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Avatar n tn Does anyone here suffer from menstrual migraine, particularly with vertigo/dizziness? For the past few months, it seems about every two weeks - usually the week before and the week during my period - I get near constant dizziness. Sometime I'll get a one-sided headache, but not always. I usually often see tiny pinpoints of light now and then too - though they're not always associated with the vertigo or the headache.
1001420 tn?1281789449 And, when my chronic migraines are in remission or under control, I still get menstrual migraines... so, no matter what, I will always get at least one migraine before my period!
Avatar f tn * Orudis * Advil and Motrin (600-800mg) * Nalfon * Naprosyn(available in combo with Imitrex called Treximet) * Relafen * Aleve NSAID treatment should be started two to three days before the menstrual period starts and continued until the period ends. Because the therapy is of short duration, the risk of gastrointestinal side effects is limited.
1132246 tn?1260288259 Although it has not been approved by the FDA yet (it should be next year), you can also taken Frova PRIOR to the beginning of your menstrual migraine as long as you always get a menstrual migraine with your periods and as long as your periods are regular. If you track your periods and know when they start, then you can start Frova the day before your period and take it on a daily basis for a few days for the beginning of your period (how many days is up to your doctor...
Avatar f tn About 8 years ago, she underwent a hysterectomy, which she hoped would alleviate her migraine pain since they seemed to be related to her menstrual cycle. However, her migraines persist in a similar pattern occuring almost every month. She is not taking any hormone therapy. I am wondering what could be causing her migraines to continue, and were they even related to her menstrual cycle to begin with? Could her migrains have anything to do with the tubal ligation?
Avatar f tn Small doses of vasoconstrictors and anti-inflammatory drugs taken before and during menstrual period may prevent headaches. Take care and best regards.
Avatar n tn I'm 42 and I have migraine with auras and also I have Deja Vu with this its a strange feeling and then about 12hrs later I start my monthly. then about 12hrs before i quit my monthly i get the migraine with auras again Is there some OTC medicine I can get to control this. Thank You.
Avatar n tn Premenstrual syndrome is the name of a group of physical and emotional symptoms that start 7 to 14 days before your menstrual period begins. The symptoms usually resolve within a few days after bleeding starts. White milky discharge just prior to ovulation is due to the hormonal changes during ovulation.They are due to LH surge and raised Estrogen levels. You can control it by lifestyle adjustment.
Avatar f tn What can I do to help menstrual migraines? Mine have gotten so bad that I have to miss work. Excederin Migraine used to help but it doesn't anymore. They are so painful. I also have gastroparesis and so I don't know what my stomach can tolerate.
1673736 tn?1304180812 o female and have chronic pain from scar tissue in my lungs. I have had migraines since I was 16 years old. They come with my menstrual cycle. This week, I have had and still have a migraine for two straight days. It started off with a very bad one the other morning where I kept vomiting and it hurt like crazy. Nothing would help and I couldn't hold still. I have preventative meds to take and others but when mine get full blown there is nothing I can do about it except ride it out.
Avatar f tn If the migraine headaches started after you had your implanon, then this is indeed more likely be the cause. But there is such a thing as menstrual headaches which are migraine-type pain that occurs shortly before, during, or immediately after menstruation and also at mid-cycle at time of ovulation. This is usually caused by variances in estrogen levels. Vasoconstrictors and/or anti-inflammatory drugs taken before and during menstrual period may prevent headaches.
Avatar m tn My sister suffers from Migraine Which occurs on an average twice in a week. The symptoms in adition to severe pain being multiple vision , difficulty to speak and fatigue. Mostly migrane occurs while attending office and public functions which gives a little embarassment too. Kindly advice the future course of action, prevenive medicines, if any. Is it possible to have complete cure from this diseace.
Avatar m tn I have a regular period, 28 day cycle, with rarely anything other than mood swings and headaches the 2 or 3 days leading to my period. This month, exactly 1 week ago today, I started having lower abdominal cramps. Mild ones like menstrual cramps, off and on, I was also experiencing some constipation. When I was able to go it would not relieve the cramps. These cramps have been going on for 7 days now and my period isn't due for another 7 days.
Avatar f tn Progesterone is elevated in the second half of the menstrual cycle and drops to very low levels right before the pre-menstrual period. In my case Im guessing it is not raising high enough for me. Then it says the problem with hormones during menstruation occurs when progesterone is converted into another hormone called allopregnanolone, which acts like a sedative, or valium or even alcohol. This hormone can make you feel relaxed,reduce anxiety, and eveb reduces seizures.
Avatar f tn Thank you so much for replying! I almost thought i was going to start my period because on the 7th i started getting menstrual like cramping accompanied by a migraine that lasted for 2 days but still nothing. Also ive noticed more discharge then normal. But its clear. I am most deffinatly going to take your advice and seek out an gynecologist. I will keep you posted! Thanks again!
Avatar f tn I suffer from menstrual migraines. I'm about to have a completion thyroidectomy due to a diagnosis of papillary cancer, and I was wondering if anyone has ever undergone this procedure, began meds for the rest of their lives, and then rid themselves of their migraines?
Avatar n tn im almost 3 weeks delayed, im so anxious f im pregnant. i had my period n june 17, ranging 5-7 days. i usually delayed for a max of 2 weeks. my partner and i had sex on july 7, and d last was on july 26, i experiencing pms(pre-menstrual syndrome.) on d last we had sex we used lubricant, and that was my first tym t used that. and now i experiencng a brownish but very few amount of discharge. pls help me. i wanna know whats happening. ty.
323001 tn?1227715723 I am 14 years old and I have had a migraine for about 1 week. I went to the emergency room 3 days ago and they diagnosed me w/ a migraine. I have missed 3 days of school because of it. I am very sensitive to light, sound, and smells. My fingers and toes tingle more often than normal. Does anybody have any suggestions or comments? Thanks!
Avatar f tn classic (with aura), common (typically without aura), ocular, opthalmoplegic, basilar artery migraine, carotidynia, menstrual migraines, status migrainosus. Mine were called intractible common migraines. I looked up intractible and it meant stubborn, hard to manage... a very good description of my headaches!
Avatar m tn I fingered a prostitute during her menstrual period(we did not have any other sex). During the case, I used the finger with her menstrual period blood to touch my small open wound, then what is the risk for me to be infected with syphilis or other stds? Because I know from this forum that syphilis can be infected through blood to blood. thank you!
Avatar m tn Small doses of vasoconstrictors or anti-inflammatory drugs before and during menstrual period may prevent headaches. Talk to her about this and explain that the headaches can be treated and not necessarily mean another operation. Take care and have a Merry Christmas!
707563 tn?1626361905 Researchers found that girls with migraine had an earlier age of thelarche (breast development) and the onset of menarche (menstrual periods) than those with no migraine. On average breast development occurred four months earlier in those with migraine while menstruation started five months earlier. There was no difference in the age of pubarche (pubic hair development) between those with migraine and no migraine." I was probably early, but not a lot.
1179774 tn?1310132650 Hi, I have IBS and suffer from migraines. The IBS goes in to over drive when I am having a migraine. I know alot of others who suffer from both also... Have you seen a neurologist?
Avatar f tn For myself personally, I used to have a debilitating migraine every month at the start of my period, as well as random migraines once every few months triggered by barometric pressure. When I'm on Trinessa (norestimate and ethinyl estradiol) it eliminates the hormonally induced migraines but not the others.