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Avatar f tn Natural Home Remedies property for Irregular Periods • Avoid meals that could reason constipation, specially in the a week ago from the menstrual period. Including fried meals, acidity meals and protein-wealthy pulses. • Seafood is really a high-quality nutritional sign for sore periods. Seafood have omega-3 essential fatty acids that really help to alleviate the spasms throughout the monthly period. • Avoid meat, chicken and dairy crop.
Avatar n tn I am a 28 year-old woman and for the past year have been suffereing from severe hand eczema and irregular menstrual cycles, neither of which I have had before. All testing from allergist and ob/gyn have come back reason for either. I personally feel there is a link between the two, as in maybe an immune system problem, but cannot seem to get any answers other than more steroid creams for the eczema and regulating drugs for the menstrual cycle.
603463 tn?1220630455 The menstrual period is always exactly 14 days after ovulation. The time from period end to ovulation is variable. A woman is most likely to get pregnant on the three days preceding or the day of ovulation. There are four major players involved in regulating a woman's menstrual cycle: The HYPOTHALAMUS: an area of the brain just above the pituitary gland. The PITUITARY GLAND: a little gland that hangs from a stalk just behind the eyes.
Avatar n tn I found this to be very helpful. I too have realized there must be a connection to feeling this way only when I'm on my period. Hope this helps. I'm considering getting off birth control. We have enough unnatural elements enter our body. I don't need to contribute. Here's what I found: Symptoms of hormone imbalance in women may begin as early as the late 20's to the 40's. Symptoms of hormone imbalance in women tend to increase as a woman ages, especially if ignored in the earlier years.
2189047 tn?1338143481 I just had it checked again and it's still very low. I happened to think the other day, I haven't had a menstual period, in months. I'm normally very regular. Has anyone else had this symptom? I'm wondering being deficient has also caused my periods to stop.
Avatar n tn Usually it is about a week or few days before my period. I'm about to have my period 7 days ago but it is late. I'm not pregnant and feel really bloated. I had my night sweat last night and all the chills that I used to feel just before I get my period. Not sure if I blame it on recent traveling and my cold mediation during my vacation 2 weeks ago that could have delayed my period. Or I could be starting perimenopause. Anyone experienced the same when they were starting perimenopause.
Avatar n tn My period is usually on time every month. The last 6 months I have had a little spotting 1 week before my period begins. This month I am having major spotting and a lot discomfort 1 week after my cycle. I have also had a stomach ache and have been nauseous. I had a cyst removed in 2002 and apparently have endometriosis although it doesn't bother me to much. My husband and I have also been trying to get pregnant for 2 years.
Avatar n tn I actually know when it is coming on because I start to get very sensitive, then the itch starts, then my period begins a couple days later, then the itch goes away about two days after my period begins. Even after my period ends, I am still left extremely sensitive. Even hurts to wash and forget about intercourse, it's extremely painful. Vagisil does help with the itch, so I use that, but I can't stand knowing what is causing this.
Avatar n tn Every month approx one week prior to onset of my period...I experience horrible foul smelling flatulence. It is embarrasing and needless to say hard to ignore. 3-4x times a year it is accompanied by severe and sudden onset diarrhea, migraine, and other common PMS symptoms. In researching this topic, I find much on PMS symptoms and treatment...but little mention of this particular problem other than "IBS" or "bowel changes".
Avatar n tn Please can anyone who had a period while pregnant share, my last af was on Dec 25th, was due on jan 29th, but on that day had drops of blood, and it continues today, it is bright red color, very light, can anyone tell me if they had this experience and was pregnant, my normal af is very heavy and lasts for 3-4 days, but this one is different, also me and DH BD every other day this month, tell me if this is a good chance I am or if it is somehting else, any feedback is highly appreciated.
Avatar f tn I have been on accutane for almost 2 months now and i started the medicine when i got my period at the begining of Aug 08, since then, I have not had my period. I usually dont skip my period but im worried i might just skip my october period too since i have not yet gotten my period. Does this have to do anything with the accutane medication? also i am not on any birth control pills nor am i pregnant.
555176 tn?1224603377 Thanks again for your advice, I will check out that link to get more info. I have another question; on the day of the procedure I will have my menstrual period,would this complicate things or is it totally irrelevant, should my neuro be aware it?
Avatar n tn I have been having really bad pains in my upper abdomen where my stomach is, starting around ovulation time, then lasting until I get my period. When I get my period the pain switches-sometimes the upper abominal pain, and sometimes near where my ovaries are. When this is all going on (especially after my periods have started) I keep having pregnancy symptoms-nausiousness, hot/cold flashes, enlarged and very sore breasts,fainting spells,anxiety attacks, bloating,mood swings..
1292797 tn?1272264284 The endometrial stripe is trilaminar with the bilayer thickness measuring 6 mm, which is within normal limits given the patient's last menstrual period of 2/9/2010. Both adnexal regions were evaluated. The right ovary measures a 4.1 x 2.2 x 1.7 cm and the left ovary measures 2.8 x 1.4 x 2 cm. Within the right ovary there are numerous follicles of varying sizes. There is a dominant follicle measuring 1.
1422615 tn?1334067834 Many women report that they do actually bleed regularly during the early portion of their pregnancy, none of which is a true menstrual period, and this is usually the culprit for that. It is often referred as early pregnancy bleeding and is caused by hormonal changes in the body due to the pregnancy. This is also rather common among women and, again, can appear to be a menstrual period. It's not though. 3. It could be a subchorionic bleed.
Avatar n tn Regarding alternate hot and cold flushes “Younger women who are menstruating or expecting to menstruate soon (the premenstrual period typically lasts one week) may encounter hot and/or cold flashes. These episodes do not usually last long, with feelings of cold and heat alternating over the course of as short as a minute. Hot and cold flashes for younger women tend to occur only during times of menstruation or premenstruation (when estrogen is typically lowest).
368646 tn?1208397487 This usually lasts 30-45 minutes and happens 2-3 days before my menstrual period when the weather is warm. Can you please explain your "attacks" to see if they are similar to the ones I am having? Thanks!
Avatar m tn 6 But, she didn't test me at any certain time as i don't know when I ovulate/ have a period etc. I am trying to have a baby now which is why i got off the birth control to begin with. My doctor recommended DIM or Chaste berry, which chaste berry caused a shed and i heard DIM can cause a shed with hair sensitive people like me. I wish i never went on the pill to begin with as before i did have regular periods, etc.
Avatar f tn - No menstrual period for at least three months - Irregular and heavy menstrual periods that only occur four times or less per year. You currently are at least getting your menses although sometimes not on time. Meaning you still probably have enough body fat to ovulate for the most part. Some estrogen is created in womens body fat, and well, if you dont have any you can have a lack thereof. I would take a deep breathe and relax :) Getting your period a little late here and there is okay.
Avatar f tn A transvaginal ultrasound showed that my uterus/endometrium was thick and this was on the third day of my period, which from what I understand should be thinner at that time in my cycle. I have low back pain, pain in my left abdomen, and my left leg will ache, like a heat radiating from within my leg. My doctor said he suspects endometriosis, but I am concerned about cancer. I am 39, have three adult children, started my periods at age 10, and am overweight.
475269 tn?1207747003 I also must add that I do have endometriosis(Spelling) and before my period as well as during I have these problems. Never has it gone after. Just though I'd add that in.
Avatar f tn She also told me to start taking my bbt but here is my question. Am I supposed to start taking my bbt on the first day of my meds or on the first day of my period. Any help you all could give me would be greatly appreciated. This will be our first child if everything goes well. Thank you again for any help you can give me.
Avatar f tn Mental and psychological ailments such as depression Faintness and dizziness Weakness and fatigue Heart palpitations Emotional hypersensitivity Inability to cope with stress Social anxiety Muscle weakness Headache, scalp ache, or general body ache Severe or dull lower back pain Extremely sensitive skin Nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting Abdominal pain and hunger pain despite an empty stomach Extreme craving for salty foods Anxiety and jit
Avatar f tn At that time I was put on birth control to regulate my cycles and to ease to the cramps during my menstrual cycles. I remained on the pill successfully only having one period a month, lasting 5 days long, normal bleeding, and minimal pain until 27 years old when my husband and I decided that we wanted to have children. During the time I was off the pill I started to experience the painful menstrual cycles again but for me the pain only really lasts a few hours and on the first day of my cycle.
Avatar n tn Then sometimes there is still a weird 'wooshing' feeling around the chest area (but more like an 'energy' than the heart specifically), both carotid areas of the neck have a sensation (they are clear, was told after ultrasound last year)....often this 'carotid sensation' is before my menstrual period.....and sometimes a flushed face. So of course at my age, 46, I'm wondering if all this is peri-menopause. The doctors keep asking me if I get hot flushes and I say no. I'm not hot.
Avatar f tn I have had the same hair loss with extremely tender, burning and itchy scalp for many years and lost a considerable amount of hair in the process. In the same period of time I've also had menstrual migraines. I have been seeing an endocrinologist and a dermatologist to try and work things out. The endocrinologist has me on Spiro and Lo Loestrin to even out my hormones and the dermatologist has me on dermasmoothe and nizoral to stop the burning, itching and tenderness.
Avatar n tn I then reached PLATEAU and 4 days later I gt my period AGAIN (only about a week after my regular period had finished). I was worried but still didnt stop the diet.... Here is the PROBLEM ... even though i didnt stop the drops I did not lose ANYTHING elese and I have been bleeding for 8 days now ( the first 5 days it was very heavy, not it is light and mostly when I go to the bahroom but it is def still there.