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Avatar n tn i've been having problems with gas for quite some time now, i'll have it all day like normal but it always gets bad at night time, its always the same repetitive and painful. sometimes it comes with horrible cramps, same or worst then menstrual, sometimes i feel like i can't control it. at first i thought it was because of my birth control but i don't think so, then i thought it was because what i ate but i proved that wrong i don't eat several hours before going to sleep.
Avatar n tn Yeah same here lots of gas haha I go to my first appointment Monday
Avatar n tn Shortly after this cramping, etc. started. The cramps feel like menstrual cramps that won't go away and the gas is constant. What could be causing this. Please help. sincerely, Danielle W.
6387609 tn?1393278331 How far along are you? At 30wks I went to dr & hospital for having really bad cramps & back pain and I ended up getting monitored all day & they said I was having uterine irritability (mini contractions) & they had to give me a preterm labor shot. They said it could've been brought on by dehydration or bacterial vaginosis (an infection I had at the time).
2026433 tn?1337654433 Cramps now are feeling more like gas pains /upset stomach, instead of menstrual that I felt before.
Avatar f tn Most of the time cramps are just your uterus expanding they feel like menstrual cramps. If they are worse than that though it can be a reaction to depression or medication.
Avatar n tn When the cramps went away i took a test and got a (+). I havent cramped since. Just gas. You could have your dates off a little but if they are consistent and never go away, only an ultrasound and blood work will be able to tell you forsure whats going on. Hopefully everything comes back fine.
Avatar n tn The strange thing is that since yesterday I've been feeling cramps...menstrual cramps. It seems so soon since I would be getting af til the 14th of November. Has anyone ever experienced this, it kind of already makes me give up on this cycle b/c I feel as if af is right around the corner. Just wanted to know if any of you've experienced this or have any insight on it. Thx.
Avatar n tn Hey ladies, Ok I am 18wks prego, and I am experiencing some really really really really bad menstrual like cramps. I never been a one to have cramps while on my cycle but its is very unbearable! What could it be? I have contacted my doctor, who hasn't called me back yet! Ladies could you help me... any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
Avatar f tn You could be bloated for a number of reason gas foods you ate that cause gas. Without more info and symptoms would be hard to say. Good you were on antibiotics for UTI watch your symptoms and nthe meds should of worked for UTI do you have a followup appt w/ doctor?
Avatar f tn However the nausea passed quickly and then the cramping stopped fairly abruptly and I felt perfectly fine. The pain is exactly like menstrual cramps, which I've had since starting my period at age 13, except when on birth control pills, which I haven't been on for years. This pain doesn't coincide with my period, it has at various times occurred at all phases of my cycle. I have a tendency towards constipation but only when I'm not eating well.
Avatar n tn So when I was about 4-5 weeks pregnant I had two episodes of what felt like bad menstrual cramps. It scared me because that's about the time I found out I was pregnant. I did go the ER the night of my second episode and they did a transvaginal ultrasound and everything looked normal. Since then I have been to the doctor twice and had two other ultrasounds - the last one revealed a heartbeat! However I still had cramps -no bleeding.
Avatar f tn I thought it was bracton hicks but now im 100% convinced that its not. My entire stomach cramps up...not like menstrual u have gas. Then i have these weird sharp shooting pains on my sides. This all started wen i took a "tylenol" from the store. I went in the store and asked for a packet of tylenol cuz i was he gave me a packet...but the onli thing was that it didnt say tylenol on said pain relief.
Avatar f tn Like you mention, feels like menstrual cramps but sometimes stronger or sharper. At times I get sharp stabbing pains as well.
4165941 tn?1353992228 I think it depends on the person. My bh are super uncomfortable. They dont feel like menstrual cramps they feel like someone is squeezing my belly really tight..
Avatar m tn Gas is terrible painful at times, but combining menstrual cramping with gas is super painful! I've had it. I'd eat some bland foods (if that helps) and get a hot water bottle to ease the cramps.
Avatar n tn Not necessarily diarrhea, but not formed. I also have cramping similar to menstrual cramps most days of the week, with some days being much worse to the point of needing to lay down. I have constant dull pain in my lower left pelvis. My regular doctor said "IBS" the gyno said "I don't know". I do not have a period because I have the Mirena IUD, which also according to the ultrasound, has caused my uterine lining to be so thin that I will not actually bleed.
Avatar f tn I have had abnormal bleeding for years, since high school. I bled for about four years straight every single day in high school. I would soak my gym shorts whenever I did strenuous excercises. Now, I have low back pain. If I do something that causes my back to really start aching, I will start having pre menstrual cramps then full on bleeding with severe gas pain & bloating. I would have to take over 24000 ibuprofen tablets (200mg) in one day to get through & to slow down the bleeding.
Avatar n tn If I am sitting up in bed and have gas it is clearly coming from both ends. You know if you have regular gas you would at least have time to walk out of the room, but with this you don't. I want to hide from the world. Please help me and guide me as what to do next. I am totally at a loss.
Avatar f tn Do gas pains feel like menstrual cramps? I've been having a lot of them lately and I'm quite gassy! I know also that you'll have cramps at 14 weeks because the uterus is moving up but I just want to be sure.
Avatar n tn I have it much worse - like you, I get EXCESSIVE [lower intestinal] gas every single day. Unlike you, my gas is extremely painful. It's gotten to the point where I can no longer work out or ride my horse or do many of the things I love. Interesting (but comforting to know), like you and other have stated is that I have horrible gyn issues. In fact, one fameous doctor I've seen was CONVINCED based on several of my symptoms that I have endometriosis.
Avatar f tn I just assumed it was due to pms, but then I had my period, and then the problems persisted after. Along with the bloating I have had an excess amount of gas and I find myself burping a lot. One morning I woke up and it felt like a balloon had been blown up inside my stomach! Sometimes the pain is in the middle of my abdomen, then other times it is closer to my pelvis and feels more like menstrual cramps... Anyone else experience this? A little background info: I am 21 years old.
Avatar n tn It started out as a mild case of gastroenteritis (diarhhea and bad cramping in my general abdominal region and down my legs to my toes - similar to the feelings of menstrual cramps). I wasn't getting better so my college health services nurse suggested a lot of stool samples to do tests. C-Diff came back negative, as did many other things, but I am still sick. About 5 days ago, I started passing only mucus during some of my bowel movements. Other times, I would pass normal, soft stool.
935872 tn?1247150347 IF the cramps are regular and you have more than 5 in an hour get in to be seen. A few days ago I had what felt like really strong Menstrual or gas cramps. I'm almost 16w. And they started out strong and painful.. They went from 10 min to every 2 min within the first 20 minutes of them starting. I realized they were contractions and that it was because I hadn't had enough water so I drank 2 bottles of gatorade and they went away completely about 15min later.
Avatar n tn No sign of AF, only menstrual-type cramps, sore bbs at times, gas for 1-2 weeks and fatigue that began yesterday (Oct. 7). I am a D-cup so it's more difficult for me to tell if they are swollen at all. I have also had CF that's clear or slightly milky at times and seems to be more abundant than normal. I want to wait to take HPT until next week when I'll get more accurate result, but that's so hard!! I don't want to take one and get false neg.
Avatar n tn I don't think this is heartburn, this is a cramping not a burning feeling, I've never had heartburn. This is also NOT menstrual cramps or ovulation, I have much experience with THAT and know the difference.
Avatar f tn Worse than menstrual cramps, and reminded me of when I was experiencing contractions from labor. The pain radiated to my lower back also. The pain has been off and on for a whole week now, with some days being better than others. It gets a lot worse if I'm even the slightest bit hungry, and as soon as I eat the cramps stop. I assumed it was food poisoning since this all started immediately after my meal on Monday, but I've never heard of it causing cramps for a week straight! Any ideas?