Metaxalone and ibuprofen

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Avatar m tn X-ray revealed nothing, and I have been through chiropractic and physical therapy with marginal relief at best ( ~ 24 hours.) medications used include metaxalone, valium and ibuprofen. stiffness has remained constant, w/ a reduced ROM when flexing my neck laterally. I also occasionally experience shooting pain up the left side of my neck when i rotate my head in that direction. Neck remains inflamed and "cracks" often.
1462810 tn?1327364049 my leg cramps go all the way to my hips and defy walking, massage, homeopathy, ice, heating pads, codeine, metaxalone, ibuprofen, apple cidar vinegar with honey, dill pickle juice, serious amounts of Vitamin D3 twice a day, and everything else I've tried but the bread. As usual, I didn't sleep well (adrenal exhaustion), but when I got up this morning I had had no leg cramps all night.
Avatar m tn I've done a CT Scan w/Contrast and no contrast of my head, a MRI of my cervical spine, Nerve Tests, EEG and blood work and taking certain medication like Propranlol and Sumatriptan, Xanax, and Metaxalone (muscle relaxer) and oh yeah and ibuprofen which doesn't even do anything. I've been to my family doctor, chiropractor and also a neurologist and we can't seem to find out the problem.
Avatar n tn i mean im 17, it was a friday night (nothing important on saturday, and last day of school for the week obviously) and im a somewhat habitual drug user. so its not a big deal for me, i guess last night was just different. i actually slept well (i think normally that much sedation would just be a "passed out" kind of sleep) and woke up relatively early with no hangover...
Avatar f tn Gralise 1800mg (which is the medicine that made me sooooo sick) Diclofenac (patches and pills) Flexaril Zanaflex Skelaxin Robaxin Mobic Ibuprofen Naproxen Metaxalone Methocarbamol Volteran Dexamethasone Percocet And probably more that I can't think of at the moment Before the accident, I was a vibrant, outgoing, outdoorsy young woman (I'm 28). I loved riding our motorcycle with my husband, running and playing with our dog, and gardening.