Metformin and leg cramps

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Avatar n tn I have been taking metformin for a week and have lost 19 pounds i am taking it for pcos and it has worked wonders i also have a normal cycle now i dont know if you have one or not but if you dont hopefully it will help
179856 tn?1333550962 I've been taking tonic for leg cramps and restless leg for over a year. The Polar Diet tonic doesn't have the carbs. My mother used to take the quinine pills for the same thing but the doctor had her stop because of possible kidney damage. I hate the taste of tonic but when my legs are acting up I choke it down!
Avatar f tn I get horrific leg cramps, my calf feels like a rock and i can't stop crying until it goes away (usually 10-15min). I quit drinking soda and I drink lots of water. I went to my doc a few weeks ago, she drew some blood to test my kidneys, the secretary called me and said they were normal but did not give me the actual values. So i don't know if my results were borderline. Pedialyte seems to help so i know it's dehydration, but why am i dehydrated if all i drink is water!
Avatar n tn It comes in 8mg and 4mg, and rarely will it cause hypoglycemia. As far as the muscle spasms, I am not sure what can cause this. I get leg cramps myself and my doctor told me to take magnesium 400 mg. a day. It seems to help. I would ask your dr. to review your medications and make adjustments if necessary. Mention the muscle spasms. Good Luck.
233616 tn?1312790796 Other than the study mike mentioned, which is for long term use a concern, and the slight increase in leg cramps and skin changes I'm not aware of too many complications with metformin. Of course I only had a few of my PT patients on it, they eventually ended up on insulin anyway. Metformin is seldom more than a steping stone unless scrict adherance to diet is followed, which as I said, I never saw happening, especially not with the elder patients.
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Avatar f tn I too have pcos and ttc for over a year now and to top it off i have hasimotos thyroid. Metformin is recommend to take along with clomid to increase your chances. I have been taking metoformin for the past 4yrs on n off to regulate my periods but no luck so than i was switched over to metformin HCI extended release have been on it for abt 2.5 months. according to my endo it can take any from 1-3 months in your system to work.
Avatar n tn I also have that annoying warm sensation that is in my right leg and it moves from my ankle and up about 4inches and seems to be very frequent. I too thought it was a little heater under the seat of my car that was warming my leg-but the heat was not on. Also, the balls of my feet are burning along with this sensation. I need to know what this is?
Avatar n tn I have had type 1 diabetes for 35 years (since I was 28) and have had leg pain and spasticity increasingly for the past 17 years. I am now on Tramadol 75 mg and gabapentin 600 mg 4 x daily each. It is increasing. I recently underwent bypass surgery as well after having two Myocardial Infarctions. I have the ability however to run for an hour on the treadmill and burn 2,400 calories. I am an ex martial arts (no rules) fighter and rugby player.
Avatar n tn Now, I am still having diarrheas and these days I am having a lot of leg cramps at night (it woke me up at sleep.) My recent blood test show the biliribin level is 1.2 which is boarderline high (0.2-1.2) and several months ago this was 0.6. Other liver blood test were normal. Could this still be liver related problem? Anyone has any ideas?
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis April 2006 and I have been on 75mcg synthoid since. I was also diagnosed with PCOS and I am currently taking 500mg Metformin and Omacor for cholestrol. My total cholestrol and my LDL are fine. The only thing is that I have low HDL and very high triglycerieds. My doctor contributed all the cholestrol problem to these two conditions I have. But despite being on meds, my triglycerides still very high.
Avatar n tn I also had a viral infection and rash in the fall of 2001 and shortly after experienced internal vibrations, pins and needles pain, cramping, footdrop and intense pain in my left leg and foot. Sorry, to say these symptoms have worsened and my quality of life is impaired since I have problems, walking and with balance and coordination, besides weakness. Like most people experiencing neuro symptoms, mine are also worse in the evening and night.
296334 tn?1237642024 lol I just want answers!! I am still having numbness in my arms and legs, along with severe muscle cramps (sometimes it feels deeper that just muscles) and a buzzing sensation in different areas of my body. I have had lab work to rule out electrolyte imbalances, ect... for the muscle cramps. My muscle's actually knot up (you can feel the knots) and you can sometimes visibly see them. I am also still having the zap feelings in my neck and muscle twitching in my extremities.
Avatar n tn Has to be taken with food or it will cause gastric issues - stomach pain, bloating, heartburn, gas to name few. If these symptoms continue you may need to stop Metformin and use another oral medication as listed here http://www.*************.com/diabetes/find-drug.html . "my doctor prescribed 2 tablets daily one during daytime, the other 12 hours later," Perhaps one at breakfast and the other at dinner/supper. Taking one at 3pm may be too late in the day.
Avatar n tn Walking standing for extended periods of time brings on heavy dull leg pain, and if I sit for awhile and try to get up sometimes not always it is very difficult, and painful straightening my knees, and hips to stand up. I have been diagnosed with spinal stenosis my L-4 L-5, pinching nerves.
Avatar f tn It is not dependent on the weather however it can also be accompanied by leg and foot cramps which do tend to be accompanied by the weather. I only realised that these pains were not normal when I had to take a valium to get my brain MRI done. No pain. It was a revelation. * Fatigue that comes and goes. * Memory problems. Word finding difficulties. General feeling I am getting 'dumber'. Losing sense of time.
363243 tn?1331037450 He talked about several options. Birth control and spironolactone, metformin, vaniqua and exercise. Losing a little weight has been shown to decrease hirsutism, but when I was thinner I had hirsutism just not as much. This is an ongoing problem and I think the only options that will completely remove the hair is electrolysis and laser, both of which are expensive, and the laser hair removal can be tricky with dark skin.
Avatar n tn About six months ago I finally got over denial (hard thing to achieve) and started medical treatment, Metformin and Lantus, I experienced relief in many of my symptoms but I´ve developed neuropathic pain, hell of a curse it affects my life in all the ways. I can hardly think or work. I am taking carbamazepin, gabapentin and vitamin B to fight this but the pain is incredible mostly from my abdomen down.
Avatar f tn i thought i was alone - i have had mucle twitching, tingling/stinging pains in hands and feet, leg pain esp at night and bad headaches - worst part is the tiredness it driving me crazy! my level was 22 last year and i supplemented with 1000 iu per day - 8 weeks later retested and it went upto 58 - yippee! however 7 months later it has gone down back to 22 and the above symptoms have come back so its back on the 1000 iu a day - i want to take higger doses but am worried about taking too much...
123759 tn?1226934204 Im not sure whats going on with me, But in may my period came on the 13th, June comes and my period came on the 6th, here it is july and my period hasnt came yet, I have been feeling cramps, and been very tired for the past week, also i have been feeling sick...I went ahead and took a HPT and it was negitive. and my period is 3 days you think its too early for a HPT to detect?
Avatar n tn Mine started end of August with a weird feeling in my left arm and leg. Not weak but it felt kind of heavy. I had this years ago and it ended up being nothing. I had an MRI of the brain and cspine and it showed nothing at that time. Sometimes I, too, get a single pin ***** feeling in various parts of my body and i get this buzzing feeling in the bottom of my left foot. My left leg seems to be most affected with a varying amount of sensations.
328927 tn?1227765440 From time to time I still feel those AF cramps or O cramps. Only now I understand how similar AF and BFP symptoms can be. fifi - thanks for good wishes. even though my numbers are good I'm still very cautious. I pay attention to every little cramp, I keep checking my bbs just to make sure they still hurt. My sono is scheduled for March 5th. Can't wait.
Avatar n tn I take metformin 500mg twice a day & Januvia 100mg at bedtime. I was diagnosed type 2, about month & half ago. I take multivitiamins during day. At bedtime I take the min amount of magnesium & potassium (for night leg cramps) & aloe vera in a half glass of protien shake. For days now, I have had diarrehia. My morning fastings numbers are 95-110, now, for days, but now my day numbers have jumped to 135-138, just today, after having diarrehia for a few days.
Avatar n tn I've just been put on metformin and the GI diet (brilliant for both conditions) to see if i can lose the weight that way and have been told to take mega strength (1300mg per day) evening primrose oil and starflower oil. These, i'm told may take 3-6 months to start propoerly kicking in, so give it a chance. Relaxation classes are fantastic as is acupuncture, but if you don't have access to any of these classes, download relaxation exercises from the internet.
Avatar f tn on d17 i got scan that both follicles ruptured.after ovulation i got lower abdomen pain and leg cramps attimes...i use to get leg cramps when im nearing my periods... im so anxious about baby.will i b able to conceive this time?plz help........
1383908 tn?1457405328 I wasn't too hungry this morning, so I just had a few pretzels. I took my folic acid and metformin this morning as usual (all of this around 7am) When I got to work, I had 2 cups of coffee - and it's been about 2 hours since my last cup. I decided to go smoke a cigarette due to my mood today and when I was finished I came back upstairs to my desk and was immediately overwhelmed with the need to immediately throw up.
394503 tn?1315012683 They said that my ovaries were enlarged and that I did have like little folicles on them. They gave me Metformin, and I took it for 6 months. It regulated my period, but no pregnancy. Shortly after, my period started acting up again, but then I started taking the Geritol. Since starting the stuff, my periods have been like clockwork again. They have started the exact same day for the past few months. I've been tracking my cycle so hopefully soon!
Avatar n tn I have even stopped eating meat and not eating for hours before going to bed. Lately the cramps and diarrhia have been at least twice a week and have happened at work. The pain is very extreem with sweating and vomiting. My stools are black and watery after the first movement. I am glad to find your blog I thought I was going crazy. The attacts are not like regular diarrhia that come from stress and food but very extreem and painful.
Avatar n tn Was negative and today doctor take my blood test and is negative too. But i'm feeling all kind of symptoms Bloating, cramps in my abdomen and leg cramps, difficulty in sitting, nausea, breast tenderness, all my veins being visible, dizziness, some headache..but the doctor asked me to take pills so that i could have my period..i said no. I want to wait till i'm sure. Please somebody tell me Still i could be pregnant.