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Avatar m tn I started Victoza about a month ago. Started out at the lowest dose and am now at 1.8. My dr. put me on it because my a1c was 9.9 with taking Januvia, Lantus and glimipiride. I started experiencing low bs in he morning so decided to drop the second glimipiride. My numbers are great now. I had to stop metformin because I also have ckd. I am having problems with sour stomach and gas. Sometimes not too bad and other times, terrible. Hoping this will all subside after my system gets adjusted.
Avatar m tn We could have added more Metformin, and Actos, and then perhaps resorted finally to insulin, or, we could try this. Time will tell if we made the right decision, but my sugar levels are saying, for now at least, that we made the right one. What I would like to learn here is if there have been any serious side affects (besides pancreatitis which I already know about) in people since the studies were documented in the med insert.
Avatar m tn I have started taking Victoza at 0.3 for a few days, then 0.6 for a few days and then 0.9 for a few days. All was ok for the first 9 days – no side effects, but then I increased to 1.2 as instructed – the next day I got severe foul sulfur egg tasting burping every few seconds and finally diarrhea later that night. Still no nausea nor vomiting, but the burping was truly awful.
Avatar m tn I have diabetes type II and I'm taking Metformin as well as insulin. The Victoza has done wonders, it helps me have a better control and I have lowered my intake of insulin. Can someone help me?
Avatar f tn I am a 67 yo Type II, diagnosed 17 years ago. I take Metformin, Novolog and Lantus and I have been on Victoza for about two weeks. It is working very well, my readings are fantastic and I've lost some weight. Within the past couple of days I have had a persistent, dry cough and I am so afraid that it's from the Victoza. I used to take Humalog and my insurance stopped paying for it so the doctor put me on Apidra.
Avatar n tn Ugh. I take Metformin and Victoza too and my hair is thinning. :( I always wondered what was going on.
Avatar m tn (I also take 1000mg of metformin twice a day, but was doing that before the victoza too and it wasn't doing a whole lot for my numbers. I hope to wean off the metformin if the Victoza works for me). I have had a lot of nausia, dizziness, low energy, dry mouth, and a low-fever is the most recent side-affect (or I have a bug!). Constipation the first week, but it subsided. Fiber helped, what little I could eat that is. After the first week I developed a Urinary infection.
Avatar f tn We have decrmy Lantus to 10eased units in the even. and 1/2 Amaryl in the a.m. and p.m. I also take Januvia 100mg, and 2000 mg Metformin a day. My A1c has been 6.6 for a few years now, but have moved and have a new Dr. who wanted me to try the Victoza. My BS are running 154 (No lower) to as high as 272. OCCASIONALLY I might have a reading as high as 272 (My B'day celebration had to many sweets) :(. but not this high On a regular basis.
Avatar f tn In the beginning, Victoza was God sent to me. My apetite decreased and I dropped 15 pounds in about 4-6 months. And I did not experience nausea at any time. Then, all of a sudden the weight loss stopped. My weight loss became stagnated and have been ever since. It has been 2 years since that time and while my blood glucose level and A1C is good, I have gained the 15 pounds back and more. No matter what I do, I cannot lose weight.
Avatar m tn good article Copy, sorry I missed it earlier. for a while I was off the metformin theory due to the newer drugs such as Byetta and Victoza being more "liver friendly". However, sice succoumbing to a throat tumor (victoza in particular known for thyroid issues) which will removed Monday, I'm off the liver spit drugs and back on the metformin band wagon.
Avatar f tn Does anyone know what type of reaction one is likely to get by mixing Metformin and Victoza with meds for Hep C? These are non insulin meds. I am particularly interested in the interaction with Victoza which is a good stabilizer. Both of these meds can cause some stomach distress.
13071276 tn?1428436708 I began both Metformin and Victoza off label last year. My total daily insulin demand went down by about 45%. I also lost weight very slowly, about 24 pounds in total which has been great as I needed to lose the extra pounds. The insulin reduction explains the weight loss, and I definitely did not experience andy extreme side effect. Recently my insurance refuse to pay my Victoza, and I was switched in Byetta.
Avatar f tn Have been on Victoza two weeks after 5 years of Insulin and Metformin, became intolerant to insulin-blood sugars were raging over 20 all the time, blood sugars were 8.8 this morning- wow. However i felt better in myself when i could eat and enjoy my food, didn't have stomach cramps and terrible diarrhoea. Only had mild nausea for first two weeks now i feel ill, feel like i've got heart burn right now. Have also lost 5LB. I will carry on, as long a s i continue to lose weight.
Avatar f tn I have type 2 Diabetes (5years now) and am on Metformin and Victoza. My fasting blood sugar was 148 this morning which is higher than it's been for a long time. I have been on the HCG diet for 6 days and have followed it strictly. Why would my sugars be up instead of the normal 112-120 range? Any help on this is greatly appreciated.
Avatar n tn She gave us some samples of Victoza and he has been on Januvia and Victoza for several months and it has worked well and we are happy with the combination. Yesterday we called the pharmacy to see if his RX for Januvia was ready for pick up he said the insurance has denied the claim. Dad has Humanna Gold, so I called them and they said that when the Victoza was added ther combination threw up a safety alert because they are both in the same class.
794366 tn?1418012995 Last year my vision was blurred and my glucose was in the 500s, so they put me on Victoza. It worked like a charm, felt better right away. Now I am in the "donut-hole" in my insurance and so it now costs $400 whereas before it was $40. So naturally I had to stop using it and just use the Metformin. I have exhausted my resources for getting free samples of Victoza from my diabetes educator.
Avatar f tn I have only got into the habit of checking my blood regularly for a month or so. I take Victoza, Metformin and Gliclazide. I have a history of binge eating disorder and must admit I don't really look after myself properly all the time. It isn't as bad as it used to be though. The victoza seems to make me feel poorly a lot and I don't really eat meals properly anymore. When I do feel ok, I tend to eat rubbish.
1166386 tn?1379009113 This morning took metformin (1000mg) and forgot to take victoza(1.8mg). For breakfast drank 8oz. of green smoothie(a handful kale, mixed fruit, blueberries, 3/4cup orange juice with pulp, and 1 tsp of raw maca powder) Martial arts class 10am - 1:00pm(Singwallis, western style boxing and kadena drills.) boxing is a pretty good workout.
Avatar f tn I take Metformin and Victoza (which I think is a miracle drug). Metformin, by the way, I just found out, has beneficial effects for the liver. It tends to retard HCV replication. Good luck to you. I remember when my diabetes was first diagnosed I could barely function and had to prop my eyes open with diet pop all the time.
Avatar f tn After initial diagnosis I was able to control this very well, and I was started on Metformin and Victoza - I brought my A1C down to a 7 from a 10. In the last 6 months my blood sugar numbers have gone up suddenly to A1C 8.8 despite no change to medication etc, and over the last 6 weeks I have had unusual lower leg swelling. Also, now my "liver enzymes & function are at 86." Of course the nurse didn't specify which, but they sent me for an upper quadrant ultrasound.
Avatar m tn Hi....I would get copies of the MRI and other testing and reports and have another Dr review it all to be sure nothing was missed, over looked etc... Many times things can be there, but not seen or noticed if not looked for.... And there are times things are seen but consider the findings incidental, so the patient is told it is clear or ok when there is something there....get the MRI's, CT's, and all the reports this will help the other Drs in connecting the dots. All the best.
Avatar m tn I am obese (300lbs), diabetic (type 2) and require medication to control hypetension. I take the following medications – Metformin, Pioglitazone, Victoza (liraglutide), Amlodipine, Ramipril, Bendroflumethiazide, Asprin and Statin. I have a strange and embareasin problem. I hope someone out there may be able to offer some insight. I have always had sensitive nipples but in the last few days sensitivity in my left nipple has gone crazy.
1166386 tn?1379009113 7 in just 26 days(close to a month) i had drop my A1C from a 9.0 to a 6.7 with a change of diet, more exercise and the correct dosage of insulin. I am so happy... I knew i could do it, just needed a more guidance. The best news of it all is being told i can now i can try to conceive. Yay!! When i was first told i had to get my sugars under control before ever conceiving i was disappointed...
Avatar n tn it's nonstop the pain intesified so badly that my head throbbed and I got very nauseous and vomited brown bile in and off for hours. I'm not vomiting now but the pain is so bad and it even hurts to breathe in or cough or this appendicitis or something serious..?? It didn't start around my naval it started in my sides/flank area and more intesified right side of abdominal area...
Avatar f tn my point being I had to quit all my meds (Metformin, Victoza, Cymbalta, Vytorin, Levothyroxin and Lisinopril). I try to watch my sweets and carbs, although I'm not always successful with it, and that is all I'm doing at this point. I have recently started experiencing pains in my legs, even so bad that they hurt to the touch, burning sensations (like sunburn) from middle of body to top of my head, itching when I try to sleep and lately headaches. These symptoms occur mostly at night.
1166386 tn?1379009113 It almost feels like my medication is not working right(I take Metformin 1000mg twice a day, Victoza 0.6, and 40u of Lantus at night and fast acting insulin when needed)- When i exercise i seem to get sick after a week of working out. Its like my body can't handle the intense workouts i do(its intense cardio and weight training). I have been able to drop dress sizes not so much the weight but just dress sizes. I used to wear a x large shirts but now i wear a Large.
Avatar f tn i am under a gp i control my diabetes by insulin, metformin and also an injection called victoza i take insulin 100ml on a morning and 110ml at night, i take 3 850mg metformin per day i get readings over 20, i have had pains in legs arms wrists elbows for over 6 months doctor says its wear and tear i have had blood tests for rheumatoid arthritis but they came back clear, i have had blood test to check for vitamin b12 they came back normal, the pain is severe enough to make me want to get an hamm
Avatar f tn I am borerline Diabetic and weighed almost 200 lbs the biggest I have ever been, even outside of pregnanacy. My wonderful Dr. prescribed me Diethylpropion 75mg and Metformin 500 mg and I take my Victoza shot daily and I have went from 193 lbs to 159 lbs in over 3 or so month, with eating right and little exercise at first, it began to just drop off and now that I have revved up to Insanity for exercise... its thru the roof!
1498386 tn?1403031253 I have started exercising at a gym and following a diabetic diet and lost 6kg in 3 months, the metformin also contributes to weight loss.. The cramps and pains dont go away. I need to know if anyone has overcome pcos ? Have you lost the weight completely ? Most importantly, have you managed to concieve and deliver a healthy baby ?
Avatar f tn I have NOT, for the last 3 years using ANY diabetic medications at all, no Metformin, no Victoza, no nothing. How could I do this to myself, it's very EASY, any fifth grader CAN do it, here is how I have been doing it : I follow this rule:(6,12,12) . Meaning for morning meals, I only consume 6 grams of Carb, and at lunchs and dinners meals, I allow myself only 12 grams of Carb. These days I can buy such low-carb foods, made by the Tortilla Factory,tortillas with such low-carb at Wal-mart.