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Avatar m tn I was wondering if you have an opinion on Cogmed for improving memory in ADHD children. What age is optimal for a child to do the Cogmed program (my child is 9)? Summer is coming and I was told that usually it is better to have the child go through the program during the summer vacation. Thank you again for your input.
Avatar n tn He is highly intelligent and is in private Pre-K where he seems to be advanced for but is too young to start Kindergarten. He is full of energy and unless fully engaged he is disruptive. He has been this way but responds well at home the a small and easy behavior chart. His Ped. at the age of three suggested that he could put him on Adderall with out an evaluation and I refused. He is having some problems at school with listening and they have mentioned the attention thing.
303824 tn?1294875001 You earned your TV time. c. Provide immediate concequences for actions. For children with ADD a great one to try is physical activity. This helps relieve frustration, burn off energy, and also promotes physical activity. The amount should reflect the issue. For example, your child back-talks you - 10 push ups, your child takes TV time without earning it - 50 push ups, your childs hits his kid sister, 100 jumping jacks. Do the same thing, EVERYTIME. d. Put it in writing.
Avatar n tn I am seeking to have her tested for ADA. She is very active.. I've avoided medications in the past... I am afraid that her behavior is keeping her from learning and thriving as I know she can. Are there any medications out that you help her focus more so and also something that would settle her down a bit. I don't want to change who she is, just better her chances of absorbing all she can at school.. Please help my daughter's 3 teachers and myself..
Avatar n tn It does not suppress appetite and is quite an effective medication, particularly for those children who are inattentive but not hyperactive.
Avatar f tn My five year old son was diagnosed with ADHD, OCD, ODD and Anxiety last year after he was BAKER ACTED for saying he wanted to kill himself. They started and currently have him taking Zoloft 25mg and Metadate 10mg, they are not working. When he takes the two together whether at the same time or at separate hours he is worse off then when we started. It seems like they counter act each other.
Avatar f tn Some people are telling me it is completely normal curious behavior and I am over-reacting, but I think we need to seek some professional medical help. He was diagnosed with ADHD 4 years ago, and is currently taking Metadate for it. We have some issues withhim controlling his younger brother, which we understand that a lot of it is normal subling behavior. But with him, he just takes it to another level. He tells his brother what to say when they are playing (word for word) etc.
535822 tn?1443980380 for ADHD is one of the most commonly overprescribed drugs in America — Methylphenidate, the generic name for a group of drugs that includes Ritalin, Concerta, Metadate CD and others. About 29 million prescriptions were written last year in the United States for Ritalin and similar drugs to treat attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity, 23 million of them for children.
Avatar f tn I thought my son had Oppositional Defiance Disorder when he was three and four years old, after learning about it at a parenting class for difficult children. Also OCD. Four years later, I learned he had a food allergy and other serious digestive and organic problems. He had a few behaviors "like autism", but he just didn't fit neatly into any description of a labeled condition. I would recommend you read the book, Biological Treatments for Autism and PDD , by William Shaw,Ph.D.
Avatar f tn My five year old son was diagnosed with ADHD, OCD, ODD and Anxiety last year after he was BAKER ACTED for saying he wanted to kill himself. They started and currently have him taking Zoloft 25mg and Metadate 10mg, they are not working. When he takes the two together whether at the same time or at separate hours he is worse off then when we started. It seems like they counter act each other.
Avatar n tn Please list the known side effects of the medications Metadate, Concerta and other commonly used medications for children 5 years old who have PDD. By the way, I read on a pamphlet of Concerta that it should not be given to children under the age of 6. Do you know if it is commonly prescribed to 5 year old children? Please also indicate the side effects, short term + long term for using Ritalin. Another question that I have is about secretin. My son's secretin levels are below the normal range.
Avatar f tn my 7 yr old has been on the metadate CD for 2 yrs now and I am pleased with it. It is a very good medicine. She had tried the adderall, but it didnt work for her. so she was put back on the metadate.
Avatar n tn This took away the tic but didn't work well for the ADHD. He now takes Metadate CD along with Risperdal. He no longer has the tic and has been on this combination of medication for over a year now.
Avatar f tn Are you aware of any ADHD medication that is preferable for children with SID?
Avatar f tn forms of medicine, such as natural remedies, and also try and find other parents in your area with children who have similar differences, it just helps for your son to see other children who are the same as him and for you to speak with parents who deal with the same things every day. Remember, you are not alone, listen to your son, as he grows he will express what he needs. Good luck!
Avatar f tn com and type in ADD and look for the article on curing children with ADD/ADHD. Also type in the search area L-theanine and look for the article on Feeling a little unfocused. Both are great articles and help to understand more on what other things are out their besides drugs.
Avatar f tn Two things: (1) have her evaluated by a pediatric mental health clinician, and (2) manage the behavior at home according to the guidelines in Lynn Clark's book SOS Help for Children. The evaluation is important because you'll want to determine if there is emotional disturbance involved vs a normal-spectrum child behavior problem.
Avatar f tn Well, you have found the only oral medication for ADHD, so hopefully that works for you. Your only other choices are Daytrana which is a patch. Or, Metadate CD, Ritalin LA, and Focalin XR capsules can be pulled apart and sprinkled on food. Did the others not work for you because he had trouble swallowing them? If so, does he have any other sensitivity problems. Because something like SPD - sensitive processing disorder - is a lot like ADHD, but treated very differently.
744777 tn?1235092863 By the way stimulant drugs, such as Vyvanse, Ritalin and Metadate, seem to make the PDD / Autism and Anxiety symptoms worse in some children. If the Ritalin / Metadate does not work you could try Stratera, a non-stimulant type medicine. Good luck.
Avatar n tn forgot to give you history - non-hodgkins 15 yrs ago - radiation to head & neck area. currently hypothyroid as a result - on synthroid & cytomel - blood levels are good. - also as a result of the radiation i have had every tooth in my mouth root canaled and capped. i don't know if this all makes a difference but want to give you all the history. thanks again.
Avatar n tn I don't really think that there are any real guidelines. It depends on the doctor, the patient, and the parent. All cases are different. Having said that - usually 4 is regarded as a bit young to put on medication. Typically, it doesn't happen till school time. However, if the behavior of the child is seriously affecting the normal family life, than it is done earlier. A good question might be what does the doctor specialize in.
Avatar n tn Perhaps my experience will help you, perhaps not. I have two children who talk constantly. One of them is entering middle school this year. Both children were recently evaluated by the school for learning disabilities. Because of this both children have been seen by many different professionals in the school system. There were lots of different thoughts about their different learning differences, but none of these addressed the issue of talking too much.
Avatar f tn Ok, Tenex is a high blood pressure medicine. But, it is used on ADHD children to control hyper activity when other medicines do not work. It is usually not the first medicine that experts use, but one of the last medicines that they use when they have tried many other medicines. Most of the time, Tenex is not a good medicine for ADHD, most of all when used alone. In this case, it is not working unless you just started.
574101 tn?1245540620 If this does not work, make sure that the correct meidicine is provided to him for ADHD (most of all for hyperactivity). These ADD/ADHD meds are stimulants such as Ritalin, Metadate and Anderall or non-stimulants such as Stratera. You need a child psychiatrist or child development pediatrict doc to correclty diagnose him. These type of specialists usually do not make house calls. Make sure that you have the right doctor before you medicate your child. He might not have autism.
Avatar f tn Most doctors are reluctant to give a diagnosis of ADHD until past the age of seven and only at the age of seven and eight do they prescribe medicine for ADHD. Children mature alot between five and seven. If he has issues with language and communicating, you need to have him evaluated by a speech pathologist. He probably needs social language therapy classes with a speech pathologist. Good luck.
Avatar f tn And don't take no from the Doctor , you are the only one who can fight for your child. Try giving Vitamin B6 and Omega 3-6-9 along with Children Multivitamin every day,and this doesn't have all the bad side effects and they need them .They have helped my some to calm down to learn better. My son still has Seizures every day even on Medicines and a VNS put in last year in June. I know of a young girl who has taken abilify and it did nothing for her.
Avatar n tn Social skills tend to be immature and slow for children suffering from anxiety and school is also very difficult for them. I googled all of the medications you listed as I was not familiar with some of them. They are all for ADHD or ADD and not one is for anxiety. I'm wondering - is the reason your son is not responding to the medication because it is the wrong medication for the wrong diagnosis? I'm wondering - does your son indeed suffer from ADHD?
1020229 tn?1251475442 Sooo My wife and I are battling doctor's for help with our 6 yr old she has experienced some trama and has other issues mainly with adhd!! the doctor we are currently seeing had her on impusivity pills (risperdal) which just made her worse , she started school about a week and half ago since then there have been several behavioral issues with her she even went as far as to yell at the teacher.
Avatar f tn that is why my son couldn't take most of them. Also, Buspar has worked in some children. It is an anti-anxiety drug. Just don't go for the Prozac. It made my son diinhibited (may be a sympton of bi-polar as they don't do well on many of these meds). It may also explain that he can be pretty focused with schoolwork. If he is not sleeping you can give him up to 10 mg of melantonin. My son never slept and that helped alot. Also, some kids are very food sensitive.
Avatar f tn Institute for Children in Richmond VA. The conditions in this facility were worse than my worse nightmares. My grandson was released with a nonacute status. He was there for two weeks. My grandson is currently taking zoloft and ritalin. He is seeing a therapist twice a week. He seems to progressively get worse as time goes by. I have had several semesters of abnormal psychology and child psychology, I have worked with individuels that had severe psychological problems. I need help .