Menstrual periods getting closer together

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Avatar n tn Anything from 21-31 days from start to start is considered withing normal range, and most doctors are not going to do too much if the periods are following this pattern. If they are getting closer together than 21 days, you might be considered appropriate for a biopsy of the uterine lining. Usually the cut off age for biopsy is 35 to 40, depending on other risk factors such as weight.
570004 tn?1226983796 I was just tested with HYPERThyroidism in July. It's not official whether it's long term or not. But my periods are also getting close together AND I am having MAJOR acne issues. I'm 35.
Avatar f tn I am 46 years old and have had a total thyroidectomy due to follicular carcinoma. I've been taking Levothyroxine for 4 years have had no noticeable problems except that suddenly in Jan I went for 60 days with no period. Prior to this my periods were getting closer together & sometimes a little heavier which can be normal for someone my age. After that 60 days I started spotting for 6 days then had 2 weeks of very heavy bleeding (almost 3 weeks all together).
929504 tn?1332589534 I have hashi's and I had irregular periods for years after my first child was born I started again after nursing really heavy periods then after a year or so of that they just stopped all together and no one could tell me why. I went to a few doctors and they said don't worry about it.
Avatar n tn I have been researching all over the web about heart palpitations and menstrual cycle as I thought I was going insane. I'm 25 years old and I started getting palpitations of November 2011, I was on birth control pills during that time and stopped it after I got my panic attack due to hormones I was getting mad palpitations, shortness of breath, I felt crazy. My mom works at the lab and drew my blood and everything was normal that gave me some sense of relief.
Avatar n tn i recently miscarried but found out i had carried the baby for five weeks before i realize it was dead i had my first ultrasound on march 12 and had a heartbeat the baby was six weeks and six days old, i went five weeks later on the 12th of april and realized i miscarried the baby only was measuring 7weeks and four days couldn't get a heartbeat they think it was a blighted ovrum but if i had a baby then it isn't right, well i am scared to try again but i wanna know how u know when u ovalulate i
Avatar n tn So at my follow up appointment I told my doctor that I was still getting my periods and he said ok lets shoot for no periods because that's what that procedure was supposed to do. Well No they only got worse. My fibriod tumor is back. Last May it was as big as it was when I had it removed 11 months earlier. Now its so bad I've had my period for 2 weeks and got it again after only 11 days. This time its really worse and I am feeling really exhausted and painful.
Avatar n tn I'm in peri-menopause and my periods are getting a little bit closer together but I really don't think it has anything to do with the drug.
Avatar f tn the only serious problems ive had while being on the depo were continuous headaches, no periods @ all, ovarian cysts, and the weight gain. i tried getting off of the depo once but about 1 wk after my last scheduled appt i bleed for 4-5 days straight and went through 3 packs of pads. i would recommend to anyone who is thinking of getting off the shot to get on another form of BC like the pill or NuvaRing to reduce the risk of heavy bleeding.
Avatar n tn I had my tubes tied and burned almost 3 years ago. Now I have missed almost two periods. I have the cramping, lower back aches, hot and cold spells, mood swings. Everything for a period but nothing is happening. Can I be pregnant ? Or do you have a idea on what is going on ? I have a doctors appointment tomorrow. But I can't wait. i am going nuts waitting. Can you help me out on some answers ?
Avatar f tn Periods can either become closer together or farther apart; sometimes lighter or heavier. In regard to fertility, it begins to naturally decline the older we get, so by our late 30's/early 40's it declines more rapidly until it ceases. During perimenopause our hormone levels (Estrogen, Progesterone, and Testosterone) decrease, and ovulation slowly begins to come to an end...
Avatar f tn I also had a endometrial ablation.
Avatar n tn Hi there & welcome to the MS Community, I personally find that IVSM or Methylprednisolone has an effect on my mentruation. I will have more frequent & heavier periods for a while after the steroids & then my body just starts getting back to its normal only to have another lot of steroids. My periods can get closer together as well & it can take months for me to get into a normal routine again.
Avatar f tn I have always heard that this most often is a normal variation and that your cycles will probably come closer together as you get older. But, it is always a good idea to discuss your specific situation with your doctor. Since this has always been normal for you, it probably doen't indicate any issue. You should still be ovulating in the middle of your cycle. I don't think this will affect your chances of getting pregnant.
Avatar n tn Because my periods are getting closer together, I have to get my progesterone level checked on Thursday, Day 21. If it indicates that I didn't ovulate, she wants to put me on Clomid. That's fine with me since I really want a baby, and my cycles have been all over the place, ranging from 35 days to 18 days. My question is, who does it work? I did some research on it and it says I will take it on Days 5-9. What then?
Avatar f tn It feels like bad menstrual cramps but I'm unsure because during my periods I don't get cramps (lucky me I know). I'm 35 weeks and the pain starts off dull then gets a little worse then goes away some what. The whole thing lasts for a minute or two and they're about 20 minutes apart. I don't want to jump to the whole IM IN LABOR idea lol and I def don't want to end up in the hospital twelve times because I think I'm going to into labor, so any help?? Also this is my first child.
7019649 tn?1396796117 Now I'm wide awake with much stronger ones, and they are closer together! Timing them now, and may go to the hospital very soon.
Avatar n tn After extensive research I've decided to try talking to actual human beings over this forum before I go see a doctor. Okay, from the beginning - my boyfriend and I became sexually active at the beginning of March, but we always used protection. I never got any side effects of ever being pregnant, and my period came as normal, around the same days as I get it every month. I really don't believe that pregnancy is the answer .. so that is what makes me even more worried right now.
Avatar n tn Menstrual cycles change as we age and change environments. My periods were much shorter and closer together when I was a teen and in my early 20's. They've gotten longer, and farther apart, and every now and then, I get a "weird" one. Also, (I think someone already said this) at 3 months, most women do not "show" yet.
219522 tn?1251764229 I don't know the answer to your question, but I have the same question myself, with pretty much the same symptoms, exceot my period seems to come even closer together than yours. SInce the beginning of November, I have had 4 "monthlies". Fun. I am 46, so maybe a little young for menopause, but who knows with me. I don't even know for sure which doctor to call.
Avatar f tn I have spotting between periods and my periods are coming closer together -every 21 to 25 day on average with heavier bleeding and longer duration. Should I request an edometrial biopsy? Do you think the loose stools, nausea, gas and night sweats could be caused from my uterine fibroid?
1355431 tn?1369978906 ) I feel absolutely terrible and I believe it has to do with my iron levels being low. I'm 31 female and have heavy menstrual periods. I went to the the doctor with these symptoms , extreme exhaustion and fatigue despite of getting plenty of sleep. Numbness and tingling in my hands and feet, also sometimes my fingers swell to the point where I can't close my fist. Dark circles under my eyes, headaches ,dizziness , shortness of breath and joint pain.
Avatar f tn My symptoms are ...major fatigue, menstrual cycle totally messed up always normal before miss periods, heavy bleeding and clotting, tingling numbness in face and neck ( they said it is definately not thyroid), sleep disturbance, always had extremely dry skin, weight gain (about 5-10 lbs), heart palpitations (never before), achy all over. I think I need new body... I take B12 monthly or if my muscles start twitching every 2 or 3 weeks. Maybe I should try them a little closer together.
Avatar f tn I get them too im young(14) no offence, my friends get them too and it hurts really badly, I mostly get them after sports days when my lwfs are sweating and rubbing together. I'm quite thin I guess and I get them usually nearing the menstrual cycle too. I'm also starting to get them on the ads. I want to know what they are and a cure. Please help. Or even suggest ways of soothing the pain and getting rid of them faster.
Avatar n tn I turned bright red, and my whole body would get very hot and sweaty, for almost a minute at a time, plus they got much closer together, about one every 5 or ten minutes. My AF didn't return until 6 months after the 2nd shot. So lupron lasted 9 months, rather than 6. When it was over, and the $5000.00 was gone (yes, five thousand dollars) my endometriosis was right back where it was before the treatment. My insurance covered roughly half.
125112 tn?1217277462 In 06, my periods became VERY heavy, closer together and then became very sparse. ALL of my life, my cycles have been 38 days and period lasting 7 days. All 4 of my children were born 2 weeks "late." That is what the doctors thought but they were not "late"...seemed to go right along with my "late" cycle (that I have had since I first began menses.) So, my periods became closer: 28 days (like many/most women) and my menses cut short by half ( 3 days ). Cont.
Avatar f tn You're 5 weeks 3 days now counted by the first day of your last period, and it 's as good of a date to go by until your ultrasound indicates anything else. Are your periods regular, and how long are your cycles usually?
Avatar n tn I also just bought some tang kwei gin that is supposed to regulate the menstrual cycle. anyone every use this?
Avatar m tn C, I suffered horrible emotional stress and crazy mood swings. IT was really bad for several weeks, and then I would still have periods of it for months afterwards. I remember feeling like my face was permanently pinched into what my husband called the "grimace face", I just looked like I was in terrible pain all the time. I would find myself just falling to the floor and crying without being able to stop.
Avatar n tn Especially since my oldest one has the energy level of 10 of me and runs me ragged everyday. Dh and me are actually getting away together this weekend for our anniversary, maybe this will bring a little spark back in me. Thanks again.