Menstrual period will not stop

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Avatar f tn i'm now 18 years problem is my period did not stop for 3 month.If i take norethisretone is there any side effect?
Avatar n tn Have not been ckd by Dr.... she is out this wk. If still having cramps and have not started then will call her again next wk. What cervical problems could this be? She had stated that I could stop my birth control & that my period might start. I have not done that because I actually feel like I could start any day (but I felt that way 2 wks ago). My thing is that my birth control has week of placebo & that should kick me into starting but it hasn't?!?
Avatar n tn i took dianne 35 pills for 2 consecutive months on the third month that was july 12 this year i stop, i was expecting for my period to come on the 15th of july i had contact with my boyfriend 2xthe first was july 3, the 2nd was july 15 whom i thought was a safe period for me, but up to now i dont have my period yet. i keep on having my pregtest strip for 3x already but it was negative. i had history of ruptured ectopic with surgery of my fallopian tube in 2002 and miscarriaged in 2005.
Avatar f tn i've been having a problem with my menstrual cycle, it's been going on for a year and couple months now, i'm okay myself, but i'm concerned of what might happen to me. i'm going to be 17 soon, and i don't have any insurance, my mom can't cover me nor could my dad, i don't know what to do, i need help.
Avatar n tn I have not had a period since my son was born more than 8 months ago. I am breastfeeding but I thought that it would resume sometime within 6 months post-partum. We have moved clear across the country from my midwife and I just want to make sure all is normal. Thanks.
Avatar n tn I have been having irregular non-stop menstrual cycles wait clots that can last 3 months at a time with maybe a couple days to months in between without having one. I got on birth control when I was thirteen, now 18, because of irregular periods. I got off 2 years ago exactly and wasn't having any problems till about December 2013 when I suddenly stopped having one for 6 months and now since then I been having them really badly.
Avatar n tn I got Yaz and have been taking it for 4 days now, the period is very light to nothing now, I think it will fully stop soon. Will try to keep you updated, I know this is not an easy thing to deal with a non stop period. ps: Doc was sure I would not have normal blood from the blood test, but I did. I took an iron supplement while bleeding constantly.
Avatar f tn Last month (which was may) i did not come on my period, so about two and a half weeks after my missed period in may i took a few pregnancy test, they all came back negative! Why is this happening? Will it stop? Why am i bleeding more than i usually do?
Avatar f tn No It is not true that your period stops under water. It will lighten up, but not stop. When i was your age i was scared to death to use a tampon, until one day i went swimming with a pad on and lost it in the water. I recommened if you do go swimming use a tampon, but instead of using a regular, try using a Light sized lampon, they are smaller and may be easier for you to use. And most defiantly get plactic, they slide in much easier.
Avatar f tn I am telling you this because I thing that is very important to go on gyno, because you will be aware of your condition and you will feel safe. It's better to stop it than cure it. And if there is nothing wrong, you will stop asking yourself some unpleasent questions and you will feel good and safe, because you will know that everything is all right! I hope that everything is going to be ok! Take care!
Avatar f tn If you have been bleeding like a period for 5 weeks, you can have the MD prescribe provera, it is just progesterone and it will stop your bleeding.
Avatar n tn If you make a major change in your life or are really stressed out your body will decide not to ovulate that month (it thinks hey – not a good time to have a baby) and so you don’t release an egg, the body doesn’t have to prepare for the egg, so alas, no period. This can happen to any woman no matter how long they’ve had a period. As for water weight – oh yes! Bloating and water weight are very common for women leading up to and during a period.
Avatar n tn I was pregnant and i had an elective abortion through the menstrual regulation technique (with a sirynge), a doctor did the procedure, every thing was fine. That was on Jan,25th,2005. And today and don't have the rule yet. The doctor made an ecosonograma on Mar,4th,2005 and he said that i wasn't pregnant again, so he gave me a medicin PROVERA to help the endometrius to go down, 5 pills for five days and then stop, and then wait ten days more to leave the pills act.
Avatar n tn I agree you need to get a pelvic exam and PAP smear to make sure you doing have any problems.It is not normal to be off your period (menopause) and then suddenly start up again. Maybe a uterine ultrasound as well.
97615 tn?1212682189 Also just to mention if your period is a big problem getting onto birth control in most women has a tendency to stop your period all together. I have been on BC for 6 years now and I have not had one period the entire time.
1582332 tn?1296928465 I had Chiari Surgery 2 weeks ago, I am very interested to see what will happen now. Will it get worse or better? Good Luck and hang in there.
Avatar n tn I agree i have been using a menstrual cup for about 4 cycles now, not its not gross at all and i actually get really frustrated when people say it is. Really, how can you be comfortable putting bleach and chemicals in your tampon inside your body but be afraid of your own natural menstruation.
Avatar n tn I'm sure the doctor will want to put her on birth control pills to get her period started. Perhap, her hormone maybe imbalance. She's working during the summer and she had been under alot of stress from school before school let out. What do I need to do, any suggestion?
Avatar n tn Well, the problem now is my period has not ended. I am on day number 15. It's no longer thick and smelly. It appears to be more of a normal flow with no signs of ending. What can be the cause of this? Will getting on Birth Control pills stop the bleeding?
Avatar n tn is it normal for ur period to stop and start again while menstrating? i got my period on monday and it stop last night with brown blood and what not, like usual, but then it just starting again like 5 min. ago with red clotty blood.
Avatar n tn Some women who breastfeed do not get a period until they stop. There is no real set time for it to return.
Avatar f tn i'm 27 year ol lady not married no kids, I want to stop my menstrual cycle for 8 days, As i had my periods on 09/26/2011 and the same dates i will be travaling next month to see my boyfriend. Will alo have lot of water activities and will alo have intercourse with him. So just want to stop for a while. So i can chill out my vacation with my boyfriend. Please answer soon.
Avatar f tn Hi. I was just wondering how common it is not to get your period on the pill. I am taking the pills so I will get my period and 3 days late and no sign of it coming ( no cramps or soreness) Im no worried if im preg I know im not as I have had blood tests and Ultra sounds earlier this month.
6589573 tn?1382729242 The pain can be a result of ovarian cysts as well as endometriosis. The menstrual blood will usually flow out freely unless there is severe cervical stenosis. Consult your gynaecologist for an evaluation. The answer is based on information provided. Exact advice is not possible without a proper examination and investigations. You are requested to consult your Doctor. Take care and keep us posted.
1218873 tn?1300094816 Like figuerpa previous stated you still get the cramps and all the other joys but I can live with that instead of having a 2 heavy cycles a month...and there is good chance I will not have my period again or it will be really time will tell..Maybe this would be an option to help you I hope you start feeling better ...
Avatar f tn She also had endometrioses and still after the surgery the bleeding still continued. She will bleed non stop for months and months then when it does stop she wont bleed for almost a year then it come back non stop. I read on a blog to try CHATEBERRY (VITEX) EXTRACT. I went to the vitamin store and got her the chateberry extract. After 10 day it stopped.