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1187071 tn?1279373298 with three shamrocks on each side representing each of the grandchildren. (She was from Ireland.) I went to the cemetery ALL the time. Probably every day. Sometimes I wouldn't get out of the car; other times I'd stay hours. I'd bring the kids once in a while. Little did I know, the kids went on their own! One day I went up and was pulling a few weeds and I noticed a beaded bracelet on top of the headstone.
599170 tn?1300977493 I think that anyone who needs an abortion, should be able to get one that is safe and legal. It's not a decision that should be made lightly or without a lot of thought however it is the right decision in many cases. I am not "pro-abortion" though. I am "pro-choice". If someone really feels strongly about keeping their baby, and is willing to do the work with raising a child, more power to them.
Avatar n tn Oh, I also had my gallbladder out in 2005. I found a site that talked about the oily crown issues and found that some people who experience this have had their gallbladders out as well. As far as my skin goes, well its pretty healthy. It always has been. I am 27 and have never really experienced breakouts even to this day. I would like to try the Giovanni Tea Tree Triple Treat shampoo, as well as the vinegar remedy to see it it helps.
288415 tn?1231634102 Glad to know other people are having the same symptoms. I have fluid from left ear only and then it forms a crusty layer and itches. Went to the doctor and they said the same thing about the shower thing which was rediculous. I have went to an ear noise throat specialize and they only gave me ear drops. the first dr suggested it was wax. I said wax isnt wet. I can feel it draining when Im laying down. I have had this for about 3yrs now. drives me crazy.
Avatar n tn Ladies, I love this site, it really calms the nerves. Hopefulx Wow Ireland, I like Erica have never spoken to anyone in Ireland. Awesome!!!!!! That explains why you have to wait 16 days to take a test. A hpt will definitely work on day 16. Again I wish you luck. When do you test again? I also am curious how your cycle works in Ireland. "Start feeling sorry for us and start feeling hopeful" I agree "we can do it." Keep up the good thoughts. Talk to you soon.
Avatar n tn And I don't wear contacts either. And the itching drives me crazy! My health insurance doen't cover dermatology :( so I'm trying to solve the mystery myself. Any help would be WONDERFUL!!!! Thanks in Advance!
Avatar n tn including most of the pant styles popular today (flat fronts) which would otherwise be ideal for my body. Monkeyflower is focusing on our mental health - why is it so hard to believe we might actually have an "abnormal" pubic bone? Although, and I dont understand this, my gyno says "all" women have that...which is total BS! Not to sound like a perv, but I've seen tons of naked women and I've NEVER seen anyone with this.
Avatar n tn Then this year about 1 month ago it came back and was 4 times the size of the first one. the size of a dice. So I grabbed for my British Columbia Health Guide Handbook. It gives you an idea of what's wrong, befor you see the doc. The book made it sound like no big deal, and does say it can come back, but doesn't mention any surgery's needed. so now I am curious too about how serious this is, because the health handbook reads...
Avatar n tn Luckily my girlfriend is a champ and isn't too conserned about me getting off, but she's more worried if there are any health issuse i need to be aware of... I don't really think I'm comfortable enough to say "I'm addicted to porn!" Oh well, I suppose I'll take everyone's addvice and just cut back on the porn and masturbation.
280700 tn?1210287416 It didn't work last month so really hoping for the best this month.
Avatar n tn to see as many people on this board as there are with the same issues as myself really helps. you feel so alone untill you find someone with the problems. my husband and i started trying the night of our wedding, nov 05 and just last november went to the fertility center of las vegas and i found out that i have pcos. the dr said that he is surprised that that is the only thing wrong, i have absolutely no other abnormalities, and no sign of diabetes or heart disease.