I hate to not take it and have a miscarriage or not be able to get prego because I couldn't stand teh metformin. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!
413852 tn?1317312312 I've tried everything...taking with bed time, breaking up the no avail. I wake up nauseated...I mean it is absolutely awful! So, I also asked for meds to help with the nausea, just in case none of the brands work. ;o) I haven't taken it for a couple days & I still heave just thinking about it. YUCK. ;o) Did you lose weight from it before? I've heard that some women do. Do you think it helped in conceiving dd? How long were you on it before conceiving her?
Avatar m tn I started the HCG platinum drops on Feb 6th 2011 weighing 270 lbs with sugar levels at upper 100s up to 250 through out the day. By February 9th I stopped taking my 1500mg of metformin and 2g of glimepride no need as the blood sugar went normal around the 7th. Its now the 19th and sugar is normal in upper 90s when i go to bed and wake up 103, 105, 98, its wonderful, i now weight 251. I am following the protocol to the T, no swaying, i needed to lose the weight.
3224201 tn?1380381395 She explained to me that a low glycemic index (GI) diet is recommended for PCOS patients. I started with baby steps and within about 2 or 3 months I noticed a drastic change in my weight. I never tried to cut back on calories and never felt hungry. I always used to be hungry, especially for the high glycemic index foods like fat free potato chips, jelly beans, etc. Within one year, I weigh less than I ever did as an adult.
Avatar n tn You know where that Learn to take your Metformin with food and I think you will see some weight loss.I experienced some stomach distress at first, but decided to stick it out.After a few days, my problems went away.Good luck!
Avatar n tn If he/she Rx'd 1000mg in AM and 1000 mg in PM that is the dose to follow as he/she has knowledge of your medical history/records, not us or anyone on the Internet. Splitting and/or adjusting dosage without first discussing with your doctor is ill advised.
1300526 tn?1275775221 Metformin is usually instructed to be taken with food or milk due to the GI side effects of diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, abdominal bloating....and yes, taste perversion. Your Dr. may have first ordered the medication in 4 seperate doses due to the above, however, I have not seen that done before, but doesn't mean it is wrong.
Avatar m tn You have received excellent advice from Zoelula and Waverider. The question you probably have is whether there can be any harm, other than the glucose levels, from discontinuing Metformin. for a period of time. This is a legitimate question, because some medications must be "tapered down" or cause dangerous problems when summarily discontinued. Metformin is not in this category. You can go on and off it, depending on the blood sugar situation.
Avatar f tn )). Worst case, stop for a few days before the vacation and start again once you get home. Do check this advice with your Dr. Enjoy your vacation.
Avatar f tn Hi, I have PCOS as well and are using the exact same medication as you (metformin and clomid). Started with 50mg Clomid - no luck and not good follicle growth and ovulation. This month I am on 100mg Clomid and I went for a scan yesterday - there were two growing follicles in my left ovary - one 12mm and the other 16mm - so there is a bit more progress and my blood tests showed that the estrogen levels are higher than the previous month on 50mg Clomid.
Avatar m tn High blood sugar doesn't always mean you will be urinating constantly or thirsty commonly people with high glucose levels have neither. A lot of diabetics will actually tell you they feel fine or even good or normal when their sugars are super high. The fact is that most times the glucose levels are tricking the brain respitors. . .(ie: being on a sugar high) Most diabetics only feel good when glucose is high because when they are coming down they are in fact going through sugar withdrawals.
393893 tn?1283554830 Other people have mentioned taking it after you eat, not with your food, or before. But, with pcos, the metformin could help everything to stabilize enough so that you could ovulate on your own.
330481 tn?1309491843 The first 2 weeks were awful. Are you taking it with food? Because if I took it on an empty stomach, I get nauseous and then I CANT EAT! And I was drinking lots of water. I am now up to 4 pills a day (2 in the AM and 2 in the PM). When I told my doc about my nausea, he cut me back down to 1 pill a day. I think it takes a while for the body to get used to it... The way I take mine is AFTER each meal. And they're spread out during the day...
Avatar n tn Had unprotected sex (pull out an pray!) a few times and others with spermicide condoms. No discharge or smell or anything odd, only that i feel terrible and i have painful cramping and nausea. No fever. Been going on for about a week or so, last night it got so bad I couldnt sleep hardly and I havent eaten in 24 hours. I guess we will find out soon what the heck is going on.
233616 tn?1312790796 If you have some clinical experience with metformin patients and not just one anecdotal case or experience, than I would appreciate you sharing that. Other than the study mike mentioned, which is for long term use a concern, and the slight increase in leg cramps and skin changes I'm not aware of too many complications with metformin. Of course I only had a few of my PT patients on it, they eventually ended up on insulin anyway.
Avatar f tn I was having difficulty eating as a wide group of foods started bothering me in a variety of ways- from stomach pain to fatigue to worsened rosacea or asthma. I suspected celiac or other food intolerances but my IGA test actually came back mildly deficient. I saw a gastro that told me to do a gluten challenge so she could do an endoscopy, which I did for 8 weeks. It was the worst 2 months of my life.
Avatar n tn of metformin.Still no ovulation.Should i bother about this or will there be any improvement with my metformin in future?will i ever ovulate.please reply becoz iam very frustrated.
Avatar f tn b put me on metformin and told me this will not only help my cycles function well but also help me to keep a watch on my weight cos what happens when we have pcos is our body doesnt break the insulin that we get from food and so it turns into fat and metformin help this function...
118884 tn?1270478379 Yes I am on 1500mg metformin and I have taken 5 rounds of clomid without ovulating. I have 86 cysts so i'm having ovarian drilling next thursday to clear out my ovaries. Then i'm going to take a drug called femara which is suppose to work better than clomid.
Avatar n tn Certain brands of canned tomatoes are OK while others, again, jack me up. At first, it's lots of testing until you understand what each food does with your glucose levels. Once you have good grasp of every food you put into your mouth, the testing will drop down to almost nothing.
Avatar f tn Symptoms, hunger pang, and (more importantly) weight loss was similar (with or without HCG). So, sad news to all of us who spent all that money on HCG, we could of starved ourselves for free. However, in our (my) defense, I don't think I would have been able to loose the initial 20 lbs without the VLCD/HCG program. So, I guess I really did need that "placebo" to get started. In January 20010, I started at 201 lbs.
1003515 tn?1250197483 I don't have PCOS (beyond those years), but I've read that a lot of doctors prescribe metformin to help with it. Metformin is a diabetes drug, but a lot of people find it helpful for the PCOS, as well as easier to lose weight when taking it. Have you been prescribed it? Might be worth discussing with your doctor. I'd recommend that you do a "google" search for PCOS, then look at treatments....