Menstrual period stops and starts

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Avatar f tn Since my sister suffers from constipation the result is bleeding from these hemorrhoids. Once her period is over, the hemorrhoids return to their normal size and the bleeding stops – until the following month. For the past few months, to help her constipation and irritable bowel, she has been taking psyllium husks. The result is that the stools are much softer. An additional, unexpected result has been the absence of rectal bleeding during her period!
308453 tn?1199330966 The weakness starts a day or 2 before my period starts and stops a few days after it ends. I feel so weak when I lift my arms I can feel them shake. I also get really tired and want to sleep all the time. My anxiety is so bad during this time of the month. I start to worry about the weakness ans shakes which causes my anxiety to get worse.
Avatar f tn For the past few months they have gone to 3 days. I have right groing pain that starts a few days prior and lasts until period stops and horrible headaches around the same time. I have lost 25 lbs (was trying) and just feel weird. My right groin lymph nodes were swollen months ago before the chronic right groin pain started. What's going on?
Avatar n tn It starts with heavy spotting and then it seems like a regular menstrual cycle starts and stops then discharge, then begins again. Im so confused and it only seems to be blood on the bottom part of a tampon.......can anyone help me understand...
Avatar f tn On the 3rd of this month I started my period it lasted until the 8th, and was very normal. The day I or my period I started on my birth control. This is the same BC i have been on and off for the last 3 years. On the 15th I started another menstrual cycle. This one was not normal for me in the least. The blood is very clotted and brown. It's causing severe pain and is extremely heavy.
570004 tn?1226983796 It has been 3 years now since I last had a menstrual cycle and blood tests confirmed I was Post Menopausal. Graves and Hashis are well known for interfering with womens cycles and early menopause.
Avatar n tn Caffein, alcohol and so forth. I felt better. I take medicine for it and sometime right before my cycle starts I have to take more because it can get so bad. Most of the time they are harmless but I would still go and just get it checked out. Good luck.
Avatar n tn I have indeed determined that it's coming from the vagina, and it seems to have taken a break again. it's odd how it stops and starts. thanks for the list, I can rule out a couple things there right away but I'll look into the rest.
Avatar f tn then all of a sudden it stops, period starts and I'm fine for a few wks and then it comes back again. I've only kept a diary for two months so will wait a few more months and see if the pattern is consistent. i have never ever suffered from even minor pms before and then i had two kids, age 4 and 2 and ended up with thyroid issues which have thankfully resolved itself but now left with pms (i think) and anxiety as the doctors label it!
603463 tn?1220630455 If no conception has occurred, exactly 14 days after ovulation the menstrual period will begin. During menstruation, the uterine lining is sloughed and comes out as the menstrual flow. The uterus in effect, cleans itself down to the "roots" and the whole process begins again. If pregnancy occurs, menstruation does not, but that is another story! So, to simplify even further and summarize: The cycle starts with menstruation.
Avatar n tn During the week of my period, I gain 6-7 lbs of water and bloat, its really gross and nothing gets rid of it. It's starts the day my period starts, and goes until I start the pill again ( 3 days later the weight starts to go down). My whole body looks like a waterbed, ripply, watery, upper arms, squishy and bloated abdomen. I drink tons of water, etc and it still stays. I know most women bloat a bit BEFORE their periods then lose it when the period comes...
Avatar f tn So it's very possible that it's related to you not taking your medication. PCOS often stops your period and you don't ovulate so is unlikely to be contributing to the excessive bleeding. But..... I would also urge you to take your blood pressure medication or look at other things to lower it ie fish oil, exercise because that might create more problems and you get sicker in the future. Absolutely get it checked out.
Avatar n tn and I'm supposed to start my period in a few days. It starts out as a sore throat and swollen lymph nodes, and then it progresses into sinus headaches and congestion...then after I start my period, it seems to "disappear" This totally ***** that there are no "real" answers to this medical problem, I just called my ob-gyn this morning and the nurse told me there was no connection between cold symptoms and your period...what a load of bull!!
Avatar n tn They usually stop the first day of my period and then start up again the next month. And when I say sweats, I mean drenching... getting up at night at least twice to change and wanting to change my bedding but being too tired to do so. I have spoken with only gynecologist who blew it off. I have since changed gynecologists, but haven't met with her yet to discuss this. I read on the internet that it may have something to do with my progesterone level or that I may be premenopausal...
Avatar n tn heres one for you all, please help me understand this, i gave birth 7 months ago, had period when baby was 8 weeks old, skipped a load o periods (Probably hormones) then had period 6th july, due for another this week, but ive had constant tummy cramps for a week, and it feels like just before a period starts but ive had no bleeding and my breasts are leaking milk although i never breast fed and it dried up within weeks of giving birth its started again, did a pregnancy test today but negative al
Avatar n tn I was due for my period this week and yesterday I had some brown discharge. This is the first time I've had this and it was a little heavy. Then late last night I started to bleed. It's not my regular heavy first day bleed and it had brown discharge to. Then I woke up Friday and I already am having the end of the period discharge(brown). I had some nausea after lunch until it just stopped(after eating crackers and drinking ginger ale).
Avatar n tn Hi, I am 24 and I have the same problem. My period never stops until I take birth control pills. I had every test under the sun but everything seems to be normal. There is no cyst or fibroids, my thyroid is normal, only due to this endless bleeding my blood count has got lower than normal. The doctors has no clue and put me on birth control pills. I didn't wanted to use birth control pills anymore. So I tried many other options but nothing seem to work. Then I went to an acupuncturist.
Avatar n tn I'm currently on my period and last night my fiance and I were having sex when I suddenly felt a massive pain like the cramps when my period starts. I'm 18 and started when I was 12. What worries me though is when I put in a tampon after the pain I had to change it within 10 minutes and found a rather large clot (a little bigger than a quarter) on it. Is it normal to have to do that afterwards or is something wrong with me?
Avatar n tn I'm 34 and full of sex drive with my husband and the pain was horrible. So thinking of know more period and pain, now thats life. But if i'm still going to bleed then what was the use of the operstion. I even feel cramping. So I will let you know what her response is to me tomorrow, because this was not a side effect that was told. I'm also on antibiotics from a stahp infection and bladder infection. Boy I was I could turn time back. But I pray it gets better becasue again I say MALPRACTICE!!!!
Avatar f tn The discharge comes only on the 4th and 5th day of my period, soaking through tampons and sometimes clothes. It does have an odor (acrid) but is clear so my Dr. thinks it may be urine and referred me to a urologist. I have no infections, have never been pregnant, and just had a ultrasound that revealed normal kidneys and bladder. I too have always had trouble with constipation. I'd love some ideas of how to stop this if anyone has resolved the issue.
Avatar n tn I get extremely painful chest pains a week before my period. It ramps up and then down again a few days later when my period starts. I've had every test and doctor known to mankind. No one has given me an answer. I felt very much alone in this regard but it seems as if many women on the web have voiced this same issue. If you find any more information, I would be grateful. I've had 3 gynecologists tell me they can't help me.
Avatar n tn I had spotting/bleeding for a few days before my period was due, and then my period never came. I think I may be pregnant and I'm not sure if it could have been implantation bleeding. Any chance you're pregnant?
Avatar n tn I will get my period for a few days really heavy then it stops and then a day or so latter right up till ovulation I get brown starts out almost clott like and then turns very light and just a tiny little bit but it works out that i really only have nothing for a week bf the next period starts.
Avatar f tn Hello, I am 23 and I usually get my period for the full 6-7 days but during the 2-3 day, my period pretty much stops and starts back up again the next day. Is this pattern considered irregular and a sign of infertility? Also, every other menstrual cycle, I get a sharp pain on my right abdomen which makes it feel like my right side is swollen. It usually goes away after my period.
Avatar n tn Just over 6 wks counting from my last menstrual period. I have a 4 year old son and had no complications at all during that pregnancy. I am really scared that I will miscarry again. I also had an abortion at the end of the summer (2005) due to a very bad situation of how the pregnancy happened. My dr did 2 blood hgc tests at 4 weeks, and 4 1/2 wks which have come out normal. Immediately afterwards I had one day of VERY light, dk brown spotting. I am scheduled for an u/s tomorrow at 4pm.
Avatar n tn Wow I'm glad to find this post I was thinking the same thing, I had a MC Aug. 27 and D&C Sept 5th and just started my first period this week and it's very very heavy and I'm having clots like crazy....and the pains just like My MC with my first MC my next period was normal but this is very different I had myself convinced I was having another MC. But maybe its b/c I had the D&C this time and not with my first MC.
Avatar n tn I get this 24hrs before my period starts, then I start lightly spotting. It's just light menstrual cramping and nothing to worry about unless it stops you from doing your daily routine or you notice any sudden changes.
Avatar n tn C which was Oct 6, 2003 (they did NOT get everything the first time) I got my period Nov 7, 2003 and then my second period came Dec 7, 2003 (I had NEVER been that reg.) Jan 7 came and went so I took a test and was pg again. I have a wonderful but fussy 6 month old baby boy. Good Luck to you and I am so sorry you had to go through that.
Avatar n tn I have pretty much been on my period ever since february now, and not off of a period for more than 5 or 6 days before another starts. At end of march, I went to doctor. She put me on provera for a few days which stopped the period, and referred me to an obgyn who put me on birth control pills. I started my period about 5 days later (as expected when taking/stopping provera) and so began my birthcontrol pills shortly after. Now, in mid June, still having constant periods.