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Avatar f tn I have had the same side effect, shortness of breath with Metformin Extended Release. Metformin gives me a bit of a rush and causes shortness of breath. Definitely see your Doctor for that. I had to switch to Glumetza, which did not give me the problem most of the time (only mildly and rarely) but is a little less effective on my blood sugar... I feel much better on the Glumetza!
Avatar n tn eating when taking met can help. There is met XL which is a slow release met that some tolerate better.
Avatar f tn How many mg does your doctor have you taking of metformin? If they have you taking more than 500 mg start off one week of 500mg and then move up from there. Are you taking the extended release tablets? If you are your best bet would be to take them after you biggest meal. They may cause you stomach discomfort in the beginning but after about a month your body should get used to it (well atleast my body did). As far as metformin and clomid together...
Avatar f tn That is a common side effect of met. Have you tried Metforman ER its a slow release met and many people can tolerate it better.
Avatar m tn Interesting post. Let's start with Prednisone a somewhat nasty corticosteroid that does jack up ones glucose levels. Taking Prednisone over an extended period of time [weeks] can and has made ppl diabetic. The other nasty about Prednisone is you cannot cold turkey [stop suddenly] or risk renal and/or severe cardio issues - one has to wean off it gradually. That aside, your morning levels are tad high where normal max is 99 mg/dl. The others are well into normal.
Avatar f tn As you are pre diabetic you are likely to be on a low dose and probably on a slow release (SR) Contact your doctor urgently to find out if these symptoms are from the Metformin or caused by something else.
Avatar m tn 5 Kg (without taking METFORMIN) Then when I went back to my old infertility specialist gynecologist , she told me she already knew all this and she also gave me a prescription of METFORMIN SR 500mg but Slow release metformin and she said good time to take this is afternoon instead of night. and only to take them for only 3 months and not more than that... She also said it is better I remove my fibriods thru laparoscopy. She told me to test for AMH by EIA and I did so , It was 2.
Avatar n tn I've been taking 500 mg/day of metformin. Just wondering if any of you have taken this, and if so, have you experienced any weight loss?
Avatar f tn Hi, I have PCOS as well and are using the exact same medication as you (metformin and clomid). Started with 50mg Clomid - no luck and not good follicle growth and ovulation. This month I am on 100mg Clomid and I went for a scan yesterday - there were two growing follicles in my left ovary - one 12mm and the other 16mm - so there is a bit more progress and my blood tests showed that the estrogen levels are higher than the previous month on 50mg Clomid.
Avatar f tn As a side-note, I also was put on birth control which helped tremendously with my cycles and irritability. My doctor upped my dose of Metformin about 4 months ago. I take two 750 mg slow-release capsules a day (1500 mg total--3x my original dosage per day). Yesterday, after dinner, I had some chocolate (I should not have, I had several pieces, but not a truck-load or anything...was not anticipating anything bad coming from it). I woke up at about 3 am with severe upper and mid-abdominal pains.
2157587 tn?1336732580 The trick is to get the digestive system to release sugar into the blood stream at a slow rate. Both fiber and fat slow the release of sugar into the blood. Metformin(Glucophage) is used in type 2 diabetes treatment. Metformin action in diabetes treatment is linked with metformin diet and metformin ingredients. Metformin reduce blood sugar levels, curing diabetes.
233616 tn?1312790796 That being said, I would never recommend going on Metformin after you SVR'd if you don't really need it. Bayetta doesn't work like Metformin does BTW.
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed with pcos in july of 06. I have been on metformin since then and have a few irregular af since then. I am about to start the first round of clomid/metformin. I will keep you in my prayers. I know it is hard when you don't know what is going on in there!!!
1574695 tn?1322594197 could taking metformin slow release tablets affect your change of getting pregnant or cause a miscarraige? i had miscarraige in nov 2010, and dr told me to keep taking the glocopage, yet the info on packet says stop when pregnant, I have type 2 diabetes.
194838 tn?1303432144 Hi, I am taking Glucophage (slow release Metformin) and have just been prescribed Januvia to take also. I have had stomach pains and upset stomach since being on them, the plus side is that I have lost weight so am very happy about that but wondered if anyone else has experienced the stomach pain and if so how long did it take for it to subside. If anyone has any advice etc I would be so grateful.
1537195 tn?1294464163 Most people with PCOS do not ovulate which is needed to become pregnant (ovulation=release of egg). However there are medications out there like metformin and clomid that help. Clomid helps your eggs to mature and then you can use ovadriel (hcg "trigger shot") which will force your body to release the mature eggs. I used clomid and ovadriel to help become pregnant.
Avatar f tn While I was on it I lost weight my monthly cycle was regular. Some time later my symptoms re-occurred. I began taking Metformin XR (slow release) and suffered no side effects. However, my symptoms are getting worse and the medication is not helping. I am on a low fat low carb diet and get regular exercise daily. Nothing seems to work and my weight is ever increasing. It's something I need to get on top of as there is a strong history of diabetes in my family.
Avatar n tn Suggest you start off with just 1/2 or 1/4 tablet per day and then slowly increase to the recommended dose based on the resolution of your symptoms. If this doesn't work, you can ask your dr for slow release version. If your urine glucose is HI then you blood glucose must be way higher. if the meds don't bring your sugar down fairly quickly please ask your dr about insulin!
Avatar f tn When I was first diagnosed with type 2 they gavee metformin normal release, i had to take three times a day, I passed out and felt really weak on them, I went back to the dr who gavee the slow release version glocophage and I have them morning and night and have for the past 4 years with perfect bloods and no side effects, sometimes the normal Metformin gets into certain people's blood to quick, hence the slow release version
Avatar m tn After breakfast : one tablet of Metformin 500mg extended release +aspirin 75mg After Dinner : One tablet of Metformin 500mg extended release Sugar levels: Average fasting sugar level in the morning : 125 mg/dl (varies from 120 to 129) Average sugar level after two hours of breakfast (After taking Metformin): 120mg/dl Average sugar level after two hours of lunch : 150 mg/dl Problem: 1) There is weight loss of about 6 Kgs in the past 2 years
1500387 tn?1460743620 In this way, Metformin is different from other glucose-control medications which control blood sugar by causing the body to release more of its own insulin. For this reason, Metformin rarely causes hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) or weight gain. Metformin can Help Women with Insulin Resistance or PCOS Lose Weight Metformin is commonly prescribed for insulin resistance and polycystic ovarian syndrome, or PCOS.
1360237 tn?1351819781 for it to be extended release it needs to say metformin ER or glucophage XR. It slow releases to ease the side effects and I only take it once a day (1500mg) because of that. If your taking it twice a day most likely you are not on the ER. it should be covered exactly the same as your metformin. Your insurance should have a formulary of covered or preferred drugs if you have a prescription card or just insurance card call them and ask if it's (femara) covered.
Avatar f tn Thus is may not be a good idea to use these insulins with exanetide. On the other hand Lantus is a slow-release insulin. The small amounts released over time do not interfere with the natural production of insulin, which is enhanced by the exanetide.
Avatar n tn It is likely that your doctor will prescribe Metformin Slow Release (usually you start of on a low dose and this is adjusted if necessary) and also give you advice on your diet and exercise to control your diabetes. It is important not to miss or skip on meals. Eat complex carbs like brown bread and oats for example, which break down much slower in your body that the processed white foods. Cut out or cut down on cakes and sugary foods.
996946 tn?1503252712 I was wondering if anyone has had a problem with extreme fatigue while taking glimiperide? I have been taking Metformin but my blood sugar is still running a little high so my Dr put me on the glimiperide.
Avatar m tn Last month was started on immediate slow release Insulin. My level stays now between 140 and 180. My A1C test have always been above 7.2, I just was letting you know some of the other drugs available for use. None of this drugs cause me any side effects. Talk to your doctor about these other drugs that you can take.
Avatar m tn What dose level is the beta blocker? Metoprolol comes in both regular and slow release. Regular release will lose most of its effect in a few hours, less than 8 hours. A slow release will last longer, up to 24 hours. You describe the normal side effects for low dose beta blocker imo. That may pass with time, but it sounds like you need a higher or more often (if regular release) dose of beta blocker. I take a regular release, 25 mg, one every 12 hours.
Avatar f tn Lantus (insulin Glargine) is a very SLOW release insulin, a so-called "24-hour" insulin. Because it does not rapidly alter glucose levels it is safe to use when driving. It isn't adviseable to increase the dose of Metformin. Other insulins have the tendency to rapidly (comparatively) alter levels of conscious and situational awareness. It is often prescribed together with Metformin and Glipozide. I would also hazard a guess that weight control is an issue.
Avatar m tn I have tried many things over a reasonable period of time and these are my findings. Reducing dosage of slow release metformin resolved the side effects but at a cost to my blood sugars which at fasting sat typically around 12 against a target of 5. Slowly reintroducing the full dosage helped but from time to time the symptoms return and I have to restart the process. It's a fine balancing act and routines play a part.