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Avatar m tn i really find it hard to believe that most of my health problems are NOT from the HCV. there has to be a link between them & HCV. eventually they will find the connection with all the extra hepatic manafiestations. like they say the liver does 500 functions in the human body so it only makes sense that metabolic & other things are related somehow. just my opinion of course.
Avatar m tn I feel this question would be answered better in our men's health forum. There you will find answers to most of your questions. Here is the link to it. http://www.medhelp.
Avatar m tn http://www.medhelp.
Avatar m tn I posted this message on the men's health forum but later on I found this probably more relevant forum.. Link to post: Please take a look. Thx.
Avatar m tn Don't be sorry, we're here to help any way we can. If you look on the forums page to the right you will see the Drs forums. If I'm not mistaken, I think there may be a fee. Try posting your question there and see what it says about any fees. If you can't find what your looking for, the Drs forum, let me know and I'll try to better help you find it.
Avatar m tn Unfortunately, though, I'm not too familiar with the side effects. Did you try posting this on the Men's Health forum...or maybe even the Urology forum? Here's the link to Urology: And this is to the Men's forum: Best of luck!
Avatar n tn They came right off when I pulled at them. I went to see a doctor in the men's clinic and he said he couldn't see anything where I had pulled these growths off. I had him take a look at the growths on my testicles and he said that they weren't anything to worry about. Then, last week, the morning after receiving oral sex, I noticed two more growths higher up on the shaft of my penis. I pulled one off and left the other for a doctor to look at.
Avatar m tn This the Men's Health forum I think if you post your question in the Women's health forum you will get answers to your question.
Avatar m tn A Harvard study published in the journal Human Reproduction found a strong association between men's consumption of soy foods and decreased sperm counts. In the study, men who ate a variety of soy-containing foods and then underwent semen analysis had poor sperm quality. Animal studies also found connections between males chowing down on soy and erectile dysfunction.
463897 tn?1468017350 Hi, Please join me in welcoming Remar as your new Community Leader for the Men's Health Community. Remar has helped many people on the community, and we look forward to her working to help your Community continue to improve and grow.
Avatar n tn Second, I think I would see another doctor, one preferably who specializes in mens health. I wish I could be of more help, but, hopefully, you will find the help you need soon.
Avatar m tn http://www.medhelp.
Avatar n tn // since i couldn't find any expert forums regarding men's health, i thought that link above could be as beneficial. hope i helped you out some!
10947 tn?1281407852 Lynch Associate Professor of Urologic-Oncology Associate Professor, Urology and Public Health Director, Program in Robotic-Prostatectomy and Urologic-Oncology Outcomes Associate Attending Urologist at Weill Medical College of Cornell University. We hope this help further our Men's Health offering and please feel free to send feedback or other suggestions.
967168 tn?1477588089 while researching I found some info on the CHF patients' website that's disturbing and makes me question echo guidelines and standards; even my dr's are stumped when I ask them what are the echo parameter standards? "Even though the labs routinely used the terms "mild," "moderate," and "severe", they admitted that they had no standard guidelines as to what exactly these words meant. This means that interpreting echo results is partly subjective.
92903 tn?1309908311 But this article from a Gay Men's Health web site is a good quick read on nutrition and the liver. Interestingly, nothing about coffee enemas. Maybe I'm wasting my time.
Avatar n tn Thank you to the Doctors who make it available I recently had a sexual encounter with a woman (who I believe to be extremely promiscuous) and we used baby oil with the condom ---- our intercourse lasted about 10 minutes --- the condom didn't break, but it was clearly thinner than before ---- nonetheless, I've search all over this board and all doctors believe that baby oil does not cause microscopic tears to be created With that said though, there are quite a few websites that maintain that b
Avatar m tn I posted this is the Men's health forum but it's received little attention and I'm quite concerned. I'm still more or less a kid (I'm 13). Recently I pulled back my foreskin to find that the ridge of my penis glands is a dark purple color. Also there's a small area around the opening of my urethra that is a bright red color and it sometimes burns when I pee. To top it all off the shaft of my penis is thicker than the head and I was wondering if that was normal.
Avatar m tn We are all CP {Chronic Pain} Patients that help each other with our own expertise and experiences that we have developed through our own CP Issues. I would like to recommend that you re-post this on the Men's Health Forum. We are mainly here to deal with Chronic Pain issues and I really believe that the Men's Health Forum will be able to give you the immediate answers that you are looking for. :) Here's the link: http://www.medhelp.
Avatar n tn Basically, pay attention to otherewise unexplained minor itching, irritation, or sore spots mostly on the genitals, but could be anywhere on the body parts that would be covered by men's boxer shorts -- i.e., buttocks, anus, lower abdomen. If anything pops up, see a provider within 1-2 days to confirm whether or not it's herpes. If you are average, HSV-2 would be detectable in your genital area (vagina, labia, etc) about 10% of the time.
Avatar m tn Note: if you are on a blood thinner you should not be taking it. See if this link works - lots of info here - While this (the above) is a fairly positive report. The Harvard Men's Health Watch April 2012 said that Ginkgo bilbo is not recommended for "any purpose" as it has failed careful trials.
Avatar n tn Firstly, the NIAID (National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases) carried out research regarding the link between healed genital herpes sores and an increased chance of contracting HIV. Please see the link below. From your previous posts I understand that the likelihood of contracting HIV from an HIV positive female during a single episode of unprotected penile/vaginal intercourse is extremely low.
Avatar m tn I had never heard of this condition, maybe because I am a female and have never worked in Men's Health. Therefore I did hours of reading and research and came up with some interesting theories. As you apparently know this condition is notoriously difficult to treat. There are some theories that this has a physiological component. One of the treatments when nothing else seems to be effective is called "Skin Deep.
Avatar n tn About one third of cases are caused by chlamydia, but the specific cause in most cases is unknown. Treatment of men's sex partners is routine. In terms of your health, most likely there is no serious risk. The mostly unknown causes of nonchlamydial NGU have not clearly been shown to carry any serious health risks for women.
967168 tn?1477588089 Getting things ready for my dr's appt I noticed some discrepancies with my Echo, MRI & CT's; so I started researching and asking questions (I probably ask too many questions)...I posted this in my journal so I would have it handy and wanted to post here for any who may have other info or know how reliable this is. I found some info on the CHF patients' website (
Avatar m tn Hi, I have what I consider a problem. I was exposed to low risk HPV and then coincidentally had bumps pop up on the head of my penis. Just to add background, the girl had been clear- never any symptoms, was told by her doctor not to worry about it at all - and then told me about it and then told me she was pregnant from her ex for about a month when I was exposed...
Avatar m tn We have a man here on the Men's Health forum who's user name is Solace21. He is so great about figuring out these kinds of problems. He probably would'nt mind if you sent him a message and asked if he would read your post. Hang in there, okay. You've only seen one Dr so far. Keep searching, even if it means seeing several Drs, until you find out what's going on. There has to be an answer to your problem.
Avatar m tn In July of 2008 I had protected (condom) sex with a woman I didn’t know, after sex I cleaned my genitals with soap and water. A week after the encounter I went to see my general practitioner to test for any STDs and all tests came back negative. I didn’t think much about this until I started getting some discomfort/irritation on the head of my penis roughly 2-4 weeks later, on the left side of the head of my penis I could see slight discoloration.