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Avatar m tn Anyway, after reading all these posts, which you must admit aren't the most uplifting, I went out and got a magazine. Men's Health. Get it? I turned the page from thinking about illness and mental states and switched to health. Only cost me $3.95. My apologies. I think I am panicking about not being able to stop this health kick.
Avatar m tn This is Men's Health. The meds you're on may be causing the constipation. You most likely need a lot more fiber in your diet.I have heard of other men that have a semen like discharge when straining during a bowel movement. I think it's because you're pushing so hard. What is on your anus does sound like piles to me. I know your Dr ruled that out though. It sure sounds like it to me. I'm not sure about the marks on your penis.
649848 tn?1534637300 Back when he was a graduate student, my friend, Dr Travis Saunders, was a ridiculously active runner and cyclist who primarily ate home-cooked meals made from whole ingredients. Despite living a healthier lifestyle than what I'd venture 99.9% of us are, he was told at his yearly physical to "watch his weight," as he was approaching a BMI of 25 (the start of the medical descriptor "overweight").
Avatar m tn They might be fordyce spots which are normal. Try posting in the teen or men's health forums.
Avatar n tn I might even want to see a Dr for this. It's not an STD. Maybe try posting in the Men's Health Form.
Avatar m tn Use the men's health forum.
Avatar m tn I would say no you don't need centrum A to Zinc. You should try One A Day Men's Health Formula. You take it once a day, I would recommend the morning so that you remember to take it each day. It has all of the B Vitamins as well as Vitamin C, which you are not getting enough of. It doesn not contain Iron so you will have to make sure that you get enough of that. It does contain fish and soy so make sure that you are not allergic to either.
Avatar n tn I don't know what the home tests are, but you really just need to go to the doctor's if you suspect chlamydia. The rest of your question should be posted in men's health.
Avatar f tn Communities Expert Forums People Feeds Friends Full Site Logout Home Answer My MedHelp Communities>Men's Health Avatar universal What is causing this be? White coating gone in the centre of tongue. Aaron0794 Oct 01 So from last year I have this ongoing allergies. Which turn out to be dry cough and asthma. I was on counter medication with inhalers. I completely got over the wheezing and dry cough with medicines. But I still have the throat irritation sometimes.
Avatar f tn You might want to try the Relationships or Men's Health forums.
Avatar f tn You might get more of a response if you post this in urology or men's health. Yeast isn't always an std.
Avatar n tn I was so nervous that my heart rate was 110 while at rest. I spoke to an HIV counselor from the Gay Men's Health Crisis in NY and she told me more than once that she sees no reason for me to even get tested. I am definitely going to get tested after 4 weeks. But please doctor, I need to hear some words to get this fear out of my head. I just keep thinking "what if" and how my life would be ruined if anything happened. Thank you for your help in advance.
Avatar m tn Try posting in men's health
Avatar m tn Maybe this isn't your best quality. Maybe next time you should find another forum to post in. I'm sure Men's Health is a good place to start.
Avatar f tn You really don't need to worry about this. I just saw your post in Men's Health and you had further questions. I'm asking for it to be moved here so I don't miss it again, but really, you can let this go.
Avatar m tn Try posting in uriology and men's health or even pay to post in the expert forum.
Avatar f tn Anyway, they said I didn't have to wear the air cast at home, which I am home all the time, and also they didn't give me a cane or crutches. If ONLY I had (a) kept the air cast on anytime I was up, even whilst home, and (b) been given a cane to lean on even around the house, then I therefore wouldn't have wound up with this dang LIMP that I've had now for seven or eight years. So, you need to protect that foot and ankle.
419990 tn?1228262726 Last week he made the comment to me on how he's afraid to be home because this is when the other marriages went bad and if he wasn't home he wasn't going to be there to ruin ours. However, this past week he's been telling me that he isn't happy and that we've been stressed and we never do anything but work and work. I told him that we can work on things. We've been through way to much together to not. I haven't talked to him now in about a day. I've hardly spoken with him all week.
Avatar m tn After urine comes out it's not sterile. As for that drip, When I'm at home or at someones home I always take some toilet paper and wipe.Sometimes it works and at times it doesn't. What is important is to teach your son or daughter to wash hands after using the bathroom.
92903 tn?1309908311 But this article from a Gay Men's Health web site is a good quick read on nutrition and the liver. Interestingly, nothing about coffee enemas. Maybe I'm wasting my time.
Avatar n tn I doubt he's having an affair because he's home at the same time every day, I check his pay stubs, and when he is home he's sleeping. Yes I'm not around him all the time even when he isn't at work but other then the lack of sex their are no signs that I can see. We don't have cell phones because when one of us is away the other is at home. I just don't understand, I have read some signs for cheating but none of them apply.
Avatar m tn Thanks for the reply buddy, this has really been bothering me...ALOT....depression..,.I had alot of anxiety because of this, which in turn caused me to inspect myself MORE THAN NORMAL :|...discovering alot of things about my body that i probably never even noticed was there before...The Ciproflaxcin seems to be working, on day 5 now and the burning after urination has creeped away....its just these on and off stinging sensations in my groin...
Avatar m tn We never recommend self medication. Try posting in men's health, maybe someone there has an idea. Maybe symptoms are anxiety driven?? But this has nothing to do with a STD because of tests.
7928945 tn?1395480975 I have had no problem waking up to noises in the past and movement of the bed tend to wake me up. I just don't wake up to noises anymore. I take a men's health vitamin to try and help with my low energy throughout the day. I don't fall asleep until about midnight every night. I think it might be my sleep habit, a chemical imbalance, or something psychological. If you can give me feed back to a mediocre diagnosis or even help that would be great!
Avatar m tn after that she removed the condom and she started fingering vigouriously and i saw she had full secretion in her hand and in a fraction of seconds, she touched ny dick all over including the head and she started applying her genetial secretion all over my dick for a minute. then i was taken aback and wore my dress and came home.
Avatar m tn Hello~ Specialmom has given you a very good answer, I have also requested that this post be moved to men's health, they may have some more insight into this issue as well. I hope you feel better soon.
Avatar f tn ) It worked!!
Avatar n tn Obviously, my advice is to stop the steroids. You might try posting this in men's health as well, so you can get more advice. This forum is for stds.