Menstrual period cramps

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Avatar n tn Then last April 5, friday night i had a light spotting again that lasted till March 10, then on the 11th i had a normal like period but it was dark red and has a tiny dots of blood, with cramps also but tolerable then on the 12th light bleeding that it didn't filled the whole sanitary napkin until i got off from work.Then on the 13th there was barely nothing on my napkin but still experiencing light cramps around my pelvic and lower abdomen.
Avatar f tn Is it normal to have period like cramps during your pregnancy? Im 13 wks. I had those cramps this passed Monday, it woke me out of my sleep. It really made nervous and i checked to make sure i wasn't bleeding and i wasn't.
Avatar f tn To me, they didn't feel any different. I was prepared for disappointment because I thought my period was about to come. I don't think every woman feels cramping during implantation, just like every woman does not experience spotting.
Avatar f tn Over possible menstrual cramps? I'm just trying to figure out if I conceived is it normal to have cramps around where I'm suppose to start. I would be about 3-4 weeks if it worked.
Avatar f tn Serious 37wks & ive been having like menstrual period cramps the whole night & followed by a horrible back pain.. Ive also had dome type of discharge but it looks more like water just clear & thin... Could this mean im ready for labor or is it just something normal?? What do i do?
557614 tn?1215665302 in a year, i would experience menstrual cramps from 0 to 3 times. but last january 2008, i started having menstrual cramps (dysmenorrhea) almost every month when i get my period. It lasts for 1 to 2 days. last june 2008, i had menstrual cramps again for 1 to 2 days. as i was about to end my usual 7 day period, i noticed that i started having my period again. so my whole period lasted for about 2 weeks. now i have my period again.
7454812 tn?1391877431 I'M 28 weeks today and I've been having menstrual like cramps since I got up. Yesterday I had some green colored mucus come put in my stool. Sorry tmi but have any of you ladies experienced this at all, if so what did you do?
Avatar f tn Im 38 weeks and been having cramps kinda related to feeling of menstrual cramps. Is this normal or a sign of labor around the corner.
Avatar f tn I had period like cramps before I was even supposed to start my period, so I assumed I was going to start early.. well, surprise surprise it never came.. I was 2 weeks late, still cramping, but took a test anyway.. I'm 10w4d & I still cramp every now & then, but my OB says it's b/c I'm just so petite.. good luck!!
6387609 tn?1393274731 Yeah I would give a call just to be on the safe side. It's probably nothing, but it's better to be safe than sorry. It could be really bad gas pains, because they can be very uncomfortable sometimes & cause cramping. It could also be brought on by dehydration, so be sure to drink plenty of water or fluids to stay hydrated. But yeah my cramps just feel like really bad menstrual cramps, like the 1st day of your period feels & it's usually constant.
Avatar f tn Has anyone else had cramps, like menstrual cramps, throughtout the entire first trimester? I never had this when I was pregnant with my first 2 pregnancies, constant cramps, pains, and nausea 24/7. Does it ever stop?
Avatar f tn I had cramps since 6 weeks. But they were nothing like period cramps they were very mild. I am now 30 weeks still get cramps every now and then.
Avatar n tn a late or irregular period, pregnancy, stress, indigestion or digestive disorders, an illness, or endometriosis, etc...Menstrual cramps are caused by the uterus contracting when it expels it's lining. For many women cramps can happen 3 to 5 days before a period begins, and also during a period.
Avatar n tn *Severe* cramping isn't normal during pregnancg.. I have horrendous menstrual cramps but I've never cramped at all when I'm pregnant. It would be worth calling your dr and seeing if they want you to come in.
Avatar f tn I am 35 weeks tomorrow with baby #1. Been having menstrual like cramps in my lower back and lower belly/pelvic area. It started not last night, but the night before. Occasionally it gets painful and sharp pains spread up towards my belly button. When they aren't the sharp pains that go up higher, it's just a dull ache like the period cramps. But the cramps have been pretty constant for the past hour or so. I know I'm not in labor yet, but could this the beginning signs?
Avatar f tn Yes, thats normal. If the pain gets severe or is sharp on one side getting worse and/or bleeding, you need to get to a & e. I get the feint cramping too throughout the day but they dont really compare to period pain...i used to get bad period pain, so i use that as my indicator. Hope you feel better soon.
4193337 tn?1355698372 I'm 23 weeks and I have been havinf menstrual like cramps on and off all day. Its not from stretching...I feel like I am about to starr my period... never had this with my son. Anyone else have this?
Avatar f tn I can't answer ur question but I'm 34 weeks and have been having period cramps the last 2 days so ill bump u so someone might answer!
Avatar n tn These cramps usually begin earlier in the menstrual cycle and last longer than common menstrual cramps.
Avatar f tn Hello everyone! I have a question about menstrual cramps, and any help would be appreciated. I have been suffering extremely painful cramps for years now, ever since I got my first period when I was 13. I'm currently 18 and am going off to college very soon, but I have no idea how to deal with these cramps that incapacitate me for an entire day. My cramps get so bad that I usually faint. For example, when I was around 14 my period came in the morning but I still went to school.
Avatar f tn I will be 21 weeks tomorrow and for the past two weeks or so, I've been having menstrual-like cramps. They don't come at any particular time, and like period cramps, it hurts in my lower abdomen and back. Are these Braxton Hicks? Why am I experiencing this?