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Avatar m tn Last one is very important I got this from men's health magazine. Get on all fours. Hands and knees on the floor. Keep your back straight and use your arms to move your upper body forward. Your knees is kept at the position at all times. Your upper body will be lower than your back. This builds muscles in the back. This is exetremely important especially if you are building muscles.
Avatar n tn Yes the baking soda used to clean toilets. Eat it.. It will rise your ph.. More? So how to test your ph.. Buy a ph tester from an enzyme company. O by the way.. Baking soda also cures Gout, acid reflux, stomach ulcers, bladder infections etc etc etc.. So just do it. And to all you legal drug dealers (doctors) selling drugs to people for profit, knowing that the real solution is a cook book away,, **** you!!! Oh and get this last one.. Cancer cells die in a body with a ph of 7.
Avatar f tn in research I found that Dr Oz has stated taking the ACV can add more acid to your system...we would advise your Dr do a PH study to see if your levels are high or low, as the symptoms are similar....and adding more acid to one that is already high would not be helpful. I also do not advocate trying what works for others without discussing it with your Dr to see what is best for you.
Avatar n tn Diagnosis made by urogynecologist after discharge increased with using health store suppositories for maintaining vaginal ph. This led to my diagnosis. Amoxil 500 was given and no more problems! Husband was not treated and he is fine also. It has been a year now. No more external/internal vaginal skin irritations during period either. No more bladder infections. I hope it doesn't return! Good luck to everybody, I had this problem for years (can't even count).
Avatar n tn Apparently it can happen if semen backs up into the prostate due to interrupted ejaculation, reverse gravity position, etc, and then hardens (could be hours to days later). They suggested over-hydrating and then "rubbing it out", but I usually just take a couple of Advil and sleep on my stomach.
Avatar n tn Here are my stats in case there is some common link that could be causing it. 53, excellent health, have enlarge prostate (take Flomax). Also take Centrum Silver, Zocor, Nexium and a baby aspirin. But, have taken all these for a long, long time and doubt any of them are the cause. I started a new job where I sit in an office chair 8 hours+ each day. The vibration started a few days after I started this job, though I've had office type jobs my entire life.
Avatar m tn This is due to the fact that the pH of the hypertonic saline solution is different from the pH of the water in your body. This will not affect the power or safety of the saline solution, just the comfort level. The comfort you are looking for is to get rid of sinus problems. You will get used to the burning sensation, to the point where it doesn’t bother you anymore. The burning will not damage your sense of smell. In fact, it will improve it. I keep a small bottle of Dr.
Avatar n tn any instructions for follow-up? did you get any meds? Seriously think about going to a naturopath for extra health support, get someone to call and drive you there. Also, go see your medical doctor if you feel that you have worsened. I got the flu shots on Nov 5th and there have been days that I felt that I went "backwards" and then I would improve again. Look at our original forum (Tingling after Swine Flu Vaccine) where there are over 150 comments for more feedback and suggestions.