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Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with Pre Diabetes last NOV & put on Metformin twice a day. I am 37 years old 5'6 & weigh 170. I do have family history of late onset . Isn't diabetes @ 37 @ my weight unusual?
Avatar n tn substances can cause side effects, so please be careful. Pre-diabetes is best managed with weight loss and diet changes. If you have other risk factors for diabetes, your doctor can consider starting you on Metformin. Perhaps you can seek a consultation with a nutritionist as a start. take care.
Avatar m tn sugar is a carb, so is whole wheat bread and pasta and rice and potato and most fruits. test before you eat, test 1hour after (if BG rise is over 40 Pts you eat too many carbs). 2 hours after eating tells you how well your pancreas phase II response is (should be back to pre meal numbers). cant you find out who your endo will be, and call them to see if they got your referral? I know I have to make the endo appointment then call my MD who then sends the referral to the endo.
Avatar n tn , 126 is actually diabetes (not pre-diabetes) if it happens more than once. HDL of 68 is outstanding, TG of 138 is normal/very good - this would argue very strongly against insulin resistance - even if you are taking statins - those numbers are just "too good". I've got IR, and have had HDL 11-38 and TG 200's-400's, which is more typical for IR patients. Also high blood pressure.
Avatar f tn Hey moms, I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes early last year. I'm 10w 2d and was just curious if there were any other type 2 moms out there. Would love some support from others.
Avatar n tn what type of food should you eat when your doctor tell you you are pre diabetes. and put you on metformin?
Avatar f tn A systematic review and meta-analysis. White DL, Ratziu V, El-Serag HB. Sections of Gastroenterology and Hepatology and Health Services Research, Baylor College of Medicine, Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical Center, Houston, TX 77030, USA; Houston Center for Quality of Care and Utilization Studies and Section of Gastroenterology, Michael E. DeBakey VA Medical Center, Houston, TX 77030, USA.
Avatar m tn my son is 19, he was put on metformin 1000mg twice a day when he was 15 as he was overweight and had significant insulin resistance after a glucose tolerance test, pre diabetes i think they said, he has recently gained a lot of weight without his lifestyle changing, doctor says eat healthy diet and take more exercise, ruled out checking blood sugar levels, repeating glucose tolerance test or revisiting endriconlogy clinic he used to attend until 16 yrs old does anyone know how often he should be
1569575 tn?1314427659 About a month ago, I was tentatively diagnosed with insulin resistance and PCOS, shortly after the loss of my pregnancy (blighted ovum). By tentatively, I mean I didn't do the bloodwork, but my OB/GYN said she was a sufferer of PCOS herself and she recognized my struggles, as well as the clusters of cysts on both of my ovaries. As you can imagine, this is difficult for someone who's just turned 18 less than two months ago.
Avatar n tn I don't know if this test is available in the UK, but Decode Genetics, the Icelandic company whose researchers found the gene variant TCF7L2 gene appear to be associated with the highest risk of developing Type 2 diabetes, and also can predict the likelihood that a person will convert from a state of pre-diabetes [borderline blood sugar levels] to full-blown Type 2 diabetes. This is something you need to discuss with your Endocrinologist.
1304588 tn?1299075071 Yes, Metformin is used to control and regulate ovulation too, and it's very effective, in my case, it was metformin, without any other pill. And by God's grace I'm 30 weeks gone..
Avatar n tn I was recently told I needed to take invokana mixed with metformin and insulin. I had not been taking my metformin like I should so my readings were a bit high. But now that I'm regularly taking my meds, I'd like to know who is also and what keeps them within range. Avg bs 170s.
Avatar n tn His fasting blood was 88, his next count after drinking the sugary liquid was 102, his next two were 69 and 61. It seems like he has hypoglycemia. He was told he has pre-diabetes and given a prescription for metformin 500 mg to take once a day for a week and to increase by a pill a day/week until he would be taking 4 pills/day within a month. Everything I have read says that this is given for high blood sugar. He is also very underweight.
Avatar n tn I have been on Metformin for about 2 years straight. I too have the elevated LDL, insulin resistance, and pre-hypertensive. For a while the Met really did not do anything for me until after I had my miscarriage. I restarted the Met lost weight quicker and even started to have regular periods (about every 28-30 days). Oppose to before where I would have periods every 2-3 months that would last for weeks. Now I am so glad that they are regular. Met can have some side effects.
Avatar f tn Diet is very important in dealing with PCOS as it's related to pre-diabetes or type II diabetes and both are related to weight and diet. It's important that you stop eating or at least cut back on processed foods, such as breads, pasta, white rice, pastries, etc. Anything made with white flour and sugar are, typically, to be shunned.
Avatar f tn 's have me on Synthroid (100) and Metformin (2000 mg). I do not have Diabetes. I do not have periods without Metformin. Dr.'s tested me for PCOS and I do not have that as well. Still can't lose weight at all. I am 5'5, 165 lbs. I want/should be around 130 lbs. My lab results as of March 2014- T3: 3.2 (range: 2.3-4.2) T4:1.3 (range: 0.8-1.8) TSH: .12 Any thoughts/advice?? Thank you so much!
225237 tn?1333142599 I currently suffer from high blood pressure, pre diabetes and anxiety. I only take medication for the blood pressure tho. I do not like taking medication due to the side effects! Can anyone give me some advice on any other things I could try to help my problems?? My anxiety gets even worse when its time for my menstrual cycle, I feel so weirded out that I don't know what to do... I just wish there was something out there that could help an not have all the awful side effects.
Avatar f tn So my advice as a experienced mom is if your sugar is under control don't take meds just exercise and eat right and go to that as a last resort and you shouldn't be taking metformin if you are not diabetic and I mean a full diabetic pre diabetic doesn't really count because you can change your eating habits being full diabetic it doesn't matter if you eat healthy or not your sugars are just going to do what they want
Avatar n tn My after meal and through the day blood sugars are 95-110. My A1c is 5.4. I know my fasting should be under 100. I eat low carb and good fats. I exercise. I am at a loss as what to do. The doctor just wants to "watch me".
Avatar m tn Please let me know why metamorphin is needed .. would it delay onset of full diabetes. And is there a way to prevent full diabetes in this pre-diabetic state. Thanks.
215752 tn?1278008371 Having high blood sugar is very hard on your organs and that is why it is important for diabetics to constantly monitor their blood sugar. pcos is kind of like pre-pre-diabetes and therefore metformin can help treat that condition.
Avatar n tn 060) - dr is saying that he does not think I have diabetes at all, and he wants to withdraw the Metformin. (I am in Canada if that makes a dif in reults). My question is - isn't my A1C good BECAUSE I take the Metformin? I mean, isn't that what its for - to get back within range with blood sugars? Does this result say to YOU that I do not have diabetes after all? What will happen to me if he withdraws the Metformin?
639406 tn?1308880711 i was diagnosed with per diabetes and they put me on metformin!! im so mad i did everything to stay away from this and here i am very close to have the type 2. can someone help me or explain to me how this happens? i was craving sweets for a while then i wanted nothing but salt..
Avatar n tn Are there naturalistic treatments that can reverse and/or cure high cholesterol and diabetes? Can the medicines be hindering my ability to loss weight? What else should I be doing?
Avatar f tn What can I do if anything for him and for me? Besides the fact that uncontrolled diabetes, and drug and alcohol use would lower the chances that the Hep C treatment would work, the medication used to treat can cause severe irritability, depression and in some cases suicidal or homicidal ideation. That can be very dangerous for somebody using drugs. And it would put everybody around him at risk of getting hurt....especially you since you would be around him more.
Avatar n tn Does anyone have any links to share about studies in regards to diabetes and hep c. I asked by by diabetes docotor and my hep c doctor about a link between the two diseases and both said there wasn't one. Since I am not over weight and there is no diabetes in my family I am inclined to think there is a link. Also have read here more then once about those of us who crave sugar while on tx, a side effect I have been going through and giving into recently, not good for my diabetes.