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Avatar m tn Thus testosterone here is mainly a marker of general health, less that the cause of the better general health. This does not mean, that there is no benefit to the overall vitality, organ performancne ( beyond sexual activitires!) due to the higher levels of this vitral steroid hormone. But the degree of this contribution is not easy to gauge. There are many pos and some neg effects to high testosterone.
172336 tn?1202258241 My doc told me that he'll get a patient on treatment, and the said patient will bow out of treatment and not be able to sustain treatment because of alcoholic issues, this has happened to him more then once, he says, over the years... So yes, he is a little more cautious when he decides to treat someone...he'd rather have this "problematic" patient have the best chance possible to succeed in treatment, then have to start and stop, and everything in between....
Avatar m tn Hello~ Specialmom has given you a very good answer, I have also requested that this post be moved to men's health, they may have some more insight into this issue as well. I hope you feel better soon.
Avatar m tn You all know how it goes. One thing leads to another, and my final regimen of pain treatment was two 60mg OxyContin per day, and four 10mg/325 Percocet per day for breakthrough, which has been the case for about 3 years now. After some time, I began purchasing extra 10mg/325 Percocet off the street, because 4 per day just wasn't enough to satiate my desire.
Avatar n tn The last person who spoke about masturbation here had his post redirected to the Men's Health Forum (which I thought was pretty harsh as he raised valid mental health issues and concerns). You may get more feedback to your question on that particular forum. You may also like to check out some posts on the compulsive behaviors forum as the expert there has answered some questions re: this same topic. Good luck.
Avatar n tn The best advice I can give is - go to your urologist now, rather than later. There are guys on the men's health forum who have been literally looking for a treatment for years now. You might have something completely different than them, but the best advice is to get to a doctor as soon as you can, get as many tests/workups as you can, and get the process started early.
Avatar f tn If you have seen a cardiologist and all heart issues were ruled out, I can bet your issues are anxiety related. Anxiety mimics lots of symptoms, heart issues mainly. I have anxiety and my heart races, I get sweaty palms, worrisome, think I am going to pass out and its anxiety. You are pretty young and any CHF is unlikely especially if youve been healthy all this time. Your hernia and acid reflux is likely just that- heartburn etc.
Avatar m tn As I have said before, I know little about this site and sometimes do not get on the computer for periods of time because of health issues. I am glad to hear you didn't wait to go to the doctor. That was important. And I understand about the apprehension you have about this problem. But listen to me,... STRESS can be worse for you than drinking at this time so be easy my friend. You MUST do something to help your stress level, OK? As you alluded to, you must improve your diet.
Avatar m tn We are all CP {Chronic Pain} Patients that help each other with our own expertise and experiences that we have developed through our own CP Issues. I would like to recommend that you re-post this on the Men's Health Forum. We are mainly here to deal with Chronic Pain issues and I really believe that the Men's Health Forum will be able to give you the immediate answers that you are looking for. :) Here's the link: http://www.medhelp.
Avatar n tn They deal with women's urinary issues as opposed to urologists that specialize in men's issues. The also deal with prolapses.
Avatar m tn Hello. This is very confusing to me; no wonder you're confused too! One physician tells you that you have damage, and others say it's psychological. In any case, you're not getting the help you need. Needless to say, as soon as you receive your health card, see a urologist for a thorough exam. If, in fact, you have little or no physical damage, then you need to look at what it is about being sexual with your wife that is causing you anxiety and discomfort.
Avatar m tn this isn't a herpes related issue. perhaps post about it on the men's health forum to see if others there have issues with jock itch?
1676223 tn?1304962589 glad you finally got answers and treatment so you can get back to feeling better soon :)
Avatar f tn Yes i am completing my 78 in september 26.I pass my time on computer only.subjects self-improvemnent subjects, men's problem,finance, yoga,etc.I have to use magnifying glass to read and type with my glasses.I don't know what i would have done if computer was not avalable.
Avatar m tn I would also recommend posting on the men's health and sexual health community forums and also the erection concerns expert forum. I would advise trying the expert forum first. If you can't keep yourself safe then I think that you should visit your local hospital.
Avatar m tn I'm not a doctor or any related, but i read much in health issues. It seems you really have parasites and your food and vitamins go to those monsters. By the end you got very little from your food. and also you got the waste of those parasites. I don't recommend you take antibiotics as they kill good bacteria those responsible for digestion too when killed it adds to the problem and that what makes you feel terribly.
Avatar m tn Go and see an expert in Men's Health. He/she should order a battery of blood tests and subject your BF to a RigiScan test. This is a medical device attached to the penis at night to measures erections. It is not painful at all, just a bit inconvenient. With the above tests performed, the Men's Health expert will conclude if your BF's ED has an organic basis. If not, then he/she will recommend a psychologist who can tease out the reason for your BF's attitude.
Avatar m tn Follow rumpled's advice, she knows a heck of a lot regarding AI 2. Find a neuro-endocrinologist 3. While waiting to see (2) above you could see a men's sexual health physician to rule in or out erectile dysfnuction and recheck your testosterone or a psychologist to work through your depression issues.
Avatar m tn I do not believe in the catch-all 'adrenal fatigue'. In addition to chasing up an endo for a STIM test, in your place I would see a Men's Sexual Health physician who day in day out treats men with issues like yours. He or she may be able to quickly and accurately identify what it is you have and how to cure or teat it. And send you for the right tests. I agree with Rumpled: do not take any meds or injections until your condition is first completely diagnosed.
167426 tn?1254089835 I was watching montel today he was doing a piece on rare disorders. I think he has M.S. So he spends alot of time on Important health issues to. Agian yesterday as I was talking to my daughter to find she is experiencing the same things alot of the woman here are. She has had 2 periods in the coarse of a year!! Her doctor told her it was normal!!! I was womans Health that difficult to understand when your body is screeming loud and clear.
Avatar n tn Not sure where IBKleen gets the posting info? Straight above this posting under Men's Health Community it clearly states this community is definitely related to your top. At any rate, I'm 45 and have been experience ED for about 5 years. I was finally diagnosed with thyroid issues that definitely relate to ED. With treatment it usually comes back however I have not. I will take the information you stated and have more tests ran, ie blood sugar, etc.
Avatar f tn system can wreak havoc on the endocrine system which increases risk for a number of health issues as well as quality of life. Hope this helps! Let us know what more you find out and how you are doing.
599170 tn?1300977493 I was the first to vote YAY... I've had hashimoto's for 3 years and been on treatment for hypothyroidism. The only time i have "female issues" is when my medication needs adjusted and my levels are off one way or the other.. The problems i encounter is heavy or lighter periods...
Avatar n tn Here is an article on hep c thru sex though it concentrates more on gay sex Hepatitis C Threat Through Sex Seen By: DUNCAN OSBORNE A growing body of evidence suggesting that hepatitis C can be transmitted sexually is prompting some AIDS activists to call for more research and for AIDS groups to talk to clients about the health threat. "People are starting to hear that message," said Spencer Cox, founder and executive director of the Medius Institute for Gay Men's Health.
Avatar m tn I think the question of the herbals has to do with underlying health issues. If your liver is basically healthy and it can process things, then I don't see the harm. If there are underlying health issues, the situation is different. For example, I tolerated statins with HCV, even though they are known to interact adversely with the liver in some cases but my level of damage with modest, and the statins led to know change in ALT or AST. For myself, I take fish oil and am glad I do.
Avatar m tn I used to be able to access the forums that I belong to by using the pull down menu under My MedHelp Diabetes Type 1 Type 2 Prevention General Health Diet and Fitness Women's Health Men's Health Heart Heart Disease Heart Rhythm High Blood Pressure Pregnancy 18 - 24 years old 25 - 34 years old 35+ years old Mental Health Anxiety Depression All Communities » But now I have to go to my profile and choose the forum list there
Avatar f tn ” It showed Manning in a blonde wig and wearing lipstick. Worsley also testified about how the military’s “hypermasculine environment” and hostility towards LGBT soldiers could have contributed to Manning’s depression and sense of isolation Dr. David Moulton, the forensic psychologist assigned to review Manning’s case, said that Manning was suffering from gender identity disorder, a diagnosis supported by a military sanity board. “The ultimate goal is to be comfortable in her skin,” Coombs said.
Avatar n tn any further questions should be posted in a men's health or urology related forum here on medhelp.
Avatar n tn If you can't get him to tell the doctor then I would do it myself. Men are just not as open about their sexual health issues as us women are.