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415867 tn?1323369103 Here is something I just googled about metformin and PCOS, and the way it could help! Hope this helps ya, it helped me in making my decision to take it!!!! RESTORATION OF NORMAL MENSTRUAL CYCLE. A number of studies have shown that menstruation can be restored in many women with PCOS. For example, in a study at Jewish Hospital in Cincinnati, 43 women who were not having periods took Glucophage, and 39 of them resumed normal menses.
1434731 tn?1382725984 Whew uped my dose to 500mg today and man did I have the poops (tmi) I was taking 250 for a while to avoid the headaches I got before. Had a small headach earlier today but it went away! Af is trying to come. Little bit if spotting but now it's gone. I hope she shows soon I wanna start my next cycle already.
801413 tn?1333542876 Still taking the metformin even though it gives me gas and makes me dizzy sometimes. No spotting since starting it though so I guess that's good. Thinking of discontinuing it. This is supposed to help me get regular periods, not none at all. Oh well. Hubby wants me to call the doctor and tell him my side effects. I'll do it in time.
1351078 tn?1416316746 so I finally got the infertility dr to give me metformin . hopefully it will balance out my hormones Im spotting but it is all old blood ;pi think he diddent want to because I only have 19 lbs to lose before he will give me clomid and i dont think he wants to . but I have diabetes along with pcos :( I just want to try for another girl . my baby is turning one nov 20th he will be one im getting so sad a year went by too fast.
Avatar f tn And sometimes during the middle off and on i have a very slight spotting. I only notice a little dark brown on my pantiliner. The last PAP smear I had came back normal. Is this normal since I go so long without a period. I also take metformin if that makes any difference.
270696 tn?1243551620 I'm taking progesterone this time and metformin , the first time i had none of them. Anyway the spotting stopped one week after the first day but it looks that inside there is a little bit but no discharge not when i wipe. My beta was going up even after the spotting not very much as before but the doctor said that it is a good thing that is going up. I had an u/s done last friday and the baby looked ok. It has a heart beat and was measuring right on time.
Avatar f tn We are overly careful with protection and pay attention to detail. I'm just wondering if anyone else has had this issue on Metformin, or at all. Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated. I will be taking a pregnancy test today or tomorrow, so when I call my doctor I can give him confirmation that I am not pregnant. I just figured I'd ask in the meantime. Thanks!
Avatar n tn About 2 months ago my doctor put me on the Synthroid, a thyroid drug, Then about a 3 weeks she put me on Metformin. For the past 3 or 4 weeks I have been noticing changes in my breast. Shooting pains off and on, tingling. It is normally just on the left side but the right one also gets pains and tingles at time, just not as much. breast seem to "feel" different, like they have more whatever in them. The also look a tad fuller.
193609 tn?1292183893 I think I read on another post that you can't take birth control pills due to the hormones (am I correct?) or I could I have you mixed up with another lady. I've been on metformin since 9/14/08 and I'm dying to know if my cycles are regular, but I am on birth control pills at the moment and probably wont know until next year. What's the dosage you take of metformin? I take 500mg 2x a day.
Avatar n tn I got pregnant in december 2006 but had a m/c in febr. after that i waited two cycles and went on femara and metformin with an u/s monitored cycle at my RE's office, had hcg trigger and got pregnant. i also took prometrium after ovulation. I am 10 weeks today and everything looks great. Although metformin works for some people, many with pcos still need help with clomid or femara.
801413 tn?1333542876 Hi I to have PCOS and have been on Metformin for a couple of months now and still never had a period and then my RE gave me provera to jump start my period (or in her words clean me out) and I just started before then I hadn't had a period since July of last year but only started to take the metformin in September and then stopped because of the side effects, and then started back in December, after switching from a regular gyn to a PCOS Specialist/RE and then I was basically told that this is w
1179632 tn?1263939478 I am 31 years old and am trying to get pregnant and went to the fertility doctor and she put me on METFORMIN so I can OVULATE, and I have been spotting since?? Anyone else with the same symptoms & how long did it take anyone to get pregnant using METFORMIN???
1754388 tn?1333661800 I have an appt with the re tomorrow...I just went to the restroom and checked my cervical mucus and there is blood...not alot to be concerned about. I have been having slight pain in my lower abdomin, but nothing to let me know that AF is on her way. I am right now 10DPO, could this be implantation bleeding???
415867 tn?1323369103 I am taking just 500mg of metformin (increase to 1000mg tomorrow and so on) and I took provera to get my period. Usually when i take provera alone my period is pretty heavy and this time around (first timeon metformin) its really light. Like in 4 or more hours it barely covers the tip of a tampon (sorry TMI) has anyone had this on metformin the lighter periods? thanks girls!
Avatar f tn Hi, I have PCOS as well and are using the exact same medication as you (metformin and clomid). Started with 50mg Clomid - no luck and not good follicle growth and ovulation. This month I am on 100mg Clomid and I went for a scan yesterday - there were two growing follicles in my left ovary - one 12mm and the other 16mm - so there is a bit more progress and my blood tests showed that the estrogen levels are higher than the previous month on 50mg Clomid.
Avatar n tn First my specialist tried provera snd serephine ( it didnt work) then I was sent for an hsg and my tubes are clear and everything looked good and now I am on just metformin to regulate my insulin to help me ovulate.
5649354 tn?1371751981 I have PCOS and they put me on Metformin awhile ago and added the synthroid shortly after. I am currently take clomid to try and help but if it doesn't IUI is my next option. I have no children yet but I am trying my best to get there. Good luck and hope it all works out for you.
Avatar f tn They should start you out very slowly (like 50mg) and slowly increase it to reduce those symptoms. Believe me, you will get used to Metformin and it will help your PCOS and ovulation problems! For some people the side effects are definitely more intense.
230972 tn?1224473726 I have had no spotting since or any period pain. I have been grumpy and emotional and had diarroeah but I assumed that was from the Metformin. Has anyone else had this happen on Metformin? Im going to keep taking the Metformin anyway because I dont actually feel sick or anything just when I go the toilet. TMI - sorry ladies... Also does Met have to be taken at same time or does it not matter?
Avatar n tn I spoke with my doc and he started me on metformin and povera. I stopped taking metformin after about a month because the tummy problems never went away! (sorry TMI ) Well I used provera from sept 2010 - May 2011 and did not ovulate once even with 3 of those months including Clomid. Provera does not make you ovulate it just induces a period, metformin lowers your insulin and clomid is for ovulation. Clomid doesn't work for everyone.
Avatar f tn I've noticed that I have mid cycle spotting and periods that are light bleeding/spotting now that I'm on metformin. They say it takes 6-12 months before improvement starts. I'm only on month 4 so I'm hoping it'll start leveling out in 2 months.
Avatar n tn I have miscarried three times (this is the first pregnancy where I've been on progesterone AND I'm also on metformin for PCOS/insulin resistance) and the spotting this time is definitely much different in color and texture than from the times I miscarried. I do have one child that I had NO problems with so this is SO frustrating for me. Just wondering what everyone else's experience is with the spotting and the suppositories. Did you stop spotting once you went of the progesterone?
1419381 tn?1284661272 I have been on my period since sept 5th 2009 ans yes PCOS can cause all kinds of crud. It has taken months to figure out it was pcos and I just started metformin which hopefully is gooing to regulate my period but I am skeptical.
Avatar f tn Ok, so I have posted quite a few of these the last couple days but it's just because I need some answers and I just found the site yesterday lol. Any ways, I have been on metformin for 7 months and have been getting my period every 28 days regularly. Seems to be working very well... however this month I am 4 days late and I have been just spotting a little for the last 2 weeks.
Avatar n tn I currently taken 1500 mg of Metformin and was on birth control. I started on Loestrin FE and I found I would get double periods sort of. I would getting spotting for 3 days in week two but then my regualr period the last week. My doctor told me if it continued into month three call him. Well, it continued so he put me on Zovia 35 I think was the name.
Avatar n tn So today and the past 2 days ive been spotting brown, I've had cramping as well, I take 1000 metformin a day, i was at work and my stomach started feeling tight, like if i had worked out my abs, the the room got really bright, i got dizzy and very pale someone said, and clammy, and cold, but hot at the same time. I am sexually active and I don't use protection.. Could it just be the metformin?
Avatar f tn Hi my name is Dee.. im 27yrs old and I have pcos.. I take metformin and It has put my cycles back to normal for at least the last 6mths.. I have a 32-33 day CYcle Plus I dropped about 40 plbs as well. I had my last Menstrual on October 18-23.. had sex the 28th then again on November 8th arnd the time I should be ovulating and now im having pregnancy symptoms. Im not due for af for 2more days what are my chances of a + .. These are my symptoms :change in cm..dizziness...sore breast..
Avatar f tn I have pcos and was put on 500 mg of metformin. October - December I started at the same time I spotted on the 30th and 31st. Had sex early morning on the second bled.. but when I woke up it was gone what could cause this anybody have this happen ?
Avatar f tn It is all a bit overwhelming and I am constantly calling my Dr. Office and they have been amazing about calming me down and letting me know exactly what I should be doing. My advise call you Ob and explain everything and get actual answers every woman is different! Good Luck TTC!