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Avatar n tn It is also necessary to determine whether you are dealing with total testosterone or free testosterone. Generally in our wellness center, The Active Center for Health and Wellness, we run a full battery of blood, urine and saliva tests, we evaluate your lifestyle, diet and overall fitness, and then derive a total program of bio-identictical hormones that is unique for you.
Avatar m tn Basically, it looked like a clogged pore with a little black speck in the center... I guess i held it too tightly, and something popped out... It has the little black speck, but looks like a mini... corn kernel i guess... So yeah, not sure if i should be worried or what, but the area it came out of is aching a bit now and i don't know what's wrong... Help?
Avatar n tn The first counselor at the testing center and the one from Gay Mens Health Crisis (GMHC) were correct. The one in the middle was too conservative. If you'll scan this forum, you will find innumerable discussions about the fact that 85-90% of newly infected people have positive HIV tests by 4 weeks, so your early negative test result is strong evidence you didn't catch HIV from your drug-using partner.
Avatar m tn the surgeon called me today and said bloodwork was fine and my other endocrine specialist thinks i might have another tumor and mens syndrome maybe .
Avatar m tn // Please know that you are always welcome here and I hope you will let us know what you discover. I will look forward to your updates.
Avatar m tn +65 63972095 Blog: http://www.drtanandpartners.
Avatar f tn enlarged lymph nodes, rash, loss of weight or fever) I went to a gay mens clinic today and had a rapid test (pin prick) my results given to me which were negative (one blue dot), does anyone here know how accurate those tests are at this time in my "window period". p.s. I know 3 months to confirm it, just not knowing the accuracy of those test keeps me up at night, like now being as its 2 am here haha thanks for the help!
Avatar m tn I say all this to encourage you to get another opinion - another doctor, preferrably at a mens' sexual health center - and keep after it until you get some satisfaction. Some doctors just don't see the importance of this to the individual, and some DO! Good luck, and hang in there!!
Avatar m tn You seem to have a significant number of health problems but I see no connection between the breast lumps and your medications. I'm not sure what to advise since you have been to a Breast cinic .... perhaps a Breast Specialist (not necessariy a Surgeon) might be able to shed some light on the problem. Regards ....
Avatar f tn About a month ago, I went to a local any lab test now center in my area, and I got an IGG test for hsv 1 and 2. I tested negative for hsv-2, but I did test postive for hsv-1. When the nurse or phlebotomist or whatever she was called me to give me results, she told me that hsv is very common and is nothing to be concerned about. And she also assured that I don't need to seek medical treatment, but I'm not very confident with the information she gave me or lack thereof.
Avatar m tn I'm making an appointment with my universities health center tomorrow but they usually tell me to see a dermatologist. Sorry for the long post.
Avatar m tn When he wants help with a treatment center do you plan to pay for that? Can he facilitate his own recovery process on his own? I think he would appreciate it much more if he was responsible for his own recovery, but that's only my opinion. I went to an AA meeting when i made the decision to get help. Everything I needed to know to participate in my own recovery immediately followed. I had my own questions, and found the answers myself.
Avatar m tn Was left confused when told the proton wouldn't be any different. There is an article in Mens Health this month about the proton treatment, I'm going to check it out.
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Avatar m tn Your health issues could be caused by a number of diseases afflicting an internal organ or organs, something we cannot diagnose over the Internet. Your symptoms are quite serious in nature which requires a medical doctor/s expertise. For starters a thorough health evaluation - heart, liver, kidney, pancreas, and testing for internal infection/s. Be prepared to see a Neurologist and Rheumatologist too. Best of health to you.
1151539 tn?1262155203 I just finished reading a discussion posted back on Oct. 9th 2009 regarding Hair & Nail salons. I have been a cosmetologist for 24 yrs. who is in treatment for Hep C. I do not mean to offend anyone, but would really like to hear from others on this subject. First each state has different regulations. I have worked in the state of OH & FL throughout my career, since my diagnosis last March, I quit.
Avatar f tn My wife bought me some kid books to read to the baby but since it doesnt speak English yet, I figure I can just read it Mens Health or something along those lines...The other night I read it an article on the proper technique for making love. Which I thought was halarious but my wife thought was dumb... She is starting to show, or rather, she is showing...She likes her maternity clothes, and a girl about her same size is going to let her borrow her old stuff...Hooray....
193609 tn?1292183893 Welcome to the Social Community .. am Amazed and Thrilled with your ability to regroup and join this community .. great group of people here and it works well as another venue here on MH. When you spoke of Code Adam .. found this and thought of you this morning .. Not wishing to stir up the subject, but wishing to "share" with others .. since I did not know what "Code Adam" meant.
Avatar f tn At the moment I can't sit still longer than 15 minutes...drives me crazy. Lol. I went to a local Recovery Center about a week ago, and so many things were brought up that I most certainly didn't want to talk about. I can't sit in a chair for three hours and talk about things that happened to me that no 8 yr old girl should ever have to deal with...
649848 tn?1534637300 Reading what this man said, as and his history, I suspect that he has some serious mental health issues. He is walking around barefoot because the shoes were worth a lot of money so he hid them? That doesn't sound like straight thinking to me. I think it's a bit sad that this story is portraying him as some con artist, when in reality he is likely rather ill. I love what this cop did. I wish there were more folks like him out there.
Avatar n tn I have a really embarrassing problem (or at least it is to me). My problem is that one side of my labia minora is considerably and very noticeably longer than the other. I have had no sexual contact with guys (which in turn as ruined almost all of my relationships to the point now that I have stopped dating all together) fearing what they will think. Now, I know for a fact that this is normal and is not a health issue but that hasn't helped me to be confident with myself "down there.
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Avatar f tn because I have been there and still am to a certain extent,....its causing me health problems. I must do something about it as I am with a wonderful man now. I think it will help when I can move away from my property with all those memories and get to the coast. It will get better are so much younger than me and time is on your side.
Avatar m tn not all drs are nice like my primary.
Avatar n tn Hey, Stop worrying. Your biggest problem is that you work in the health care industry and you see all the worst case scenerios--you are acting like every other health care professional I know. Consider yourself fortunate you don't feel them. For some reason, some people feel every blasted PVC or PAC and others don't notice anything. A 24-48 hour holter should answer the question of PAC versus PVC. A normal EKG, echo, and holter should reassure you to move on.
Avatar f tn You body will reach a point where it can no longer compensate (keep the calcium levels near-normal in your blood) and the resulting spike can cause a stroke or heart attack. Something else you might want to investigate is pituitary-driven problems. MENS syndrome for one can effect several endocrine systems (thyroid, pancreas, parathyroid, female hormone, etc.) and can also present with tumors popping up.
1187051 tn?1264431291 I have taken methadone for pain,,but never addicted to it There is a great article in the health pages on methadone taper to a crumb, and his experience thru is a truly wonderful series of articles and u should go there and read...the health pages r under DISCUSSION to the right at the top of the screen..The author put alot of time and work into this so peeps like u could learn from it Congrats on a taper down to 1 mg..that takes strength, lots of it...
Avatar n tn I need help locating a center or doctor in ASHEVILLE NC who gives the hcg shots. I am 360lbs and I need help losing weight. I have tried lots of programs and I have failed. Someone please help me with some good information.
Avatar n tn Please, all of you read the site: Vitamin D is decreased when you have a parathyroid adenoma due to over production of calcium in the body. The body protects itself from absorbing too much calcium in the digestive system by lowering the Vitamin D level. Any doctor who tells you that by increasing Vitamin D, that will solve your calcium and PTH problems should go back to school according to my own research. The ONLY cure is having the parathyroid tumor removed.