Menstrual periods getting closer together

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Avatar n tn It hasn't affected mine. I'm in peri-menopause and my periods are getting a little bit closer together but I really don't think it has anything to do with the drug.
Avatar f tn I thought after three months it might go to either normal bleeding or just spotting, but my periods seem to have 3 to 8 days between them normally. I’m tired of getting periods so close together. Is it ever going to calm down or could there be something wrong?
Avatar f tn Periods can either become closer together or farther apart; sometimes lighter or heavier. In regard to fertility, it begins to naturally decline the older we get, so by our late 30's/early 40's it declines more rapidly until it ceases. During perimenopause our hormone levels (Estrogen, Progesterone, and Testosterone) decrease, and ovulation slowly begins to come to an end...
Avatar f tn I also had a endometrial ablation.
Avatar n tn Hi there & welcome to the MS Community, I personally find that IVSM or Methylprednisolone has an effect on my mentruation. I will have more frequent & heavier periods for a while after the steroids & then my body just starts getting back to its normal only to have another lot of steroids. My periods can get closer together as well & it can take months for me to get into a normal routine again.
8550901 tn?1400740690 I'm 36+1 and I get them too... they feel like a really painful menstrual cramp along with the typical tightening of the stomach. I asked my dr about it and they said it's Braxton hicks. Although the pain is very real. .. they aren't considered real contractions until they begin getting stronger and closer together... like every 5 minutes on the dot.
570004 tn?1226980196 I was just tested with HYPERThyroidism in July. It's not official whether it's long term or not. But my periods are also getting close together AND I am having MAJOR acne issues. I'm 35.
Avatar n tn Try walking if they get more painful and closer together it is contractions if they stay the same or stop its braxton hicks
Avatar f tn Ok ladies, so I've been having cramping for about twelve hours now. It feels like bad menstrual cramps but I'm unsure because during my periods I don't get cramps (lucky me I know). I'm 35 weeks and the pain starts off dull then gets a little worse then goes away some what. The whole thing lasts for a minute or two and they're about 20 minutes apart.
Avatar f tn Hello, Femitrone and morning after pill when taken together can cause withdrawal bleeding and irregular menstrual cycle and it should not interfere with the working of the emergency contraceptive pill. However keep a check on your periods. If you miss them then do a urine for pregnancy test after 1 week of your menstrual cycle. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided.
937837 tn?1285350385 Hi there. Yes it can be like that with hypothyroidism. Mine used to be regular as clockwork, once getting hypo they start to move closer together, and become heavier. That's usually one of my early warning signs I am becoming hypo when the dates no longer match my calendar! How long have you been on medication? It can take a while for it to really kick in. It may need to be upped a bit to help reduce the hypo. It may also be an idea to get your female hormones checked too.
Avatar f tn If you were my patient, I would suspect that some of the symptoms are unrelated to each other. It does sound like you might have menstrual migraines. The changes in the menstrual cycle could certainly be a result of weight loss. The groin pain is difficult to judge. Possibly an infection somewhere? If you were my patient, I would also tell you that you should come in for a thorough check up to try to put the whole picture together. Good luck!
Avatar f tn Hey Sweetie, I'm sorry you have been feeling so bad, I am glad to hear that your Dr will be calling the neuro and hopefully they can get a treatment plan that will work for you and get you feeling better! I am curious why he said you can't have any more CT scans, is there a maximum one person can have? I have had many in the last year. Well Sweetie, I am always thinking of ya and wishing you well.
Avatar f tn Hi I am 27 years old female. i am getting so much in my menstrual first day. first day of the menstrual i getting pain in hole body, fever, constipation even i cant sit suddenly or i cant get up suddenly, burning sensation in foots also i am having pain in bleeding place. and my menstrual cycle is some times 4 days early and some time 4 day delay. is that i can become pregnant? can i have baby after 3 years. Please help i am very worried about it.
Avatar f tn I thought after three months it might go to either normal bleeding or just spotting, but my periods seem to have 3 to 8 days between them normally. I’m tired of getting periods so close together. Is it ever going to calm down or could there be something wrong?
Avatar f tn Till we were living together, we used to have sex around 2-3 times every day, and at least once during her periods (except for day 1 and 2). During those days, her periods would not trouble her too much. Sure, there would be some discomfort from cramps and all, but it was never anything serious. However, nowadays her periods cause her a lot of discomfort. Her legs become numb, she suffers from extreme back and stomach pain, and at times becomes so anemic that she becomes unconscious.
Avatar n tn m my lamaze class they say to keep track/time the contractions see how they are in one hour, stronger, longer, and closer together. Is what they been teaching us. Good luck mommy so exciting to.
Avatar f tn Then it was getting closer to my period and thought it was just pms and I happened to get the worst of it. So the 22nd was coming closer and I wanted to get it over with bc my pms was awful. My periods are pretty much regular and I don't go over30 days. Last mth, I was late by 4-5 days too. Then I got it early by two days out of the blue and it only lasted for 2 and half days. I took a pregnancy test but got a negative. I still feel like I'm pregnant but I could be very wrong.
Avatar f tn Hi guys I'm currently 39 weeks and for the last whole day I've been getting a contraction that lasts just under a minute, every 10-15 minutes. Been happening since last night, they're not very painful, a little bit but it's completely bareable, and they haven't got closer together. Is it Braxton hicks, pre labour? Labour? I've also had a menstrual like back ache on and off the whole time. Please help. I'm getting so frustrated!
Avatar f tn 30am with the pains only much stronger and closer together lasting about a minute each coming every 2-3mins. I called my friend to ask her if it was labor and she told me it was. So I went to the hospital after first eating breakfast and when they checked my cervix I was 5cms dilated.. Needless to say, it was labor and my son was born at 1:45pm.
Avatar f tn I have always heard that this most often is a normal variation and that your cycles will probably come closer together as you get older. But, it is always a good idea to discuss your specific situation with your doctor. Since this has always been normal for you, it probably doen't indicate any issue. You should still be ovulating in the middle of your cycle. I don't think this will affect your chances of getting pregnant.