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Avatar n tn I'm currently on cycle day (CD) 54, and I'm 33 days past ovulation (dpo). I should have gotten my period around July 1st 2010, and since today is the 21st of July, you can see I'm pretty late. All HPT (home pregnancy tests) that I've taken are negative. I went to the OB she refused to give me a blood test. I went to my reg doctor yesterday and she gave me a blood pregnancy test, and it came back negative.
Avatar f tn You body will reach a point where it can no longer compensate (keep the calcium levels near-normal in your blood) and the resulting spike can cause a stroke or heart attack. Something else you might want to investigate is pituitary-driven problems. MENS syndrome for one can effect several endocrine systems (thyroid, pancreas, parathyroid, female hormone, etc.) and can also present with tumors popping up.
Avatar n tn I am 55 days from my last period, so about 3 weeks late. I have scheduled a doc appointment for next week. I phoned a health nurse and she said that I could very well be pregnant as I've had no stress, change in diet or exercise or anything else. Any other or stories of this happening to anyone else or adivce is appreciated.
Avatar f tn I got pregnant in 2010 had my last child in feb 2011, it was the worst pregnancy I was so ill in and out of the hospital induced 2 times at 37 weeks no amniotic fluid and from there Ive been down hill very bad this time around
Avatar n tn I'm not saying this to scare you, just to tell you to be more attentive to your personal health. I will keep you all posted if any new developments arrise or if I find out anything else, i know how frustrating and perplexing this thing is!!
Avatar f tn Was re-catheterized, all the major arteries were given a clean bill of health, but was placed on a beta blocker. Terrible reaction to the first one, put on a second one, and finally my cardiologist took me off that one as well. Although I see some improvement, I still have chest "aches" on exertion. All on the left side, below the heart,, in the side, sometimes in the back of the shoulder, and above the breast. Can not walk at a normal pace. Walk very slowly to control the pain.
162948 tn?1205256292 I had my IUD removed in July 2007 and since then my body has not been the same. I noticed that I have a strong odor that smells like old blood and a clear jelly-like discharge whenever I wipe myself. This did not occur immediately after I got my IUD removed. This just started happening. I went to the doctor ran ever test on me imaginable and they all came back negative. Is this normal? Is it normal my body to go throught this......Please advise. Thank you!!
1216899 tn?1288573925 I had many of these symptoms for years, but after my appendix ruptured earlier this year and I spent more than a week in the hospital, I have been far more observant about my health. BTW, I'm a female in my early 30's. Head: Migraines and other headaches -- I have had these since I was 3 Seeing things out of the corner of my eye that are not there -- until someone else listed this, I had not thought to put this together.
Avatar n tn Said i could put 20% weight on it with knee imobilizer in place. Passive ROM PT started 13 July for three times a week. Reached 88 degrees by July 15 but regressed back to 80 degrees on July 17. PT said maybe scar tissue building up under patella and moved it around a little - a little uncomfortable.
Avatar n tn hi everyone, I've had paragard in since July 2007 and I've always been on time. I know i got my period at the end of august. we are now in oct. 10. I've been feeling all the symptoms did a pregnancy test and came out negative. The only things is that my breast don't feel different. When i was pregnant with my first child the soreness and crying was through the roof. but now I've had headaches everyday in the morning, dizzy, the smell has been incredible and hungry early in the morning.
Avatar n tn I am a college student, and I do not have medical coverage outside of the health center on my campus... however, they are good for nothing there, and have not been able to give me any answers. I am totally open to any information that can be offered, or any suggestions as to what I should do... I don't feel pregnant, but I am worried what else could be going on. email me at liz_ripepi***@**** please please please!
Avatar n tn I am hopeful this will work for me, my doctor only does this on patients in good health otherwise and having good bone structure. She said the day of surgery that there is also a chance that when she gets in there the disk might not fit and she would have to do fusion instead. These disks only come in a few sizes. I had my surgery done by Dr Joan O'Shay in Marlton, NJ. I will answer any questions that you have.
Avatar f tn June 23rd- I have a regualr , all by myself kinda period and then again on July 20th. This sorta stuff doesn't happen to me EVER so I was thrilled. I was told that after an hsg, were are more fertilie for 3-4 months. I wasn't banking on anything to work for me though. My August period didn't show up and I tested negative mid and late month when I tested at home. Yesterday on day 61 of my cycle, I have a BIG FAT POSITIVE!!!
Avatar n tn Hello everyone, I have this same issue. I know this under "Mens Health issues" but I am a 35 yr old female and have been having extreme heat sensations in my left wrist for about six months. I can go a week at a time without this sensation, and then out of nowhere it just is there. I am a non smoker. I have been undergoing several MRI tests in the past six months.
Avatar n tn Well of course I got prego and gained the weight back. So I am 2 days into my vit b12 shot and my Phen and I hope to lose the weight to get back into belly dancing. Wish me luck. My starting weight 208 at 5' 6'' Good luck to everyone and keep up the great work!
123759 tn?1226934204 I used a ovulation calculator online and it stated i would ovulate the last week of june from the 27th to the 1st something like that. well, I had unprotected sex about a week after that on July 7th thinking i would be ok. July 15th came and I had no period. I figured it was just late or something cause I assumed you cant get pregnant the week before your period and if i did i would have at least had this period right? Well it is the 26th and still no period.
Avatar n tn I got pregnant in July 2003. I also had a miscarriage in Sept. 2003. When I went to have my pap appointment a month later, to make sure all of the baby was out. It went well, and I felt so strange being there with all those pregnant women. I was ready to beat hell out of there. Before I left they wanted me to take a pregnancy test. I thought it was the craziest thing I ever heard! Whatever got me out of there and fast, I would do! Well imagine my amazement when it came up positive.
Avatar n tn I had my period after the first set of pills, but I took the second set of bills during my second period which was regular. I should of ovulated on the 19th of June and should of started around the 5 or 6th of July. I took a test on the 3rd, I know too early but it was the clearblue digital which says you can take it 5 days sooner. My friends were pushing me to take it so I did. It came back negative and I was crushed. Again I took the test on the 10th and it still read negative.
Avatar n tn i just went through the same thing 2wks ago. i am just now starting a normal mens. you are having the same symptoms that i had. slight cramps light bleeding. some dizziness. have you been really tired too. so far it sounds like everything is running like normal. you have my deepest apologizes for your loss i know what you are feeling. best of luck.
530191 tn?1214166411 ) I did have some remission from September 2009 to January 2010. After my period in January, the hives have returned everyday. Thanks for reading my rants.
Avatar n tn I came off the pill at the beginning of July which I have been on for about 5 years. The period I would get whilst on the pill would be pretty much a breeze. Now I know that I never used to get much PMS - only a bit of cramping either the day before or on the same day as my period which used to be quite bad.
Avatar n tn It turns out I'm not pregnant, either. We had a high ultrasound and bt on the 24th. We went in on the 30th, again, for another bt, and it came out neg. :...( We were both so shocked that my husband hit a vehicle directly in front of us while waiting in traffic. He not only hit the vehicle...he kept crunching into it. He was in a daze after our 2nd office visit. We were so convinced we were still pregnant. Now, our dr.
Avatar n tn I did not follow the directions, as I skipped the white pills, so that I wouldn't have a period (I know, I know - bad decision!). That worked up until July. Then I started bleeding, even while taking b/c. The bleeding lasted for two - three weeks. Then the discharge started. It was a brown/gray discharge. It would occasionally stop, for maybe a day or two, but then start again. The worst part of it all was the smell. It actually smelled BETTER after having sex.
Avatar n tn todays the 29 of july and last week monday i began to bleed so i was thinking i was going throught my period because to tell the truth i never know when it coming im irregular.. on the 27 seven monday night i started to use the bathroom but it burned to urinate so i went to the hospital because i noticed that i had blood in my urine i was check out and was diagnosed with uranary tract infection and was sent home with medication later dat night around 3 am i woke up with extreme abdominal pains..
Avatar m tn I had a large kidney stone removed on July 22, 2010. I had the stent removed a week later. I was fine for about a week after the stent was removed and then began to have pain in the kidney in which the stone was removed. Since then the pain has gotten worse and worse. It has now gotten to the point of where I am on the heating pad constantly when not at work and I am always taking pain pills. What kind of a life is this.
192055 tn?1263559137 I've always been in good health, and had been very sucessful in athletic pursuits when younger.[Not so much now, due to age and various injuries.] I only bother saying this because it rules out age, injury, puberty, etc. as specific causes. Also, the first 17yrs., never drank, smoked, or did drugs. Again this is notable, because I've noticed this condition since at least 8ys of age. The key here is, I was a [good] competative swimmer, but always very anxious, before during and after events.
Avatar n tn After we separated I bumped into an old girlfriend in July of 2005 and we had unprotected sex. Ever since having sex with her my penis has had that sensation. I went to the doctor in August 2005 complaining of the sensation in my penis and was given the swab test as well. The results came back normal. To this day today I still have the same sensation and worry about it as well. It is not painful but as you said it is something you feel and know is there.