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Avatar n tn I noticed you posted a comment in the thread that I started on 7/29 entitled "faint vibrating/buzzing/spasm in penis"... It seems we have been dealing with similar symptoms for about the same amount of time. Do you mind if I ask what region you are located in and how old you are, and when it started? I am 29, located in Texas, and first noticed it 7/24/06. Anyway, I do not yet have an answer as to what this might be, and as of now I am still experiencing this strange sensation.
Avatar n tn hi, i just have a quick question, i am sorry to sound ignorant on this issue but i have never researched or inquired about this condition before so i do not have a clue about it, i have a swimming pool and have recently opened it for the season, i have also recently become great friends to a woman who has told me that she has hep c, she said that it is not affecting her at the moment, but could resurface at any time and create health issues for her, she has recently been in hospital for pnuemoni
Avatar n tn I have even read suggestions of a possible small hernia in the penis that could be causing blood flow issues in the flaccid state. The other thing is I still have "wet dreams" even at age 25. I don't know if the two problems are related. My other medical history includes lower abdominal pain/nausea. I have this 24/7 as well and it has been occurring since the penis problems have occurred. Doctors have said the abdominal pain could be irritable bowel syndrome.
Avatar n tn It is a warm, sort of tingly sensation that lasts 5 seconds and occurs, I don't know, 10 times throughout the day. I wonder if I slept on the leg funny?? Stress?? I am 43 and in reasonably good health but seem to be a hypochondriac (spelling?) at times. I doubt this is related, but I have some sort of muscle strain in my hip/groin area that is possible due to an intense backpacking trip in October. Any feedback appreciated. Guess I could consult dr. after Xmas if still going on . . .
Avatar n tn Long history of vaginal redness during period with external skin effects. A lot of blood in urine one day prior to diagnosis, not related to bladder infection. Diagnosis made by urogynecologist after discharge increased with using health store suppositories for maintaining vaginal ph. This led to my diagnosis. Amoxil 500 was given and no more problems! Husband was not treated and he is fine also. It has been a year now.
1676223 tn?1304962589 After 2 weeks of painful bowel movements, feeling like i had to have a bowel movement when I really didn't, general dry burning feelings in my rectum and around my anus, accompanied by white-green mucus attached to my stool (something that hadn't happened before), I started noticing a white-green discharge coming from my anus, sometimes when I woke in the morning, I would notice a colorless crust around my anus.
Avatar n tn Hi - Even though I'm a little older than you and am in menopause, I had very similar issues with my skin and muscles, seemingly overnight. I have yet to find a definite answer, though I have had my hormones tested and discovered all of my hormones are out of balance. I'm in the process of trying bioidentical hormone replacement to see if that helps. Hope you find some answers.
Avatar n tn any further questions should be posted in a men's health or urology related forum here on medhelp.
Avatar m tn When I came home, there was a lot of blood in my urine. This lasted for about 3 days and everything was alright after that. In November 2014 I was woken up by a pretty bad pain in my right flank (resembling the one I had in November 2013), accompanied by discomfort in the genitals and slightly painful urination. I went and had an ultrasound, which no longer showed the 3mm stone. Symptoms went away in a couple of days.
Avatar m tn We talked about get a MIR on my Kidneys because my last visit they seen blood in my urine. I gave another sample of urine on my second visit and there was no blood but he wanted to do a FISH test. At this point a lot of the symptoms seemed to come back (four or five days after my last dose of cipro), discomfort in prostate area and lower back pain.
Avatar f tn my symptoms are burining in tip of penius..cloudy urine. Burning in penius...and I have had sores...i tested negative for mounth 2 of having feelings...didnt have a sore yet... My question you think the testis rite...and tell the doc this show the test resluts...i cnt find any thing on herpes that says feeling everyday..nothing that says burining in penius..nothing that says cloudy urine...only thing that match is sores....and I took anti viral meds...theydidnt wrk..
Avatar m tn I went to the doctor for a blood and urine analysis. My blood work was negative for HBsAg, HCV, HAV Igm, HIV and VDRL. Abnormalities in my bloodwork were low: PcT (Platelet .177%) as well as lymphocytes (24.6) and low vitamin D3 (6.85). The urine analysis showed higher levels of Acetone (++), Pus Cells (6-8) and low RBC’s (0-1). -Dr said bumps were nothing and prescribed Cipro for 1 week as well as a multivitamin. Went from (1) meal a day to (3). 25 Days Later: Went to the Dr.
Avatar m tn This is an HIV forum and you do not have HIV.
Avatar m tn One set of tests is not diagnostic, so you have to find a decent doctor to do more testing - 24 hour urine testing, 8 am blood, lots of ancillary labs including ACTH (which is a fussy test), and try to nail it down. Your one set shows a loss of diurnal rhythm, but most docs will not accept that lab. You have to test to find the source (pituitary, adrenal, or other) and then determine treatment. Surgery or one of the new meds.
Avatar m tn Try posting in men's health as I don't know that answer. You have negative test, this is not a STD related issue.
Avatar n tn If you can't get him to tell the doctor then I would do it myself. Men are just not as open about their sexual health issues as us women are.
Avatar f tn This is not really the form for the question to be asked or answered. Try posting this in Men's Health or something along those lines.
Avatar m tn If you do get dizzy, see a doctor. You may have some blockage in your carotid arteries—the ones in your neck that provide blood to your brain. Figure out which direction you will be bending over in the shower. Preferably, it’s the side away from the shower head. Take everything out of this side of the shower, so that you don’t mistakenly grab it and fall down.
Avatar n tn Apologies to all for skim reading your posts. It's because I am so upset and my emotional and physical health is deteriorating, I can't concentrate. Here is my true story: Last year at this time I was getting up almost every hour or so because of pain or cramping in my lower abdomen. About a week prior I had about 5 days of constipation which finally went away, but became more mildly chronic. It took my g.p. or pcp about two months to give me an order for a sonogram.
Avatar m tn also this really isn't a std related issue. I'd look for a forum for men's health or men's prostate/urethritis issues for better follow up. we help with getting a proper diagnosis and testing and something that's an issue for 10 years, isn't an issue for this forum.
Avatar m tn Univariate analysis showed significantly fewer liver-related symptoms and better quality-of-life parameters in users than nonusers, but after reanalysis adjusted for covariates of age, race, education, alcohol consumption, exercise, body mass index, and smoking, only fatigue, nausea, liver pain, anorexia, muscle and joint pain, and general health remained significantly better in silymarin users.
Avatar n tn I feel for sound so much like I have so many times in the past; it's frustrating when anger & depression sets in. Could you elaborate on your medical history a bit more...I've suffered from stage III Endometriosis for over 12 yrs.; I've had 3 laparoscopies, a total abdominal hysterectomy, a bilateral-salpingo oophorectomy, & a laparotomy. I'm only 30, w/ a long family history of multiple types of Cancers, including breast & colon.
1395422 tn?1308019851 (8) In infancy, antibacterial substances, such as the complex sugars (glyconutrients) in breastmilk, the oligosaccharides, are passed from mother to child during breastfeeding and are secreted in the baby’s urine. (9) The penis retains these substances in the foreskin. Universy studies have shown that these substances protect against urinary tract infections (UTIs), as well as from infections of other parts of the body.
Avatar m tn I think it is quicker to act but has a shorter half life in the blood. Some companies in south amercia have produced a pill for ED using this substance. Called Vasomax.
Avatar n tn Apparently it can happen if semen backs up into the prostate due to interrupted ejaculation, reverse gravity position, etc, and then hardens (could be hours to days later). They suggested over-hydrating and then "rubbing it out", but I usually just take a couple of Advil and sleep on my stomach.
Avatar n tn I did more research. I thought that maybe I had poor blood circulation. I've always had it in my legs, why not in my brain? Maybe that was causing the dizziness? So I went to umpteen health stores and spent hundreds of dollars on blood circulating supplements that didn't help. I've cried every day, I've quit my job, I've lost some friends, and I've come close to dropping out of high school during my senior year. But thanks to this blog, I have been given more hope.
Avatar n tn To some extent it has been suspected that excessive Prepuce tissue can also result in some hygiene-related issues as well for women, giving sanctuary to increased bacterial counts, and sometimes resulting in what are commonly termed “yeast” or vaginal infections from the close proximity to the vaginal canal.
Avatar f tn A MRI of the brain and neck revealed increased areas of signal in the brain not consistent with ms. Blood tests suggest autoimmune disfunction (positive ana, antithyroid antibodies, high IgG for parvovirus and EBV and CMV without being conclusive of connective tissue or thyroid disease. A cone beam ct scan revealed an inflammatory process in the sinus above the implant and apical periodontal inflammation on the tooth behind the implant which was also giving me night fevers.
Avatar n tn Dr. Vanessa, in case you read this, there are a TON of posts on the men's health forum under a subject called "buzzing penis". The symptoms for all of these men range the gamut, but they all have one thing in common - a feeling almost like a cell phone on vibrate is going off somewhere in their penises or anuses, or between. Very unusual to say the least. We keep hearing it may have something to do with pudendal nerve entrapment, but we're looking for a doc's take on this.