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Avatar f tn I don't know what is wrong with me.. I have my period every 11-16 days. Along with it comes extreme nausea, heartburn, feverish but no fever, and anxiety. Usual bloating and cramps. I just feel like my cycle shouldn't be cycling this fast. I'm not pregnant, STD free.. what do I do?
Avatar n tn I'm a 44 year old woman who has been on my menstrual cycle for a week now. I also have the mirena.
Avatar m tn So I'm 22 and have been bleeding nearly every other week since the beginning of Jan. This began when I started dieting and exercizing on a regular basis, losing 30 lbs to date. The bleeding is a moderate flow and I don't feel bad or anything, I'm just sick of bleeding.I know most of you will say go to the doctor but #1 I don't have time to go because of my school schedule, #2 I simply just do not believe in going to one of those doctors.
Avatar f tn If you were my patient, I would advise you that it is very common to miss a period, or have a late period every now and then. If your pregnancy test is negative and you have taken precautions, you are probably OK. I usually suggest repeating the test weekly until you get your period, or the test is positive. One thing or another should be true within a few weeks at the most. Good luck!
443968 tn?1288612689 m not a good example bc I quit breastfeeding before the second week. I started my period immediately afterward and bled until the 10th week. After that I went on the pill and have had regular periods ever since. I hope some of the other girls can give you some info.
Avatar f tn My girlfriend ended her period after a week of it, so the next day we had sex.Late after we finished, she told me she began to bleed again with an amount that called for a tampon. This is the first time she has bled after sex, so I am curious if this is the return of her period or another condition. She noticed that it was bleeding 15 minutes after we finished.
Avatar n tn Dizziness that comes almost a full week before the period, lasts through the period and is almost constant every day during that time? I'm not totally sure it's menstrual related, but looking back over the last few months it seems to be - I have 2 good weeks at a time followed by 2 bad weeks at a time, and usually the bad weeks are around my period.
Avatar n tn Hi there! Yes, Menstrual Migraines are a type of migraine! I get menstrual migraines, but I also get other types of migraines too so I don't take a medication that is specific for menstrual migraines. A medication that you should ask your doctor about is an acute medication that is specifically for menstrual migraines. It is called Frovatriptan. Frovatriptan belongs to a class of medication called triptans, and triptans are used to treat acute migraines.
Avatar f tn I had a miscarriage back in 2011. I had to keep getting my blood treated every week after because to see if my pregnancy hormones went away. Every since then i have been having irregular cycles. Now in 2013, it has been 3 or 4 months since I had my period. When I went to my doctors appointment last week they ran a pregnancy test and it came out to be negative. But this past week I have been spotting and when I take a shower small little blood clots come out.
Avatar n tn This has been going on for 3 months now. First it started a week before my period, then it was the week during my period and this past month it occurred in the week following my period. It now seems to be progressing into gastric reflux. In addition to the nausea, I get a lump feeling in throat and fullness in chest, cough, sore throat. I saw a GI doctor who suspects Crohn's and wants to do tests. I thought Crohn's is classifed by diarrhea and not constipation, but I could be wrong.
Avatar f tn t due until the 21st but I'm having period like cramps. trying so hard not to check every symptom but ugh.
Avatar f tn My doctor said the fire sure way to get pregnant or help is to have sex every other day. What are yalls opinion on this? I am on proveria for 5 days I am on my 2nd pill today. After the last pill he said I should start my period with 2 to 10 days of stopping the last pill. What is everyone's opinion on this? Anyone have experience in this?
308148 tn?1225034358 Hello Ladies, Can some one shed some light on the best way to keep track of an irregular menstrual period. I have the hardest time keeping up with it. I was getting every 28 to 33 day for a long time, now I'm getting it on day 16 or 19 and most recently a week after it had stop? I dont get it. the nurse says its normal since I'm taking medication for PCOS. I still don't get it. help please!!!
Avatar f tn I know sometimes that leads to missed periods because the system is to weak to push.. Maybe this is the remainder of my period from last week.. Who knows..
Avatar m tn I fingered a prostitute during her menstrual period(we did not have any other sex). During the case, I used the finger with her menstrual period blood to touch my small open wound, then what is the risk for me to be infected with hepatitis C? Because I know from this forum that hepatitis C can be infected through blood to blood. thank you!
Avatar m tn 34 days, May: 35. Now it is day 38th of my cycle and no period. I have stomach pain, but no other symptoms. I am sexually active, but my partner has been using a condom. What are the chances I am pregnant?
Avatar f tn As of right now my issue is that I have been spotting almost every other day for the past 2 and a half months. Some days there is only blood when I wipe, other days there is enough blood to ruin a pair of underwear. It is not consistent and at times will go away for multiple days but more days I am spotting than not. What could this all possibly be from? I can never find answers from doctors or even online from other women.
Avatar m tn I fingered a prostitute during her menstrual period(we did not have any other sex). During the case, I used the finger with her menstrual period blood to touch my small open wound, then what is the risk for me to be infected with syphilis or other stds? Because I know from this forum that syphilis can be infected through blood to blood. thank you!
Avatar n tn Premenstrual syndrome is the name of a group of physical and emotional symptoms that start 7 to 14 days before your menstrual period begins. The symptoms usually resolve within a few days after bleeding starts. You can control it by lifestyle adjustment. Drink plenty of fluids, eat frequent small meals, fresh fruits and vegetables, cut down on caffeine and eat Calcium rich foods include dairy products, dark green vegetables, nuts, grains, beans and canned salmon and sardines (with bones).
Avatar f tn I'm 38 years old and have periods every 23-26 days. For the past couple of years there have been months of irregular periods. One month I didn't have a period, except for a day of spotting. There were a few months of having two periods. I have been charting my periods and my most fertile days. Now, I'm about 5 days late for my period. I have no other signs of pregnancy and have been having menstrual cramps, but no period yet.
Avatar f tn I would say it is a good sign. My periods do that every now and then. Sometimes I have discharge and other times I don't have discharge. My symptoms vary. My period cycle used to be every 29 days, then it went to every 38 days and now it comes when it wants to. Sometimes they are very heavy and sometimes they are very light, sometimes it is just spotting. I have went to the dr numerous times and I was told it is nothing to worry about.
Avatar f tn s 21-20-8 and my 8yr old is to my husband so I have been able to get pregnant but I have recently been noticing clear jelly discharge after my period I have a regular 28day cycle so my last period was the 20th ov November can you help me to understand what it is thank you for your time
Avatar f tn While on birth control pills if you miss two periods consecutively it is best to see a gynecologist and switch over to some other brand which may allow you to menstruate every month. Seek medical help. Best luck and regards!