Menstrual periods after menopause

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Avatar m tn Hi I have premature menopause I got 2 periods 28 days apart after not getting any at all for a long time. I thought yay I'm back to normal again but my dr an endo said it is not uncommon for a woman to get a couple of periods at the end of menopause post menopause I think they call it.
Avatar n tn I don't really know anything about menapause, but I'm pretty sure if you have been having periods, regular or not, and you are ovulating you can get pregnant. Have you taken a test? How late are you with your period? And by sex hormones, do you mean your ovaries? After menopause your ovaries shut down. A lot of women have to take hormones to balance everything out. Have you been to your Dr? These would be good questions to ask him/her.
Avatar f tn I am 40 years old. Am I going through menopause? My periods aare all messed up. Some times I get them twice a month. Sometimes they only last a few days and are very light. Sometimes they are extremely heavy and painful, with HUGE clots. I've had ovarian cysts before. This has been going on for a few years. My doctor has recommended possibly cauterizing (sp ) my uterus to minimize the flow of blood. Has anyone had this done?
Avatar n tn During chemotherapy, women may have irregular menstrual cycles or amenorrhea (disappearance of menstrual periods). Some medications used in chemotherapy may also cause damage to the ovaries, resulting in menopausal symptoms or menopause. Menopause may be immediate or delayed, permanent or temporary when triggered by chemotherapy. There is no way to accurately determine how /why chemotherapy or other cancer treatments will affect your menstrual cycle.
Avatar n tn I am 39 and will be turning 40 in June, I've been having irregular periods, but two months ago I did not have my periods. I'm also experiencing hot flushes which I find very disturbing. For the past two months, I've been having period pains but no periods.
Avatar m tn Many women have a periods after menopause especially after stress. If an ultrasound showed everything is fine I would not worry. Calling your Gynecologist is a good idea. If you were throwing up all the time with weight loss I would worry.
Avatar n tn Hi I am a lady with a simalar problem as you i went through the menopause about 3 years ago went a long time with out any bleeding then one day after moving some bricks a had a small bleed I told my gp and she said I must see a gynological dr I went and had a scan they found I had a cyct he wonted me to go in to hospital for further tests but I did not wont that I had a slice taken of my utres and blood tests and I was re scaned 6weeks later and the cyct had gone but there was a bunch of fybro
Avatar n tn Hi there, I can confirm the exact cause of your illness only after a clinical evaluation and work up. Reduced menstrual flow is common in a woman on hormonal contraceptives, IUDs like Merina and on hormonal implants .Scanty menses can be seen at extremes of reproductive life like just after puberty or before menopause. Stress and anxiety suppress the activity of the centers in the brain that stimulate the ovaries resulting in low production of hormones and hypomenorrhea.
Avatar f tn How common is it for the first sign of menopause to be the first missed period one week following POP surgery? I have never missed a period, am 48 years old, my menstrual cycle was like clockwork, and there was no increase or decrease in the flow leading up to the surgery. My period should have started one week after my surgical repair of a rectocele, cystocele, sacrospinous ligament suspension of uterus, and sling for urethra. Is it likely to stop with no warning, and not come back again?
Avatar n tn Most women over the age of 45 who receive the chemotherapy you received will become amenorrheic (meaning that menstrual periods will stop). For many, this cessation of menstrual periods will represent permanent menopause but a minority will have return of menstruation (either regular or irregular) in the future.
Avatar f tn I was regular b/f chemo but immed stopped having periods after my 1st chemo. the spotting is actually enough to warrant wearing a pantyliner. Its been going on for about 10 days now. Thanks for your thoughts.
Avatar n tn (Detailed in the menopause forum too), but I was diagnosed as early menopause at the same time that I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's. I am 42 yrs old. Last period was 10/5/05 & on new years day woke up with what I believe(d) to be a period. Just now, after 8 mos on Synthroid, is my levels to where they should be, & I was wondering if this could be a reversal in the menopausal thing......maybe not full reversal, but hormone shift due to thyroid????
Avatar n tn Actually all the symptoms started after my menopause. I have seen the gastro specialist, who can't seem to diagnose it. At a lost as to what to do.
1582332 tn?1296928465 My periods have always been messed up too. After I had my son, they went c r a z y! I would bleed for a whole month, skip a month, bleed for another month, skip 2 months, bleed again until I finally stopped having them altogether. I was having horrible pressure and pain like "the bottom was going to fall out". It hurt to relax to use the bathroom, it hurt to stand on my feet. My gyno said everything looked fine, she didn't feel anything, but my family doctor ordered a MRI.
Avatar n tn By definition, a woman is menopausal after her periods have stopped for one year. Menopause typically occurs in a woman's late forties to early fifties. It is a normal part of aging, marking the end of a woman's reproductive years. Women who have their ovaries surgically removed undergo "sudden" menopause.
4686261 tn?1358138792 Thyroid issues can alter menstrual cycles. Hypo usually causes more bleeding/clotting, but not so for me. My periods nearly stopped. I just had two last year. My internist said not to be surprised if they start again after starting meds for hypo. Sure enough, the two months I've been on levothyroxine, I have had a period each month. Other hypo symptoms include being cold intolerant, dry brittle hair/skin/nails, constipation, weight gain.
Avatar n tn I can't believe they have it as a form or birth control. I hope your periods subside. Mine are normal after coming off of it. I hope you can talk to a doctor about what you are going through. Don't let them tell you its normal. That is just crazy. They told my friend that and then put her on the pill to control the bleeding. Just so you know the pill for my friend did control her period. She got it once a month for a week. On time every month with normal blood flow.
Avatar n tn For many, this cessation of menstrual periods will represent permanent menopause but a minority will have return of menstruation either regular or irregular in the future.I have read that some women restarted menstruation 2 years or more after completing Chemotherapy. I am also glad to know that you finished all your treatments and I wish you continued good health! :) Take care...
Avatar m tn I am 35 years old. I had a tubal ligation 7 1/2 years after the birth of my 5th child. My periods have always been regular but now I'm 2 weeks late. I was thinking menopause but some say I'm too young. I started my menstrual cycle at 11 years old. I'm wondering because I started so young could I really be having menopause or could it be pregnancy? Also if I would be pregnant could I have a healty pregnancy?? Please help I'm really scared and can't afford medical treatment.
Avatar n tn I do not have menopause but rather menstrual pains am currently in one of those progressive pains accompanied by nausea and a feeling of being cold a little... i usually take diclo denk suppository but often, when i would insert it... i'd get a considerable amount of nausea and feel cold and the medicine would be pushed back out.... which would cause me to be in pain like now.. please help...
Avatar f tn Did you not discuss your changing periods with the doctor? It sounds very much like you are entering perimenopause, a time of unknown length when our bodies begin to produce less estrogen and throw our cycles into a bit of chaos. What you described is perfectly normal for perimenopause. Sometimes we skip periods, the next month we have 2, the month after that we bleed heavily for days, wondering if we need a blood transfusion, then we have two month of nothing but spotting..............
Avatar n tn I am almost 45 yrs old and for the last few years my period has been getting less frequent. like i may have had maybe 4 periods in the whole year last year. but my last one now was 4 months ago yesterday. Is this a sign of menapause? a few yrs ago i went to doc and she said i was not premenapausal i was to young. (not a specialist) anyways i also am already overweight but i keep gaining weight regardless of trying to loos it, and my joints aches and i just genrally always feel bad.
Avatar n tn You're already noticing some changes in your cycles and certainly these long, drawn out periods are certainly charactertistic of perimenopausal change type periods. After these types of periods, usually come the "was that a period?" type periods. Then, the...."Whoa....where'd my period go? Haven't seen it for a couple of months???" Based on this one period and the one FSH test levels, I'd not be concerned at this point in time.
Avatar n tn Sometimes after tubes are tied, the menstrual period changes because one of the blood vessels around the tube is also tied and this changes the blood flow to the ovaries. You should also ask your doctor to check your blood count to be sure you aren't anemic (low blood). You might be low on iron (you can check this with a blood test) or on vitamins and that can increase your menstrual flow.
Avatar f tn Night sweats and hot flashes are the most common complaint of Menopause. They begin in perimenopause before menstrual periods stop and continue after. When they start and how long they last, what they are like and how bad they are, varies greatly among women. http://www.flixya.