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Avatar n tn t worry, at your age I had the same situation but my period was absent for 5 monts, thats normal at a young age. And as an advise from me I reccommend you to still virgin, congratulations, I lose mine at 18 and I would prefer to wait until I know for sure I was going to be with that person forever.
Avatar f tn re a smoker which could then lead to chances of clot formations. Many things can change your menstrual cycle, including family history and your age. Stress is typically the major thing. However, if there is a chance that you could have an STD, they can also make changes in your menstrual cycle. Please get yourself to your PCP, get a pap smear done, and discuss birth control pills or another form of birth control.
Avatar f tn Before you judge: I am a YOUNG lady, but... I will NOT give out my real age. So now that I said that, How do I tell my mom I need pads?
Avatar f tn My menstrual cycle is extremely irregular. I had constant flow for about 2.5 months, Januay-March. I had a regular period in early April and have not had one since. My husband and I are trying to conceive baby #2, our son is 1 year old. We have not had any luck conceiving, which is frustrating because we've been trying since our son was about 3 weeks old.
Avatar f tn Hi, I'm 17 years old, I'm a virgin. However, I had a last menstrual period in the middle of May. I still did not get the next period. I had a pain in the uterus from the last period, but only every few days and like always before the start of the period. Breast pain also occurs every few days but again not as much as ever before menstruation. What could be the reason for the delay over a monthly period?
Avatar f tn I gave birth 6 months ago Ive nursed since birth but having a huge problem getting my lil one to take a bottle no luck Ive tryed several different bottles I would like to stop nursing but dont know how? Since giving birth I have yet to start my menstrual cycle is this normal...
Avatar f tn I have been on my menstrual cycle for 3 weeks now and i'm starting to get worried. Should I be? I was in the hospital recently with an abscess in my throat and the day after I was released I started my period and it is now 3 weeks later and I am still bleeding and passing alot of clots. A friend told me it could be my body getting rid of all that infection from when I was in the hospital. I am still worried though. Can you give me some advice?? PLEASE????
Avatar f tn It is found mainly in young women who are in the age group of 15 to 30,but it can occur also in older women.The size of these lumps is known to increase during the menstrual cycle and pregnancy. Sometimes they can even shrink or disappear on their own.
570004 tn?1226980196 Over the past several months (since about July – a month or two after I started on levothyroxine) I've noticed that my menstrual cycle is about a week shorter than it used to be. It was about 36 days before, but now it seems to be about 28 days at most - if anything it's getting shorter; not going back to the way it was before. Does anyone know if this is normal / related to hypothyroidism? I am 31 years old. Thank you.
Avatar n tn While the average menstrual cycle is typically 28 days, a normal menstrual cycle ranges from 21-35 days for adults and 21-45 days for young teens. However, if you have had unprotected sex and feel you could be pregnant, take a home pregnancy test.
1142551 tn?1264736930 I was curious if it was related to the MS that I miss a menstrual cycle during flare ups. Sometimes even 2! I am not sexually active so pregnancy wouldn't be the cause. Also sorry I just seem to post my questions and just that without any history of myself and my illness. I promise I will get to that once Im feeling better. But Thanks to everyone that has welcomed me on this forum.
Avatar m tn ok that good thn i dont think that you have to worry it just ur young and irregular menstrual cycle.
Avatar n tn If things persist and it goes missing for like a month or two you may want to talk to your parent and make sure all is well. Some women do experience irregular menstrual cycles but not sure at what age something like this happens.