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192055 tn?1263559137 Another symptom is that his penis retracts into his body when his adrenaline gets going. He would literally have to pull it out before it goes all the way in. I have tried looking up these symptoms but only found one thing called "Penis Panic" pretty much saying that its a beliefe where men think their penis is going to retract into their body and disapear. Well, this def is not something in his head, lol... really happens. Anyone else heard of this?
Avatar f tn I follow the Atkin's diet Induction plan for the first 2 weeks. I think this is the best way to lose the most weight in the shortest amount of time. Now, you have to follow it to the tee. If you cheat and eat carbs (sugar) even 1 little time you will gain weight. Sugar is the enemy for all of us, our bodies do not need it at all. We have all become so addicted to it that it is hard to give it up.
Avatar m tn Best of luck to you all.
Avatar n tn I have sever anxiety attacks about it, i guess from feeling like i am not in control of my own body. The feeling is horrible and i wouldnt wish it upon anyone. I saw a urologist about a week ago, and he dismissed it as caused by anxiety. Yes, i said, the anxiety makes it worse, but it shouldnt be stiff in the flaccid state. He said he felt some fibrous tissue, and suggested maybe a mild case of Peyronies.
784382 tn?1376934640 they just ordered uniforms, but because i had that day off, they didnt order my shyyyt!... my boss went to the old parts closet and pulled uot some mens large shirts and said "here these will do"...DO I LOOK LIKE A FREAKIN MENS LARGE????.....ummmm no try ladies medium jerk!..... so now i look like a freaking scrub at work too.... i bust my a$$ for these people and they are just rude.... i dont even make double digits,a week, shyt not even an hour, I work from 7 am - 630 pm everyday...
Avatar f tn I mean cramps which are not likely felt except if you're to observant with your body. I don't want to be pregnant. Any suggestions please. PLEASE. PLEASE. PLEASE. Also, when can I take the pregnancy test for accurate result? PLEASE HELP ME ASAP. IT'S BOTHERING ME FOR DAYS ALREADY.
Avatar f tn // The best way to lose weight is to implement a healthful eating plan that consists of whole, unprocessed foods, including adequate protein and healthful fats and a moderate exercise plan.
Avatar m tn But after several failed attempts at both, I decided to go the Sub route, which again, in my opinion should only be used as a last resort and nothing else has worked and/or your health is in serious danger.I was steadinly/consistantly taking 50 + of the Norco's 10/325 a day, everyday. On my last month of using, I was up to 65 - 80 of the Norco's 10/325 a day, everyday.
4965579 tn?1404437938 Why does masturbation cause my eyes to feel pressure and hurt? I can also tell that I look different when this happens as I notice the look of "underslept eyes" yet this hasn't been the case. I get plenty of rest. I am also positive that I am not the only who experiences this however this doesn't happen to many people who masturbate. I've often been told that this is in my mind only or if I feel guilty that I masturbate. Wrong answers.
Avatar n tn When I was looking for my endo, I actually faxed a questionnaire to all endos in the area in my health plan (multiple choice to save their time). In addition to the questions I've already suggested, I asked about treating thyroid in combination with my heart arrhythmia (in your case menopause and osteopenia). I haven't seen my electrophysiologist (cardio specializing in arrhythmias) in years now because my endo treats me for both. I agree with can and will get help...
Avatar m tn It will come. Little by little. The lack of energy was hard for me too. Its the last thing to come back. Just keep doing what you're doing. You'll be happy that you did. Its hard but try to exercise. I'm sure you're doing that but it does help. By my third week I wasn't at 100% by I had a lot more energy. Just take your vitamins, aminos, eat well and you WILL get better. You'll see a difference in energy soon. Good luck!
Avatar n tn In my opinion, your mental health will manifest itself to the way your body feels...hard to believe when you go through withdrawals like this, but I can assure EVERYONE that this DOES play a healthy part in getting better.
Avatar f tn I dont take the womens formula, I take the mens or the mature ones cause neither contain any iron. Im also trying to quit smoking, down to like 3 or 4 a day and no more then that. I drink loads of water. I take apricot seeds that are supposed to be the "cure" and prevent cancer. I dont know about all that but it cant hurt. If you look the apricot seeds up, their is alot on them. One time the U.S. banned them. People say it was becasue they worked.
Avatar m tn The worst thing about going c/t, with a habit such as yours, is simply the fear of doing it. Tapering is hard, and probably not warranted for a relatively low dosage habit. Just my opinion.
Avatar f tn trust me it will scare the c r a p out of you this is a race one by the tortus not the hare also it is always the best to let your body tell you when to go down if your experiencing withdrawals do not drop until they go away or it will just get worst as I have said there is always some discomfort so it is a balance of what you can tolerate just try to stick to a plan but dont get upset if you have to slow down every body is different just know this..
1187051 tn?1264431291 I have taken methadone for pain,,but never addicted to it There is a great article in the health pages on methadone taper to a crumb, and his experience thru is a truly wonderful series of articles and u should go there and read...the health pages r under DISCUSSION to the right at the top of the screen..The author put alot of time and work into this so peeps like u could learn from it Congrats on a taper down to 1 mg..that takes strength, lots of it...
Avatar m tn mens health community forum, sexual health community forum and penis cancer community forum. ?? It might pay to look around and see which forum seems most appropriate for your needs.
250084 tn?1303311035 Hope all are well, especially merlino and Child24angel. I need some women's input here (and the mens views wouldn't hurt, thank you). I am 3rd shot in, 3rd week. So far, just can't whine much at all. Quite fatigued, but was from hep also, a few headaches from h*ll, few night sweats and, already, a bit brain foggy. Feel like I am ALWAYS stoned, but not the good stoned :) Just NEVER feel normal, good. (as you all know and as even before tx).
1307117 tn?1307828451 aftercare rox! As does the thomas recipe in the health pages. Make a plan....make a back up plan too!
Avatar m tn It also means knowing that violence is a last resort usually of the incompetent. Being a man means learning to master your body mind and soul. Yet to know that you control nothing and risk losing everything. Not a hallmark statement but that is the reality of being a man in this country.
Avatar m tn I am so proud of you for sticking to your plan you said it was to be june 3rd and june 3rd it is. Your are a man of integrity. GOD will honor that. There is light at the end of the tunnel. You have seen it before and it is waiting for you again. Walk in the light as HE is in the light. A righteous man gets back up when he fails. You are standing. By the grace and mercy of our LORD and saivior. Don't you give up. You fight that good fight. You are not defeated. Satan is a liar.
Avatar n tn Honestly, I have really tried everything from atkins to Z'something (ha ha ha) to lose weight! Over the years, your body learns the tricks of the trade. As if it's a machine calculating every change. When it notices weightloss efforts that have been pursued in the past, it remembers and shuts down immediately! It then opposes any and all efforts of weight loss. This has been so true for me. Therefore, I am seeking this avenue for the betterment of my health and wellbeing.
Avatar n tn //www.medhelp.
Avatar f tn all I could do was cry and cry out to God to spare me the real horrific withdrawals I expected and he came threw with flying colors my detox was no fun but nothing like the extream withdrawals I had experienced b/4 when I matablised all the methadone out of my body by accedent that happened at a mens retreat I went to bed at 10 got woken up with fuull blown acute withdrawals at 1 in the morning...
Avatar n tn Im coming back as a dismissive male G.P. with no bedside manner that specializes in mens health! Thank you to all the wonderful women that have shared their most intimate stories on this site.I have suffered from this painful condition since my late teens. I am now in my late forties.I have been accused of anything from sticking odd and varied objects up my vagina to being just plain psychotic.
620923 tn?1452919248 My S-N-L loves scarfs. Is crochet something that is easily learned? I plan to get by a Michaels or JoAnns soon to see what I can find. I would love to learn to knit, but figured starting with crocheting first. Maybe even a small throw she can use while doing her charcols?? My DD have me hooked on "Pretty Little Liars" ( I love the suspense, but could do w/o all the teen drama) and I will be watching and stitching today while I watch the rain outside today!
Avatar m tn lets not ever have sex good plan !!!!! im a road dog with no health care just what i can pay.sorry about the bad writing ive been drinking and am going bed with my self not that i have to but what am i going to do like lets hang out so we can fell wird i cant do this to myself any more .if i have time ill tell you guys the rest fo my story tomorro trying to chill 421 just got to go to bed .
Avatar m tn Now,this was a rare case, the staff was amazed that he had such a reaction...I only told you becasue I know you are having a real hard time now and you don't need anymore set backs...
Avatar n tn I am still researching this topic everyday and training with a toaist sexual health practitioner from Hawaii to overcome this condition. I plan on writing a second follow up ebook soon that goes into my latest discoveries. Anyway, I hope this can be a powerful resource for you guys. Let me know if you have any questions about anything in there or if there are any other things I may be able to help you with.