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535822 tn?1443980380 Have any of you been to the Men;s Health Forum and seen where all the mens health problems are located in their body ,it is amazing ,all the questions are about that certain important part of their body, sorry to any guys who may be looking at the Womens social forum.
Avatar m tn Hi there, Hair loss is a common feature of aging.Illness, stress and drugs are among other causes which can lead to hair loss. In alopecia areata which is an autoimmune condition there is loss of hair on the legs also. Poor circulation to the legs, diabetes mellitus .Lack of protein or iron in a man's diet can also contribute to the loss of body hair.Lyrica can also cause hair loss. Discuss your concerns with your treating doctor. Do keep us posted. Best of luck and regards!
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2010625 tn?1329375656 Ive had about two years of the problem ... I had to add mens rogaine BUT dont cuz when u stop more sheds.. Losing hair alone added to quadruple my stress. I would start multivitamin and biotin 5000 and give it 3 mos to see results. Follow up bloodwork also. Good luck!
Avatar n tn -) There's nothing special about pubic hair. I think most young women shave, with decreasing popularity among older women. I've personally been shaving completely for about 8 years now and I love it. I grew my hair back *briefly* after my husband and I saw some old 70s porn (all that hairiness looked kinda hot after all these years), but that got old fast. I think if you like shaving, you should go for it ;-) There's certainly no reason not to.
Avatar n tn Does anyone else out there have hair around their areolas..not just a few...a lot. What about hair on their stomach..what some people call the "love line". I am SICK of hair..I don't know what to do! I even have hair "few" on my chest and shoulders. I was told I have too much male hormone....don't believe that then I also wouldn't have a problem being sexually active. I have no disire in that area. Is there another person like this out there? Please help.
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Avatar n tn TSH TO HIGH MENS HYPER???Im confused.And the other levels what do u think about them.And why the strange hait texture and hair loss.I am so lost about what to do.
Avatar n tn No, it only causes blindness.....Teasing you. There is another forum here called Mens health. It addresses this very question. Hope it helps. Good luck.
Avatar m tn I have have wrinkles on the right side of my scalp that showed up around the age of 18. I have read the other discussions about this condition and it seems that my condition is quite similar in regards to age of onset and other factors. the wrinkles showed up not long after i had stopped injecting steroids and i wondered if my head had grown and then shrunk leaving loose skin. i also always sleep on my right side and wondered if years of this practice could have caused the wrinkles to occur.
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Avatar n tn im 14 and i let my girlfriend giive me oral but i dont do anal. i masturbate on or two times day if i can. i dont use ondoms. i have no std. and im not circumsized. i have red bumps on my penis tip and i put nesporin on it hopeing it would go away. i noticed it while going number 2 one day and i freaked out. i asked my girlfriend and she said she dosent have an std either. so its been two days and now my penis tip is like a purpleish color.
Avatar m tn I took a Mens prostate health vitamin, lots of zinc and lecithin and shortly after I had the same problems. I have bald spots all over my neck now and on my jaw line between my chin and sideburn area. I used to have a bushy chin strap beard and now I have a patchy *** beard and have to shave sideburns and all of my neck. I haven&#39;t realized the connection to the mens vitamins until I read this here, so there is definitely a trending issue here.
Avatar f tn Fsh 7,13 Lh 12,59 Prolactin 21,60 and Dheea so4 461 I do have regular mens periods I dont complain anything but facial and breast hair. I read a lot about pcos. I dont have any health insurance to take care of this. Do I have to go doctor before I ttc. does it seem like its hard to get pregnant without medication in that case. I m just so helpless...
Avatar f tn The black stuff is tar from your lungs from smoking. Anything lit, and drawn into the lungs leaves tar behind, which cigarette tar will stick to the little hair like appendages in the lungs that move and filter pollutants out of the body to be spat out. By the way, smoking anything causes these cilia to break off and therefore you lose ability to cleanse your lungs.
Avatar m tn i have had the retracting penis problem for about 3 started when i shaved my pubic area and when the hair started to grow back in it was irritating my head and shaft to the point it hurt to touch.i made a doctors appt and was told it looked like a infection and how many partners have i had in the past 3-6 months. so she tested me for std even though i had no discharge and have been married for 15 years .
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Avatar f tn I did not go to a doctor because my health ID is still on the process and I was thinking I'm just going through ordinary fever and mens. My vagina was still sore I washed it with plain water. And my fever kept me on my bed too lazy even to eat. Tuesday when my period stopped and I was so scared to see that the cuts were irritated, big with pus. My period stopped but there was still excessive discharge of white liquid with offensive odor.
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Avatar f tn I am going to try the mens stuff, as well as that drysol. jifnif, my health is great, but thanks for the suggestion.