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Avatar f tn org/posts/show/22393 I have a long post there on Metformin. Long and short of the post is, Metformin can aid in weight loss for certain individuals by reducing insulin resistance. It works best in conjunction with very regular exercise and some diet control. Does not have to be radical diet control. Nasty gastric side effects are present in the beginning takes a few weeks to maybe a couple of months to get rid of.
Avatar f tn I have daily debilitating fatigue too, and sometimes brain fog. I feel horrible that I can't find the energy to drag myself out of bed to take care of my family. I've been on metformin for a month, and it hasn't helped yet. I'm being tested for sleep apnea, and anemia. Hopefully, we'll start to feel better soon. Take care!
Avatar m tn Metformin can cause vitamin B12 deficiency in some people and this would decrease blood counts leading to fatigue (and generally difficulty with problem solving, periperal neuropathy, etc...) so the lab work would help identify cause. A physical could help pinpoint additional causes - such as heart murmur, decreased heart function, etc.... Also, your blood sugars may be too low for you. Do you recheck levels 2 hours post meals?
Avatar m tn I am not taking any other diabetes meds. I feel constant fatigue and body aches. Has anyone else experienced this? If so, does it get better?
317787 tn?1473362051 While that calmed down a bit I continued to feel nauseated and started to have muscle cramps in my shin, rapid heart rate, feeling out a breath, etc. I looked up adverse reactions to metformin on WebMd and saw that many sx were the same as what I was experiencing. My question is this. Is it safe to take Metformin when a person has cirrhosis? I am thinking of stopping the metformin; controlling my sugar level with diet and a supplement called Nopal cactus.
Avatar n tn So I was just diagnosed with PCOS in August. And my endo wants to treat me with Metformin to regulate my mensutral cycle and ovulation. But I wasn't sure if all these meds have their interaction or not.
Avatar n tn I have been taking metformin for a week and have lost 19 pounds i am taking it for pcos and it has worked wonders i also have a normal cycle now i dont know if you have one or not but if you dont hopefully it will help
Avatar n tn However, several months after achieving a dose of 1250 mg of the metformin ER, I am experiencing profound food sensitivity and allergies that have been further complicated by colitis, vitamin D deficiency, fatigue, and chronic hives. The fatigue seems to persist despite vitamin D supplementation. I've had so much improvement in my condition since taking the metformin that I would be very disappointed if I had to stop it.
Avatar m tn High numbers will lead to fatigue , neropathy, loss of circulation, leading to gang green and loss of toes and feet/leg , retinopathy leading to blindness. BG control is essential to reducing the complications of diabetes.
Avatar f tn Pain today has gone up a little from 6, but it's not noticeable as long as I don't try to lift anything or walk around. The fatigue is both bad and odd, since I feel overall physical weakness, but I only feel sleepy if I stop and rest or stay inactive (watching TV, reading a book, sitting at a stoplight, and so on). On the recommendation of a friend, along with the advice given by others who have FM, I've started taking fish oil capsules today.
Avatar f tn Hi, I am on Metformin due to PCOS, I have been on it for several months and the symptoms I had from it were, Loose stool along with nausea and vomitting, loss of appitite and fatigue. After about a month the symptoms eased but they come back when I have to have the dosage increased.
996946 tn?1503252712 I've been on metformin but it still upsets my stomach so I'm not taking the full dose. I'm sure the fatigue and 4 lb. wt. gain can be linked to the glimiperide. Have you ever taken it?
Avatar m tn I am hypothyroid , with extreme fatigue and sleepiness i sleep for 15 hours a day , My thyroid function is perfect according to the blood results , i have been hypothyroid for 4 years . My fasting and post prandial blood sugar is normal , hb1ac 5.6 , howeever my fasting insuling is bit elevated but post prandial insulin level is skyrocket , it is 190 while top range for post prandial in the test is 20 . I feel extreme thirsty and sweat very much and urinate 4 times in the night .
Avatar n tn I think all these changes happened for the body in fairly short span of the time plus he wasnt going too well with the Metformin.. Which is why he lost weight in the past few months and felt miserably weak. So for now the doctors have concluded, that he may be given milder drugs and he should continue eating the diet he had before he started with the meds. So I think one of you got it right.. It was probably the drug and undue over cautiousness he exercised.
4261944 tn?1516183666 =) I'm going to power through though but definitely not liking this again! I've eaten next to nothing today, but I at least managed chicken and rice and then some pasta for dinner. Literally had to force feed myself the pasta though, I thought it'd help perk me up but fatigue is definitely my friend today. Feeling pretty low the last three days weirdly enough, not quite sure why?? Just feel kind of mentally tired??
Avatar n tn In the meantime, cut back on all sugary foods and simple carbs, and keep up on your water intake. Take care and good luck.
Avatar n tn I also was taking 50 mg of coreg I felt fatigue and just not feeling good. I cut to 25 and feel much more energy plus just plain feel better. I also am now on lexapro which really helps.
1256672 tn?1308693798 Side note-the nausea and gas only happened the first few days as I was taking metformin at night. I moved it to the morning and have been fine. I also take it halfway during my meal. No side effects other than fatigue but that also comes from PCOS so I am not sure if that is the med or not.
Avatar f tn I started taking the Metformin and loss a couple pounds, gained some energy and didn't want to eat as much as before. That said I also went through a D&C in May of last year followed by the heaviest period of my life in July. I had to get a medication from the doctor to stop the bleeding and the little weight I had loss came back.
6321297 tn?1380310857 When I first noticed it, my doctors office told me I was anemic. I took iron and within a month, my HGB levels returned to normal. However, my fatigue kept getting worse. I sleep for 9 hours, and within two hours of getting up, I have to take another three hour nap. I had to cancel my gym membership because I cannot go. I quit my women's soccer league. My career is in jeopardy. And forget about my social life...or lack thereof.
Avatar n tn I have been on levothyroxine for 3 months now, I feel wonderfull and am loosing weight. However my Dr recently put me on Metformin for PCOS and Insulin Resistance, I feel terrible! All I want to do is sleep. GI probelms not bothersome. My doc said to stop the Metformin and I feel normal again. How can I get my insulin down without feeling like crap? My pharmacist also said the 2 drugs interact with eachother. Please Help!
Avatar m tn thanks very much. so I don't have chronic hepatitis or autoimmune?
1447404 tn?1284607828 Sleepiness is not a side affect of metformin. And also, not every woman who has PCOS has diabetes. As far has the birth control, it did lighten my period and made it shorter as well. I never had breakthrough bleeding with it. My body reacts to medications very well...I've never had any bad side affects from anything I took.
Avatar m tn It wasn't until I started taking Metformin, strict low glycemic high fiber diet, and moderate exercise that most of my issues disappeared. You may want to be checked for low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) also. This can happen when you have insulin resistance or thyroid issues. I would definitely set an appointment with an Endocrinologist so he or she can check these things out as well as check all of your hormones to see if there is any imbalance.
Avatar f tn I am 42, married, F, mom, --- on paxil/zoloft for anxiety which usually work for the anxiety but not for this kind of stress......and 1000 mg metformin for IR...and I was on Yasmine birth control but my doc took me right off of that the other day. So my pcos symptoms are sure to return very soon. Anyway, i guess i did make this long. Sorry. I am most worried about this D-Dimer thing. Then, the new heart murmur...what is that???? .and my fatigue...but i also did test + for high thyroid...
Avatar n tn I had low ferritin a few months back and it caused serious brain fog, fatigue aches and pain and I was never colder in my life. If you are having to wear sweats to bed and pile blankets on top of that and you are still cold, my guess is you are anemic, but if they do not test your ferritin along with the hematocrit and hemoglobin they may miss it. Two doctors missed it in me. The third doctor did not.
Avatar f tn I don't have any serious side effects with metformin and besides I know it is essential to prevent or at least delay diabetes. What happens is that, in time, the pancreas becomes drained so to say, because we produce more insulin that it would actually be needed. At one point there won't be enough left and the cells will block all their receptors to insulin -- therefore the glucose will remain in our blood and this is how diabetes happens.
1353650 tn?1429466974 My mom has it but hasn't officially been diagnosed and suffers from elevated cholesterol and high blood pressure. She has always had mild pain and fatigue ever since her late 30's. She thought it was from work and getting older. I have fibromyalgia, diabetic neuropothy in my extremeties and abdominal pain ( possibly from my pancreas ).
Avatar f tn Pain, nausea, extreme fatigue, no appetite, backache and cramps so bad I get dizzy and pass out. To add a nice little twist to things, I am allergic to birth control; which is what is used by most people to help even out PCOS symptoms. My period symptoms last for almost 3 weeks out of the month and nothing helps! Not heat, not medicine, not herbals or exercise; if you name it, I've probably tried it. This is interrupting my schooling, my work, my depression life in general.