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Avatar m tn Thus testosterone here is mainly a marker of general health, less that the cause of the better general health. This does not mean, that there is no benefit to the overall vitality, organ performancne ( beyond sexual activitires!) due to the higher levels of this vitral steroid hormone. But the degree of this contribution is not easy to gauge. There are many pos and some neg effects to high testosterone.
649848 tn?1534637300 If someone is super thin so the weight doesn't trigger a doctor's attention to health issues, I wonder if the other barometers they use will? When I was young, it was by chance that I was at my office they day they were testing a machine that looked at bone health through your hand. It predicted osteoporosis. That is when I learned that women who are very thin are more prone to osteoporosis. I was really skinny at the time as this was LONG ago prior to kids and middle age.
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101028 tn?1419606604 Genital HPV is not necessarily a sign that you or your partner is having sex outside of your relationship. A new resource on your anus comes from Lifelube, a gay men's health website and blog. The resource is a new series called "Andrew's Anus", which is written from the perspective of Andrew's butt. The column covers anal health, HPV and other issues Andrew's anus encounters. I cannot help but think a ‘first booty' perspective is one worth exploring!
Avatar m tn I have recently started taking men's 50+ vitamins, and just noticed a sudden bald patch in my beard. I didn't even think about it until I saw this post. I don't think its a coincidence. What is the solution? Should I stop taking those?
1002520 tn?1251582386 In my observation, women can discuss sexuality and sexual health issues much more openly than men (That might be why we are called MEN… not women or gays. DUH!)" So does that mean guys avoid the subject altogether? Not exactly. "Certainly men think about it, but women verbalize it." (But… do women want their men to become women? I’m sure they don’t… feminine problems mandate their acceptance to indignities when it comes to their health… men don’t, and haven’t… DUH!
Avatar f tn i don't even know where to start. as most of you know i've had issues with dh's anger. well he still hasn't gone to see a therapist. the anger is about the same. he's only broken 2 game controllers and the tv remote this month. so we'll only need to spend $150 that we don't have to replace them. i got a sports writers job yesterday. it's non paying but that doesn't matter to me. it's something where i'll be getting published which will help me more with landing an agent for my book.
572651 tn?1531002957 Still waiting on my remanufactured left lens; eye doc's office says it failed inspection at the plant & has to be made over. (Somehow, this makes me wonder. Lies my ophthalmologist's office told me?) That was my only medical issue last week, didn't happen, and now it's all I have going on this week. I know that the prism added by the neuro-ophthalmologist made a huge difference in my double vision and eye strain pain. Didn't make it go away, but brought very significant improvement.
301044 tn?1206814691 Not until the rich republican white men's wives start all keeling over with it from the salon and the men worry they might get it will things change with this stigma. Look at Aids and how much of a stigma that has...yet all those hubbies who brought it home to loving wives.......... America is a great place but things haven't changed that amuch yet. Only WE can do that by talking openly and honestly about the disease.
Avatar m tn The next package deal to get the antibody tests was over $200. So at this point we didn't go that far. with her current Dr. My biggest hope is that she has a TSH over 2. otherwise I think it may be difficult to get her to up her dosage. We will see.
193905 tn?1325400789 My God the words haven't changed, the miracles are all over, you see it in these guys faces. And it's just men's stag, sorry ladies, iv'e just allways prefered men's groups, they see through the ******** and the sharing isn't designed to impress the cuties in the room. And most of em are riders,how cool is that,had to be 20 bikes out front. I was seeing double still and wasn't too talkative but the few I talked to totally understood, just said ride home safe and we want to see you back...
Avatar m tn ) 1st angio = 60% LAD, 2nd angio= 50% LAD, high cholesterol (just over 200). Recent thallium stress shows no "significant" blockages. My family has HX of heart disease. Question is: Can a nuclear stress show false positive? What are the percentages of false negative? Some mild discomfort shortly after the stress test. Is there any significance to this? Should I request a third angio? In addition, I have a Hiatial Hernia which I've heard can have the same symptoms of chest pain.
Avatar n tn and proceeded to numb me before proceeding. Other than that, no issues with the procedure. When I returned home to recover over the next days, I followed the aftercare instructions to the letter, ie. no sex, plenty of frozen peas, and stay off my feet. After waiting 30 days I was very excited and very ready to finally have sex again, but things were very different than they were before.
Avatar n tn A week after that, while at a wedding, I was doing the electric slide with my daughter, and had a larger pain develop with my left bicep throbbing and some tightness in my chest, so I sat down, and the symptoms lessoned over the next hour until we went home. At home, while reading a book, the pain came back with the left arm and cold sweats. I got up to use the bathroom and get some cold water and I noticed I felt dizzy. I decided sleep might help.
Avatar n tn It is very toxic, and you are endangering your health. Please stop! Please find a help line if there is no one you feel you can speak to, or seek out assistance from your family doctor.
Avatar n tn (This is certainly an important issue for women, but I'm less sure about the role calcium plays in men's health. Ask your doctor?) Here's a little horror story to help you feel better (!)...way back in the tx dark ages ('91) they turned me loose with what turned out to be no thyroid function and no one caught it for about 6 months. Can you imagine? When someone did bother to test my thyroid the TSH was in the several hundreds.
268356 tn?1236006204 FMLA is required if your company has over 50 employees. However, paid leave is NOT mandatory and your job is only protected for 12 misserable weeks. With so many women in this country that would support such a meassure, I don't understand why women have not made movements, protests, etc to get something done. This government ***** for women, I mean its not even a law that women get paid the same as men for the same work!
Avatar f tn Frustrated with therapy, frustrated with my GP, angry and frustrated with myself, frustrated because medhelp shifted a post to men's health (I think because it symbolizes rejection), just frustrated with everything. Frustrated the animals got out and that others may be sick. Frustrated that the cow mauled the dog who is old and has arthritis. I figured the animals only got out (were acting out) because they had needs that weren't being met.
Avatar f tn To me, in that instance, the risk was not worth losing a few wrinkles over. Now, I'll inject the toxins of TX because they actually might have a purpose in helping fight this disease. Anyhow, I'm sure that if you've watched the news or read any magazines or newspapers that you've heard about these Botox parties that people will have in their homes.
Avatar n tn To address 'Quality of Life' issues, not life or death issues. Seeing the PVC's also fall under that umbrella, I have a really hard time swallowing the fact that PVC's are not really researched because they are not life threatening. Just my 2 cents...
Avatar f tn She has tried an over the counter libido enhancer you can get from health food stores like GNC. But she has been unable to tolerate them. She immediately started breaking out and generally not feeling well so she could not take them more than about 2 days before she stopped and tried it a couple of times with the same bad reaction. Should have known it was too good to be true..... I am familiar with the single task/multitask differences between men & women.
Avatar n tn this may be as simple as having tight hip flexor muscles. I suggest you get men's health magazine w MAtt elinart on the cover and do the hipe flexor stetches--there's a whole page of them. they are great.
Avatar f tn If mental health issues are the problem, spanking won't work eiher. I wish I could help you more - are there any mental health services for children in your area? Could your family doctor or pediatrician or church pastor or school principal or local medical centre/hospital or even the yellow pages of the telephone book point you in the correct direction? You claim that you "took custody" of this child; but I assume that is not legal custody.
Avatar n tn Having become convinced that it is more often than not a case of 'patient heal thyself', I have rigorously applied my own research abilities to investigating issues connected with cardiac health, and can surmise with no small degree of confidence that the advice dispensed by Hank is IMHO generally considered and sound........ and MOST helpfull and reassuring in the vast majority of cases. But as the old saying goes, you can't please all of the people all of the time.....
1007653 tn?1259389567 As you squat back, sit on the box so your upper thighs are parallel to the floor. Then stand back up. Complete 1 to 3 sets of only 1 to 3 reps each. As you become stronger, use higher boxes and add weight, which creates more tension. Why it works: The box removes all momentum where the lift is most challenging, which forces your muscles to work harder to start back up. And by limiting your range of motion, you learn to handle heavier loads.
Avatar m tn You are also going to be bending over forward in the shower. The shower is not a good place to find out that bending over makes you dizzy. Practice it first before you get in a shower, no matter how young and fit and healthy you assume that you are. Stand in front of a bed or couch or a carpeted floor. Slowly bend forward as far as you can comfortably bend, and look between your legs at the crotch. Slowly stand up erect.
Avatar n tn OMG!! 46, will be 47 in June. Can't even tell you how everything seems to be failing, wrinkling, etc. & yes, it seems like it happened overnight. Perimenopausal as well. Had complete check up recently & no major health issues. However, my gyno has me hrt's(which I REALLY want to get off of). Added into the mix of all the skin issues mentioned, I am losing my hair like CRAZY. Anyone else having hair loss issues?
Avatar f tn Gary Null Interviews Dr. Peter Rost of Pfizer The State of Health in America Gary Null Interviews Dr. Peter Rost of Pfizer: June 10, 2005 On Friday June 10, 2005, Dr. Gary Null engaged Dr. Peter Rost in a candid discussion on the nature of healthcare and the pharmaceutical industry in the United States.