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Avatar m tn Thus testosterone here is mainly a marker of general health, less that the cause of the better general health. This does not mean, that there is no benefit to the overall vitality, organ performancne ( beyond sexual activitires!) due to the higher levels of this vitral steroid hormone. But the degree of this contribution is not easy to gauge. There are many pos and some neg effects to high testosterone.
268356 tn?1236006204 What is worse is that 73 countries offer paid breastfeeding breaks. In the US, we have no breastfeeding rights on paper. I know with all the other issues right now that this one seems to be low on the totem pole, but it is still important afterall. So, here is my question and my challenge. What can we do to change our countries thinking? The most common problem that is brought up, is who is going to pay for the maternity leave? How much should it be and how long?
649848 tn?1534637300 If someone is super thin so the weight doesn't trigger a doctor's attention to health issues, I wonder if the other barometers they use will? When I was young, it was by chance that I was at my office they day they were testing a machine that looked at bone health through your hand. It predicted osteoporosis. That is when I learned that women who are very thin are more prone to osteoporosis. I was really skinny at the time as this was LONG ago prior to kids and middle age.
Avatar m tn There are also several related groups that will be listed on the right hand side that may be of interest to you. I'm simply not familiar with them all. But we welcome you to join our community of Chronic Pain patients. We have a lot of very smart people here. Do check back later. Hopefully someone will recognize your symptoms. And welcome to our community.
Avatar n tn However, I am posting to reassure you that you are not alone. On the men's health forum there are literally dozens of us having issues like this in one form or another. Some of us have prostatitis-like symptoms, some of us have neurological symptoms, etc. etc. The best advice I can give is - go to your urologist now, rather than later. There are guys on the men's health forum who have been literally looking for a treatment for years now.
Avatar f tn Unfortunately, stress can interrupt normal ovulation cycles in women, kill your sex drive, and can even cause men's testosterone levels and sperm count to drop. If you want your baby's conception to be a loving and unforgettable experience, be sure you relax enough to enjoy it! Mind Control Women who suffer from depression are twice as likely to have problems with fertility as women who don’t. Get a mental health check if you notice signs of depression.
Avatar n tn unfortunately, women's health issues do not seem to be as important as men's (case in point - viagra!!) Anyway, we must be proactive and insist on the health care that we deserve. If the dr. is giving us the brush off or pat on the head, find another dr. We are the backbone of this world and we need to be taken seriously. The Battalion is behind you 110%!
Avatar f tn If you haven't yet found a doctor, the top fertility specialist in the world (specializing in men's issues) is Dr. Sherman Silber in St. Louis. Fast, fast, fast. He is a genius.
Avatar m tn I posted this on the on the Men's health forum by accident. Sorry. Thanks. Am just worried. Am I in any risk of Hep C (or HIV)?
1002520 tn?1251582386 In my observation, women can discuss sexuality and sexual health issues much more openly than men (That might be why we are called MEN… not women or gays. DUH!)" So does that mean guys avoid the subject altogether? Not exactly. "Certainly men think about it, but women verbalize it." (But… do women want their men to become women? I’m sure they don’t… feminine problems mandate their acceptance to indignities when it comes to their health… men don’t, and haven’t… DUH!
Avatar n tn Obviously, my advice is to stop the steroids. You might try posting this in men's health as well, so you can get more advice. This forum is for stds.
Avatar n tn Most larger towns in the US have one or more providers who have particular experience with gay men's health problems; word of mouth from gay/bi friends might identify a knowledgeable, lifestyle-sensitive provider who would provide excellent, reliable care. Alternatively, visit your local health department STD clinic, where the care will be confidential, expert, sensitive to lifestyle issues, and likely free or very low cost. But do it soon.
Avatar m tn Hi Rajadhya, Sorry there are no physicians on this site. Many of us have a medical background - but sorry - no doctors. That said I'm willing to respond to your question. First of all size does not have a lot to do with satisfying your spouse. Sex is much more than just the mechanics. The largest sex organ in the human body is the brain! Yes, that is a true statement. A Urologist may be able to prescribe medications that will help with your erections - but generally not the size.
Avatar n tn We have two boys, he works FT 3rd and I work PT 2nd. Time for us is rare considering kids, work, and responsibilities. Sex started taking a major plunge when I became pregnant with our second child and I have put on a few extra pounds but it's even more so now with our schedules I maybe get sex once or twice a month!! I understand that you need some time to be involved but it seems he always has an excuse when we do have the time.
Avatar m tn We work hard and have raised kids and been very busy. My health is usually very good/excellent. Recently, I had a massive toncilitis episode - it took 2 weeks/lots antibiotics etc to recover and am still being careful regarding a relapse. However, at the end of it, I got a blister on my penis - and the blood test says HSV2. No HSV1 or other things. Explaining it is a problem.
Avatar f tn Yes i am completing my 78 in september 26.I pass my time on computer only.subjects self-improvemnent subjects, men's problem,finance, yoga,etc.I have to use magnifying glass to read and type with my glasses.I don't know what i would have done if computer was not avalable.
525545 tn?1293184794 I am still digesting tonight's words of frustration and anger from both of us. All because of me and Fibro/cfsc. Mike was put on Fetenal in August to control the pain that he has in his knees. He has no cartilage in either knee and yes in extreme pain. He works for UCSD University as a Landscaper so he is on his feet all day. Well back to the Fentenal: He is allergic to it and the side effects were horrible that he went through. I thought I was going to lose him.So our Dr.
167426 tn?1254089835 I was watching montel today he was doing a piece on rare disorders. I think he has M.S. So he spends alot of time on Important health issues to. Agian yesterday as I was talking to my daughter to find she is experiencing the same things alot of the woman here are. She has had 2 periods in the coarse of a year!! Her doctor told her it was normal!!! I was womans Health that difficult to understand when your body is screeming loud and clear.
Avatar m tn this isn't a herpes related issue. perhaps post about it on the men's health forum to see if others there have issues with jock itch?
1676223 tn?1304962589 In the future I will only go to places that are used to addressing gay men's health and not to my PCP or a general free clinic because they don't know how to deal with gay men's health.
17401092 tn?1456356755 I posted this in Men's health but I think it fits better over here. Wife and I met a recent divorce female who happens to be much younger than us. We click almost instantly, fast friends! One night wife and our friend were discussing the topic of threesomes, our girlfriend told her she would be interested in participating in group sex with the two of us, it was just talk but the sexual attraction was definitely there between the three of us.
Avatar m tn I go to churches where we pray for people to get well. The Holy Spirit works in them, etc. A Men's Group I was in prayed and fasted for answers, and from what WE understood God said no SSI, plan to work, etc. Now, the pain is taking most of my left side. Work would be almost impossible, and I have lost jobs since finding out. THE QUESTION, I guess. My dr; endocrinologist for my diabetes; wont talk with me about much until I find a specialist for the Chiaris.
Avatar n tn I am unsure of why you posted this under the men's health forum. However, since you did, I will try to help. First of all, it's not your fault. Girls at this age start the beginning of puberty, which can be very tough. Not to mention the peer pressure they take from their friends at school, it's incredible. I am a complete advocate of what I call "room sweeping". It was the only way I could keep up with our daughter and her shenanigans when she was that age.
Avatar f tn I have a background working in the medical field and I also read these health boards on occasion, but I've never heard anyone complaining specifically of what I'm about to describe. I don't really feel my symptoms until usually around 5-7AM almost every morning as I wake up and remain laying very still. The best way I can describe it is that it feels like a surge or "ballooning" near my sternum (right side,V3) upon certain heartbeats.
Avatar n tn If you do not already have one - it is important that you have a gay-friendly/affirmative doctor who is knowledgeable about gay men's health issue and with whom you can speak to comfortably and openly. All the best..
Avatar f tn system can wreak havoc on the endocrine system which increases risk for a number of health issues as well as quality of life. Hope this helps! Let us know what more you find out and how you are doing.
599170 tn?1300977493 I was the first to vote YAY... I've had hashimoto's for 3 years and been on treatment for hypothyroidism. The only time i have "female issues" is when my medication needs adjusted and my levels are off one way or the other.. The problems i encounter is heavy or lighter periods...
Avatar f tn I don't mean to sound like I'm "preaching", but I do think God doesn't mean for us to turn Our issues to Him. He gave us "Free Will" to make Choices AND He gave Us Intelligence to make Choices. God wants Us to make the right Choices. It's on US to do the Right Thing. Of course, it's much easier to make/know the Right Choices when We have God in our hearts and it appears that You have that.
1489999 tn?1337802375 I will be doing acupuncture maybe twice a month. Once we get the results back the doc will give us treatment options. I am thinking IUI.