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Avatar f tn i have been having menstrual like cramps off and on for the past two days where they are really uncomfortable. Now today I have notice my lower abdomen is really sore and mildly painful when Iove, lay down, walk or even bend over. I am 32 weeks and 4 days. Is this normal?
Avatar n tn I woke up in the middle of the night with menstrual cramps and a slight pressure/burning in my urethra. I'm in the middle of my menstrual cycle and don't normally feel any discomfort until the day before or day of my period, so this is out of the ordinary. I've also had UTIs before, and the pressure in my urethra feels less intense, though I have had to go to the bathroom about every 45 min-an hour. Is this a UTI or just cramps making me paranoid?
Avatar f tn Hey girls for the past hour I have been having uncomfortable menstrual cramps and a little back pain. I'm kinda sweating due to the cramps. My stomach got tight about two times. Is this normal or Shud I go to the hospital?
Avatar f tn I'm 35+4 wks and I've had what feels like menstrual cramps for about 5 hours now... Additionally, it hurts when I stand up and there's pressure in my pelic region. I try to alleviate it by going pee, but it doesn't help much. I've had some contractions, but nothing making me feel like I'm in labor yet. My ob just had me take a test for a uti, but this doesn't feel like a uti. My mom had bad cramping before her mucus plug came out.. Anyone have an experience like this?
Avatar f tn I am 22+2 and have been experiencing cramps reminiscent of mild menstrual cramps for the last few days. They would happen thoughout the day and always very low, right around the pubic none. Turned out to be a UTI. I didn't have any other symptoms of a UTI. Probably be good to get checked out by your doc.
800427 tn?1324949319 So, on Friday i had really really bad cramps....they felt like menstrual i couldve started my period at any minute. i was out of town visiting my mom and i wasnt having any bleeding, i didnt fall or anything like that so i thought maybe i was just stretching...a lot. so i layed down and suffered....i was expecting them to go away but they stayed there the whole day..i got little breaks here and there but it was mostly there all day just like period cramps..
Avatar f tn May23rd the pain was getting to the point where i decided to see my doctor, she urged me to do a UTI and that i may not be pregnant. May 24th my doctor wasnt in for the results and my cramps were at its worst. May 25th got my results, negative to the UTI, so she gave me the medication "just in case" i had one and it just didnt show up. she gave me a pelvic exam and found my belly was normal.
11356079 tn?1421361418 Anyone have menstrual like cramps and back pain when nearing or in the third trimester? This didn't happen with my other pregnancies. It has been happening for 4 days, no bleeding...but when I called my OB the attendant seemed unsure and said "probably normal"...I've never gone into labor, I've always been induced so I don't really know exactly what natural labor feels like.
211043 tn?1337054301 I am 29 weeks and spent the night in labor and delivery last night getting checked out, because I have had constant menstrual cramps since about 7pm last night. These are NOT ligament pains - I've had those too and these are NOT on the sides at all, it is very centered and concentrated around my lower uterus. They haven't gone away, but sometimes they are worse then others. I don't think they're braxton hicks, because those are supposed to come and go and only last for a few minutes.
Avatar n tn I'm almost 4 weeks. I have what feels like menstrual cramps 24/7 and have had them for awhile. Is that normal?
Avatar f tn Like you mention, feels like menstrual cramps but sometimes stronger or sharper. At times I get sharp stabbing pains as well.
1639915 tn?1378932813 I have been to the doctor i was at the doctor on the 27th and thats when i was told that i had a uti and the antibotics i was givin was what helped induce my menstrual cycle and then as soon as my menstrual cycle stopped not even a week later i started having some cramping it has stopped since it only lasted for a day so not to sure what it was
Avatar f tn I found out I have a UTI on Monday and since I've been on antibiotics it's started feelinf better. Until about 30 min ago I felt fine, now I'm having menstrual like cramping and lower back pain. I feel nauseous and the only thing I've been able to stomach is water and a few pieces of watermelon. What should I do? Or what could this mean?
Avatar f tn Ive been having these cramps that feel like menstrual cramps and i just had my af last week and ive been goin to the bathroom alot and i havent really increased my intake on liquids so what rould be the problem any suggestions?
Avatar n tn I noticed my menstrual blood was darker and smelled really bad this period. It's so gross and super embarrassing. Sex wise I have been with the same partner for over a year, and we are monogamous. He is not circumcised. We recently switched to condoms because I was warned other medications I am on for headaches could make my birth control less effective. I was just on antibiotics two weeks ago for a sinus infection. My mom has a history of endomitriosis. Any suggestions?
Avatar m tn That was definitely the worst pain I've had outside of child birth. You could also have a UTI on top of the cyst. If your urine is testing positive, I don't see how a cyst could cause that. I also don't see how a UTI could cause the pain/preassure feeling you have on just one side. Hopefully the ultrasound will confirm what's going on and you can get treated and feel better! Good luck!
Avatar n tn hello, I also have the same problem, I have an UTI every month, on the 2.-3 day of my menstrual cycle. it is not a problem of hygiene. I had two C- section, no natural birth, my bladder was perforated at the first C-section. but it was 8 years ago and my problem became regular since one year. do You have any helpful idea? it is very big problem for me.
12446964 tn?1425527425 Hello friends, If anyone could give me advice I would really appreciate it! I went to the ER roughly two months ago with abdominal cramps, urine foul-smelling, burning pee, and also urgency to pee. They said I had tons of bacteria and it was E Coli. They placed me on Nutrofurition for 10 days and it cleared it up.. so I thought. About three weeks later, I my symptoms returned and I went to a clinic.
1604313 tn?1304365223 I know the difference between pain of a UTI, and what I am experiencing now. I have had one just a couple months ago, and this is nothing in comparison. Very mild menstrual like cramps. No pain using the restroom, and defiantly no constant need to go to the bathroom.
Avatar m tn I've been experiencing cramps for days (but for a short time only), but still isn't bleeding. My boyfriend fingered me on April 4, 2014, and so I thought it was because there's a small amount of sperm that's got into me, but still I think it's unlikely to get me pregnant. But still, I took a pregancy test after three week, bc I think I'm delayed. But then, the result was negative. Why am I experiencing this? I'm planning to get a pregancy kit again, to make sure I'm not pregnant.
Avatar n tn No sign of AF, only menstrual-type cramps, sore bbs at times, gas for 1-2 weeks and fatigue that began yesterday (Oct. 7). I am a D-cup so it's more difficult for me to tell if they are swollen at all. I have also had CF that's clear or slightly milky at times and seems to be more abundant than normal. I want to wait to take HPT until next week when I'll get more accurate result, but that's so hard!! I don't want to take one and get false neg.
Avatar n tn Afer my last one, in April 2005, I have had nothing but problems. Right after surgery I had complications urinating (not from the cath and not a UTI). This was a different kind of a pain. There was a lot of internal pressure. Then, I had the normal after child birth bleeding (6 weeks). I was on mircette (birth control pills), and my first period was over a week late. When it arrived, it felt like something popped, and there was an explosion of blood. I bled for 3 days.
Avatar f tn I'm still having cramps, but they're definitely mild. Still, when you feel cramps that FEEL like menstrual cramps, you kind of freak out. I'm trying to stay positive and not think about it, but it's hard. GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR TEST LWITTE! I'll be praying for you this week! Let us know how it goes!